Overcoming your fears

Are you a grounded by your fears? This morning, the rain dances on the roof bringing back a flood of memories of how far we have come and where we would be without having taken the risks we've taken.

So many choices.  So many decisions.  Were they all the right ones?

No.  But, they were all worth it.

We have overcome so much to sit where we sit today. With each opportunity, we could have taken the easy road, but we chose to fight for what we knew we wanted because we believed in it.

So often, as parents, as spouses, as professionals, we find ourselves sitting at the busiest intersections in town.  Traffic jams in behind and blares their horns to push us forward.  Without knowing what we want, we bring life to a halt for ourselves and the cars behind us.

It is fear that will so often make us unclear and unsure of what we want and keep us sitting at that intersection. We can overcome that fear by believing in ourselves and in our decisions.

When we take control and throw it all to the wind, we chance reaping great rewards, as well as great losses.  There cannot be one without the other.  In our case, the rewards have been far.  When decisions have to be made, we have to believe that what we want is right  for us.  Looking past all the naysayers and all the black clouds that proport to be warning signs, we acknowledge their good intentions and move on.  In every choice we make, we must let our belief in ourselves overpower those negatives that would have us sit and be safe.

Safety isn't freedom.  The realization of dreams is freedom.  Growth is freedom.  Change is freedom. The eagle soars to great heights because it knows that it can.  We, too, can be long as we believe it is so.

You are a great writer.  A great wife.  A great husband.  A great accountant.  Whatever it is that you do, believe in your greatness and overcome your fears.  Make your dreams happen because YOU can.

I really love hearing from you guys.  Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know what fears are holding you back from realizing your dreams and reaping your rewards. 

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