Evolve toward your higher self

Staring out over the glass that is the ocean, listening as the gentle waves caress the shore. Thoughts of the war and ravaging that occurs below surface as carrion in the ocean itself.  We are more than our surfaces.  We are our depths, but so rarely do we reveal those depths.  Even more scarce is the opportunity taken to see into that of others. 

By seeing their inner waters, we see their humanity.  We remember ourselves.  We connect.  We, at that moment, are mindful of the struggles and challenges of another.  We, at that moment, honor humanity and recognize that it is what is below that creates the surface. 

Looking into the depths of the Cantankerous

We have all been there before.  The grumpy cashier at the grocery store, the out of sorts mailman (ok, maybe not the best example…or maybe it is), or the hateful neighbor are all people that are where they are because of what they have suffered (as are we).  It is our job as mindful mavens to look beyond an incident into the deep, dark waters to see the tragic, and not so tragic, events that have brought them to where they are today.

By seeing the war and ravaging that occurred beneath their surface we extend a hand of humanity to someone who probably rarely sees it.  We, hopefully, brighten their day. 

But, if we don’t, that’s ok, too.  Because the goal is to better ourselves…to better our idea of ourselves.  And our idea of ourselves is based on our OWN thoughts and not those of others…By bettering ourselves, we will better the world.

So, when we encounter others, our goal isn’twhat we can get out of them, but what we can put in…wait…I mean, what we can put in – EMOTIONALLY.  Geez.

Mindfulness of self brings peace.  Serenity.  Calm. 

Mindfulness for others brings humanity.  Compassion.  Evolution.


Share a moment that you could have diffused by looking depthward in the comments. What do you think would have happened if you chose to see past the situation and shown an awareness of the person you were dealing with?

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Photo credit: wicki via wikimedia commons