Powershot: Pimp Yo’ Shit Like a Bitch on the Corner of Lucky and Fuck Yeah

I see a ton of you playing small by not sharing what you do. Not showing up in a way that shows you’re in this to build a successful business. You show up in social media, make a few posts about dogs and whateverthefuckelse and respond to some shit you see, and run.

No info about what you do is shared, unless someone specifically asks.

Are you afraid that someone won’t like it?

Are you afraid that someone WILL?

Are you afraid of showing the fuck up and de-fucking-livering because you don’t know if you can?

There’s ONE thing you can do for yourself: Perfect your fucking craft.

Because when you own that? SHOWING UP becomes the fun part.

Once you stop questioning yourself, “What don’t I know? What if...What if...What if…”, you give yourself permission to WORK and to FUCK UP so you can get fab. Because fabulous doesn’t come from sitting on your hands, it comes from risking it all

And if you can’t risk it all? You’re in the wrong fucking game.

I’m a copywriter. You know that shit because I pimp it. I don’t do it obnoxiously (OMG, I hope I don’t, but I do it honestly).

And recently, I’ve picked up a gig working with a $61M brand. And do you NOT think I puke a little every time I hit send for the copy they’re asking for?

I absolutely do.

I shake in my fucking boots.

But I DELIVER anyway. Because what they’ll do is say: This needs this or this needs that. And that’s what I want. I WANT THEM TO TELL ME HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER because that’s how the fuck I learn.

It’s how you learn.

It’s how you start to TRULY SHOW THE FUCK up for your people.

Not by reading goddamn blogs and emails.

Get the fuck out there, tell everyone what you do -WITH PRIDE - fuck up, learn and do that shit ALL OVER AGAIN, with less fuck ups the second time and even less the third, and even less the next time.

You want to own your stage? Get off your fucking hands and make it fucking happen.



When did these Power Shots become Soapbox moments?

Gawd. Sorry. Shit lights me up, you get to learn from it.