Bras, Right Hooks, and Taglines

Tania Dakka | Bras + Right Hooks + TaglinesLoads of convos I’m approached with revolve around taglines. People actually freak out over not having the right words up there in lights. Well, that’s not entirely a bad thing. I mean, you want to get those words right, but you don’t have to sweat bullets over them. Why? Because you can change them as often as you change your socks. Okay, I hope you’re changing your socks more often...that’s just gross.

But the point is, the words you use are not your biz name, they're the supporting bra for it. And if you’ve ever had on a good bra (guys, just go with me here) that moves ‘em up and heads ‘em out, then you know how well they work. But, throw on your grandma’s old-fashioned Playtex bra and you just don’t get that added attention.

Okay, weird bra analogy aside. Your tagline is one of the best ways to put your best and most powerful benefits out there – FAST.

And for you guys, you can think of them as your right hook. Land it well and visitors become your readers/subscribers/members, etc.

Important Little Words

While you shouldn’t need to breathe into a brown paper bag because you don’t know what to use for your tagline, you should try to nail something that’s going to tell your prospects exactly what you do and why they want, no, NEED to work with you.

Because if they land on your page and the tagline doesn’t resonate with them, what will they do? BOUNCE. Right. And we can’t have that because you’re awesome and working with you is going to change their lives. :)

So focus. Come up with a few variations and try them all for a while to see which ones work best for your biz.

How to Develop Your Powerful Tagline

That’s the fun part. I LOOOOVE playing with taglines. And the keys to good ones = articulate + fun.

Entice your visitors right away by taking the words that describe your biz and play with them until you get something super short and catchy, but clear. Then, you can juice it up by using power words to pull the readers in.

For example:

Badass’d Biz+Ink: Razor through your competition” tells my entrepreneurs they can kill their competition to become numero uno in their industry. And who doesn’t want to be number one? Short. Concise. Articulate. Boom.

Coca-Cola: Drink Coca-Cola” was Coke’s first tagline in 1886. It was straight forward and clear. You knew right away what you were supposed to do. This tagline wouldn’t cut it today, but they’re last one is far more poignant: “Enjoy the Coke side of life”. The implication is that Coke is different, and pleasurable. Pleasure’s good. :)

Networlding Publishing: Books and more that make the world better” is another tagline that’s concise and explains exactly who should consider publishing with this company. Fiction writers need not apply. Get me?

So now you have an idea of the importance of your tagline (but, keep calm. No sweating bullets!) and how to generate one that works for you! And if you’re on the email list, I’ll be sharing a few actionable tips that’ll help you write yours.

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