The Pain of Entrepreneurship

Pain of Entrepreneurship | Tania DakkaYou want it. But do you want it bad enough? What did you do to make it happen? This year is over. Your chance to make it matter is gone. Did you take it?

So many people didn’t take theirs. And they’re now running around, planning for next year and trying to get focused (you know, because January 1 is a magical date and the New Year Fairy is going to give you the will and drive you need to carry you through the next 365).

Showing Up – Through the Pain

At the start of this year, almost 200 people donned their CAPEs and faced a Brave New Year. We worked hard building our confidence, acceptance, permission, and execution skills. Let me tell you, without that CAPE, you really can’t do anything. Anything.

So, we did the work. We showed up to the Grind. Everyday.

Some days were so much harder than others. Life just wants to get in your way and see you fail, sometimes. We all had our struggles over the course of this Brave year, but many of us made it. Others of us didn’t.

They fell prey to the shit life threw at them: Death. Divorce. Broken relationships. Lost jobs. Insanity.

Not their fault. It’s hard to focus when your brain and your heart are cloudy. I know. Death and brokenness leaves you hollow and empty. A shell of an entrepreneur.

But you shine your light through the fog and you make something. Anything.

The Target Practice Party? A direct result of me not wanting to work. Of my escape from the clouds – and pain – I was in. Was it easy? No. Could it have been better? SHOULD it have been better? Absolutely. But it was shipped and it had great content to help others that were struggling – and that’s what mattered.

Okay…I digress.

The point is: Instead of letting the fog shut you down, instead of sitting idly by, WISHING you had done something, push through. Put on your CAPE. Do the work. Period.

So What do YOU Want?

Being an entrepreneur hurts sometimes, but it's also what drives us. [Tweet?] The chance to make something that is truly your own is gold, so you have to take it. Or spend your life in regret.

Do not sit on your hands next year and let it pass you by.

I want you to get your ideas out there. I want you to fail. I want you to learn from that failure because your next success will be the honey after the bitter medicine.

But it doesn’t matter what I want.

What matters is what YOU want. So ask yourself, “Do I want it bad enough to push through the pain? Do I want it bad enough to work the Grind everyday? Do I want it bad enough to not stop, no matter what?”

If you said “yes”, take the next step: Focus your goal and your vision. Then make it happen.

Happy new year. Happy new you.

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