Dreams Are Useless

wall no futur You have dreams of monthly family vacations to exotic holes in the Earth. You dream of a bank account that’s padded with more than enough. Maybe even millions. You dream of kicking back and only working on the projects you want to work on, while you sip martinis (WTF?).


But those dreams are useless.


Dreams are hopes. And hopes?


Don’t happen.


Goals do.


Goals are those things you feel DEEP in your soul that you want to achieve. They’re the things that push you to get the work done.


People tell me they want to travel. They want a comfortable life. They want to be healthy.


But the steps they’re taking to get there are vague, if existent. Which means? Nothing. Will. Happen.


I don’t have dreams. Not one. I have desires that have cemented goals in place. Goals that are being ticked off faster than I can comprehend.


And it’s goals that change your life. It’s your willingness to fight for those goals and to do the work they require.


Because if you’re not constantly working toward an end? You won’t get the end you want. You’ll get the shit that everyone else wants you to have.


And your “dreams” get tossed to the side of the highway. Like leftover fast food you couldn’t gorge down. (Don’t litter people, that’s just irresponsible.)


How Can You Change The Result?


By living as if your goals are the oxygen in your lungs. You wake up with determination to make it real. You feel, with every cell in your body, that it’s coming.


Throw the word “dreams” to the curb and roll over it a couple of hundred times.


Ask yourself what it is that you feel is calling you. Is it that need to see Bali? Is that need to see those dollars in your bank account that you thought was a dream?

If what you need, at your core, is, in fact, those things that you’ve been “wishing” would happen, then you’re failing yourself, if you’re not setting the steps into motion that are necessary.


But if you wake up with the thirst to do what needs to be done. Then NOTHING can stand in the way of your goals.


Nothing. And no one.


Wake up and say, “I will make myself so fucking visible on social media that they can’t ignore me anymore.” Or “I will rethink my money matters before throwing cash away on more instant gratification.” Whatever vocabulary you need to use to make solidify those goals. And to end the dreaming.


Cement That Shit


Once you know what your goals are, write them down. Keep them beside your screen, so that every time you get distracted in Facebook, you see your words bleeding and your soul calling you.


Read them daily, so that every time someone says, “Babe, can you keep the kids this weekend so I can go to the movies, you say, “Eff off. I’ve got work to do” with a clear conscience.


Because they will ask. For a lot. They may mean well. They may not be subconsciously trying to sabotage you, or get you to sabotage yourself. (Or maybe they are?)


Your goals have a shelf life and when you stick to them, shit happens. Good shit. Knob Creek kinda good shit.


Your Roadmap


Print this out and use it to keep yourself accountable. Find a partner that understands what you’re working for and let them in on your goals. Join a support group. Pay someone to hold you accountable. (As my OBM, Dani’s kicking my ass into gear over these next two weeks to make sure I’m showing up and not wallowing in thoughts that could stop me while I’m in the middle of a situation that a few months ago would have sent me over the edge.)


I don’t care what you need to do to make your goals happen. Just do it.




Without me, my goals are just empty dreams. I know and understand the consequences of my actions (or lack thereof). And I will wake up to show up and do the work. Every. Day. Nothing will stand between the things my soul needs and my making them happen.









Steps to Success:







And if you’re not sure what steps you need to take or if the steps you’ve been taking aren’t making it happen fast enough, get off blogs. Get off Facebook. Get a coach. Get a mentor. Get somebody that will teach you in triple time, so you can stop dicking around with a bootstrap mentality. Either you want it. Or you want to dream about it.


Only one of them will satisfy your soul.


Fuel your dreams

Last week, Patti Larsen stopped by to share her accomplishments with us.  Before that, you saw what Sean Platt has been up to.  Feats like these require discipline.  They require effort.  They require drive. How do you "fuel up" for journeys like these?

If you want to write 13 novels next year, if you want to become a craftsman of whatever your art is, if you want to be the best at what you do, you have to fill your body with the right energy.

Food is energy.  Pure and simple.  But the food industry has scientifically engineered most of the food stuffs on the market.  Even the fresh, you have to watch out for.  To get the most out of your body vehicle, you have put in the good gas.  Are you going to fill your car with leaded gas?  Why would you fill your body with it?

Our bodies are made of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids (fats).  Not Yellow #6, Red 40, or disodium inosinate.

What is your brain supposed to do with that stuff?

Those things wreak havoc on your body system as a whole.  And if your body, brain, and blood are busy sorting junk out of its system, how can you be clear in your thinking and functioning?

Put the good gas in the system and watch her fly.

Don't think of food as food.  Think of it as energy.  Ask yourself what sort of energy you need today?  Not all energy is created the same.  Not everyone's body is the same.  But, all bodies are made of the same substances.

You need to be clear.  You need to be focused.  Give yourself the fuel you need to make your dreams come true.  Unleaded cars don't drive on leaded gas.

What is one change you can make today to get  yourself on the road to your dreams in your body vehicle fuelled with E85?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Photo Credit: Lamiot (Wikimedia Commons)

Overcoming your fears

Are you a grounded by your fears? This morning, the rain dances on the roof bringing back a flood of memories of how far we have come and where we would be without having taken the risks we've taken.

So many choices.  So many decisions.  Were they all the right ones?

No.  But, they were all worth it.

We have overcome so much to sit where we sit today. With each opportunity, we could have taken the easy road, but we chose to fight for what we knew we wanted because we believed in it.

So often, as parents, as spouses, as professionals, we find ourselves sitting at the busiest intersections in town.  Traffic jams in behind and blares their horns to push us forward.  Without knowing what we want, we bring life to a halt for ourselves and the cars behind us.

It is fear that will so often make us unclear and unsure of what we want and keep us sitting at that intersection. We can overcome that fear by believing in ourselves and in our decisions.

When we take control and throw it all to the wind, we chance reaping great rewards, as well as great losses.  There cannot be one without the other.  In our case, the rewards have been great...so far.  When decisions have to be made, we have to believe that what we want is right  for us.  Looking past all the naysayers and all the black clouds that proport to be warning signs, we acknowledge their good intentions and move on.  In every choice we make, we must let our belief in ourselves overpower those negatives that would have us sit and be safe.

Safety isn't freedom.  The realization of dreams is freedom.  Growth is freedom.  Change is freedom. The eagle soars to great heights because it knows that it can.  We, too, can be great...as long as we believe it is so.

You are a great writer.  A great wife.  A great husband.  A great accountant.  Whatever it is that you do, believe in your greatness and overcome your fears.  Make your dreams happen because YOU can.

I really love hearing from you guys.  Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know what fears are holding you back from realizing your dreams and reaping your rewards. 

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