Sell Without Selling (or Feeling Sleazy)

Badass'd Biz SellSelling sucks, doesn’t it? It feels yucky, right? And you’re sick of waking in pools of sweat from selling nightmares because you hate pitching yourself to people.

But, you’ve got to suck it up. There’s no way around it. Not if you want to stay in biz.

The good news is there’s a way to sell without feeling scummy – and it’s suuuuper easy. Well, once you get used to it, at least.

Steep Yourself in Knowledge

Know what you’re selling.

Not the product, but the emotions it represents. Once you understand how you or your service helps  your customers and how that makes users’ lives better, you can convey that without flinching.

Be clear on what your solution offers your prospects.

You're Selling Emotions

If you have a bamboo floor vase to sell, then understand  it’s much more than a vase. It’s a vessel. A vessel for calm and tranquility. A vessel for happiness. A vessel for luxury. And these are all really important factors to your IDEAL buyer.

Not to everyone, mind you.

Me? Put a bamboo vase on my floor and the futbol ball will splinter it in a matter of minutes. (What? Yes, we play futbol in the house. Doesn’t everyone?)

So, I’m not the one you’re selling to, and my emotions don’t matter.

Your Jane is your ideal buyer and she does. She wants a home that epitomizes luxe and she’s looking for your vase for the empty corner in her dining room. That void in her design that represents her incompleteness.

But, you have to know Jane to know that. You have to understand her wants, her desires, her deepest emotions. Because when you can connect with her, you don’t have to sell to her. But she’ll still buy anyway.

Because she’s not buying what you’re selling, as much as she’s buying the emotions that you well up in her when she reads about your vase or when she connects with you on a different level.

That’s the next step.  Convey your understanding of her emotions.

Help Her

You have the vase that's going to fill that void in her design. Now, you have to let her know how your vase is going to help her. And blasting her with push marketing via email isn’t helping her. Shouting how wonderful your products are isn’t helping her.

Answering her questions in social media is helpful. Asking her what design questions she has and answering them is helpful. Sending her email content that she needs to transform her home into her dream luxury retreat is helpful. Give Jane everything, all the answers she's looking for.

So, get to know Jane, over a Grand Latte or like this. Walk in her shoes. Learn what she likes and doesn’t like. Uncover what she believes in. Dig into her soul by reading what she reads, listening to what she listens to, etc. And you'll uncover how you can help her make her dreams come true.

Because when you help her, she’ll buy from you. You’ve invested in her and she’ll reciprocate that investment – that’s not my rule, that’s the Rule of Reciprocity.

And when you “sell” like this, you’ll attract buyers exactly like Jane and you'll minimize having to sell more than you need to.

What do you find hardest about selling your services to your customers? Let me know in the comments!

Have an amazing week!



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