Entrepreneur Overwhelm: Accept it - with a machete

Entrepreneur Overwhelm KillerThere you sit - again - staring at your screen, willing yourself to send an email or trying to convince yourself that you will finish your post for content marketing eventually. And there goes your mind - off to Oz instead. As entrepreneurs we deal with a loads of to-dos. There's market study to be done. There's content marketing to carry out - everyday. There's perfecting our craft, too. And much more.

Where does it end?? Simple. It doesn't.

And when you listen to the kids in behind you screaming while you work, or your family calling because they don't believe you keep office hours - after all, you're not REALLY working, right?  It's enough to make you leave your pillow a drenched mess at night when you finally do pull yourself away from your screen to cry yourself to sleep. I'm not the only one, right? RIGHT? Help me here. :)

So what do you do?

Give up? NEVER!! You're and Entrefiend filled with passion and it flows through you - you could never give up your precious baby that you're working SO hard on.

Hopefully, family's not going anywhere. Unless, you know...nevermind.

So what's left? What can you do to change things?

Accept and sever

Accept where you are. Accept that right now, things are not different. You are where you should be and you'll come out a better person for it (this acceptance thing isn't mine - I stole it from Chris Brogan's Brave - sorry, Chris!). And before you think that it means you have to give up...it's the opposite. You accept it, but you work to change it. In the Brave group, we work together every day to accept where we are, but work to make it to where we want to be. And it's helped each of us to make powerful shifts and transformations.

You're short. Accept it. (Ok, that won't change.) You're an entrepreneur with a less than ideal working environment. Accept it. Now fix it. BINGO!

Then, hack the hell out of the crap that's in your way. No blaming the in-laws for not respecting your work hours - turn the damn phone off! See? That's how it works. You OWN what you have and OWN what you have to do to get where  you want to be.

Once you've accepted, put your Standard Operating Procedures into motion.

You ARE a business, right? You've got to have a system that works in place.

What does work?

Learning to take naps? Maybe. Walking everyday? Probably. Eating right? No freakin comment, but yeah. Beating even the sun up to get your stuff done in the still of the morning?  Usually. Shred your current habits to bits until you find every hint of Success Obstruction and take a machete to it!

Ideas with blades

Rich Lamendola, of our Google+ community, EntreFiends is working on creating to-do lists every night instead of flying blindly through his day. Maybe you make to-dos, too, but do you go back and re-read them each morning or before you sit down to your Mac? (Don't laugh. I didn't used to read them after I wrote them.)

I'm testing a schedule where each day of the week is dedicated to a particular area that needs study, reading, etc. This week, I designated Marketing Monday, Writer Wednesday, and Fiction Friday. This may or may not work, but I'm slicing what doesn't and moving on to what does.

You could also break your day into chunks, if that works for you. Keep them 90 minutes or less, with breaks. Dedicate that time to what you need to improve, study, write, edit, clean...whatever. How many 90 minute chunks can you fit in in a day? Minus 4 hours for sleep, of course. WHAT? You need more?? Baby.

Are you outsourcing crap you're not proficient at? (Just tell me how many days you wasted plugging and tweaking your new website theme and how many hours you spent in the forums trying to get help!) You've done it before. Hated to shell out the cash, but ultimately you did it in the end anyway because, well, you weren't working on earning money, you were playing your website. Nuff said.

The point is, if you're like the rest of us, overwhelmed...Take a breath. Make your acceptance speech. And start swinging your machete.

It's YOUR business, now go OWN it.


Thanks for reading (this was originally an email, then I realized it went from flash fiction to War and Peace:) Good decision? I hate sending long emails because I know you're busy and won't have a chance to read it. :) How sweet. LOL

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Photo credit: bschwehn via Stock.xchg