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Kill Your Bad Mood in 5 Steps (and actually tick off a task or two)

Tania Dakka | Badass'D Biz+InkIf you don't feel like getting it done, who's going to do it?? No one. Except your competition. And who's going to reap the rewards? They will.

When the day's crap, you have a simple choice: Take it all or let someone else have it.

Then ask yourself, when you're done wallowing in the mire, was it worth it to let your mood win? And really that's what it boils down to, right? Mood. We let circumstances and emotions set our mood. And our mood determines our success.

Kill Your Bad Mood in 5 Steps

Yesterday was crap for me. I almost let my mood win. Almost. But I found a couple of tricks that helped me steal back my day and keep from chalking it up as a loss.

Disclosure: EVERYTHING didn't get done that needed to be done, BUT the most important tasks did so the whole day wasn't a loss. Use these tricks to head of your mood early and maybe claim more victory than I did. 

1. Pull your heart out. Don't assign emotions to everything that happens. When you're upset, other things tend to be magnified and thrown out of proportion and will negatively affect your achievements. So keep your heart out of the game – just for the day.

2. Schedule time to sulk. Yep. Sometimes I like to feel those emotions so I let that need to feel them be a reason to let them happen. DON'T. By acknowledging them and scheduling a time for them, you give yourself permission to feel them, but just on a better time table.

3. Move. No, you won't want to. But, again, with your heart out of the way, there's no dread. I certainly did NOT want to move yesterday, but I turned on Poundcake and did 5 minutes of high knees. After that? Much betteer! Turn on one of your favorite songs and let it get you going.

4. Force the biggest task you needed to accomplish. If you're writing something, make it a shitty draft that you can polish later. If it's reaching out to people, be sure to give yourself a little pep talk to remind yourself that whoever you're communicating with can feel your emotion, so fake it. ;)

5. Talk it up. If you're lucky enough to have an amazing friend who knows you almost as well as you know yourself (maybe even better), then get lost in a conversation that will lift those yucky feelings for a bit. Then, when you're done, jump right into your to-do list and get that next item taken care of.

At the end of the day, what you got done often influences your mood the next day, so do what you can to keep the day from being a complete loss, set up your new tasks for the next day, then go to bed on time with the vision of tomorrow being especially productive.

Oh, on a side note: Try to avoid crap food that makes you feel worse when you eat it and drink enough water (half your bodyweight) to stop Guilt from piling in on you.

Finally, KICK ASS. You're an entrepreneur, taking on your emotions will be one of the greatest accomplishments you can achieve.

Do you have any tricks for getting your head in the game and keeping your heart out of it? 

Kick ass this week!