email marketing

THE reason you don't want to keep putting your list last

The names on your list didn’t end up there because they only want to hear about promos and specials - they signed up because you have something valuable for them: Your knowledge.

They gave you access to their personal space, to their attention.

And if you’re only emailing when you think about it or when you want to sell? You’re pushing that gift of their time away.

But if you keep them warm they’ll stay because you make it worth their time to read by giving them what they need.

Ignoring your responsibility to email your list is ignoring the free money it has the potential to make for you.

I don’t know what to write.

You know your client better than yourself, right? Then you know what to write. The problem is everything is all jumbled up in your head. Where do you start?

Start with at least 5 questions (up to 10 if you’re feeling froggy) that you get asked, or take the 5 solutions that you offer - and twist them into emails that bring a shit-ton of value.

How often do I write?

Each list relationship is different. You have mega mailers out there who send MULTIPLE TIMES A FUCKING DAY and their lists dig it. Then you have some that are good with once a MONTH!

It depends on you.

I like the semi-aggressive route of 2-3 times a week, not a GODDAMN day. But if you’re just starting you need to do a minimum of once a week. That’s the “scraping by” method, but it works to keep you top of mind while you do the things you have to do to make money from other sources.

Your email list is a poppyfield of info waiting to be harvested.

These people have said “YES” I want you coming around with your smarts and making me smarter.

Now you have to give them what they want.

Then study the data it brings to know what works.

Don’t just keep pushing send without checking your digits to see what the subject lines they are clicking, what links they are clicking, etc.

Because when you know that, you can tighten the content and get better and better at what you’re delivering so you get better results.

That’s when the gold begins to mine itself.

Maintaining an email list is maintaining an open line of very personal marketing that can prove to be more lucrative than Facebook – if you do it right.

Because if you nail subject lines, the 20,000 people on your list have a greater potential than 2% of your Facebook peeps who may or may not scroll past, if they even see it.

You’ve got a powerful asset that needs developing. Do it and watch it become your best and biggest earner.