Unlock your soul and get creative

The hustle and bustle of our everyday lives can leave us feeling drained and uncreative.  We need to get our juices flowing again.  We need to feel alive and invigorated.  But how? By doing 2 simple things:

1) Rocking our routines

Before you go running off at the thought of establishing a routine, think of it this way...we are putting the necessities on autopilot.  We don't have think about them.  Therefore, we don't put them off(i.e. they get DONE).  When the necessities are out of the way, we have more time to play!  We are not left with guilty consciences that prevent us from throwing ourselves into our projects.  Routines are good...they are our friends...don't be scared of them. :)

2) Setting a soulful schedule

Find out when we are at our best for our projects.  My brain turns to mush after lunch, so I  schedule my creative time for the morning.  Or perhaps you get a second wind in the afternoon or evening, schedule your project time then.  Regardless, we have to schedule it.  And when we are within that creative time, we are able to release our souls and what they have to offer because THAT is our time and the necessities are not blocking our way. 

With our routines and schedules in place, we free our minds and our souls; leaving our creativity to the masters.

Want to be more creative? Unlock your soul.

Let's talk: What routines can you establish to help you release your creativity?

Photo: Boustil - Synergy Blue