magic pill

I have what you are looking for...

In place of your regularly scheduled rant, I bring you…me.  Well, I am sorry that you were expecting something a little more shiny and exciting…wait.  I AM shiny and exciting!  Well, that’s what I keep telling myself at least.  Enough with the silliness...onward with said post! What are you looking for?

We search high and low looking for answers.  Looking for the magic pill to make us better than what we are or to bring us more than what we have. 

I have the magic pill.  I have your answer. 

Look in the mirror.  Go ahead.  I'll wait. 

Great, you’re back!  Thanks for giving me a moment to explain.  :)

YOU are the magic pill.  Everything you ever wanted is inside you.

That fad diet that you keep reading about…useless.

That new exercise machine…useless.

That new marketing scheme…useless.

By filling yourself with healthy, whole foods in amounts that are satisfying to your gut, you will lose weight. 

By doing 15 minutes of high-intensity interval training daily, will get you there that much faster. 

By being YOURSELF when you blog, write, network, you will make more connections.    

YOU are a star and there is NOT a thing in this world that YOU can’t do…


What do you find yourself constantly searching for?  Is the answer in you?  Let's talk about it!  Leave a comment down below:)

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Thanks for coming by! :)

Photo credit: Ross Sage via WikiMedia Commons