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Make Customers Fall in Love With You

heart-268151_640It's 3:30 am and here I am publishing a post. WTH? So, you want more customers. But you don't just want any customer. You want customers who fall in love with you. You want the ones who are going to tell all their friends to come to you when they need a new car. You want the ones who are going to buy from you without even reading the damn fine print because they are that excited that YOU have something out there.

So how do you attract these people?

Stand for something. Give them everything.

If you're networking online (or off because you know that eventually translates to online), you want to be the guy (or girl, you PC hacks) that people come to for inspiration, education, or good freakin' laugh. Find a way to communicate on and off line that becomes your signature. Mine is motorcycles, music, and marketing (fine, it's business, but business doesn't start with M, geez. Focus.). So, this is what people know they're going to get from me.

I stand for freedom that comes with the motorcycle, emotion/passion that comes with music, and the growth that comes with marketing. What? You thought I was posting random shit all the time?

Nope. And my community online knows what they'll get from me when it comes to these things. They also know that I'm there for them. Yes, I sell Badass'D copy that melts customers hearts. Yes, I sell business coaching and advice. But I give away a lot. Which means I sell more.

I just saw you salesmen cringe. But it works.

What Can You Give Your Customers?

You don't have to give away cars. You can give away advice on buying cars, advice on what to look for in a mechanic, advice on where to have the most fun in town on a Friday night (IF that's what you want to be known for).

You don't have to give away powder-coated steel gates to get more customers. You can give away decorating advice (hard if you're a guy, right? But you have to crawl into the head of your ideal customer to know what they want from you).

That's the key. Knowing what they want from you. And giving as much of that as you can, then they'll do business with you. They'll hunt you down to do business with you. They'll tell all their friends they have to do business with you.

Your "give" doesn't have to be product or service related, but you should make it industry related.

What Happens When You  Give

When you're throwing your best advice/lessons out there, people come to love you for being there for them. And when that happens, you've shifted from the sleazy salesman to the helpful hardware man (Hi, ACE hardware dude!). And once you become known and trusted for whatever it is that you're giving, that's when your business booms.

That's when people want you. That's when they want to do business with you. Because they know you. Because they like you. But mostly? Because they trust you.

Granted, car sales isn't exactly like selling online, but the concept is the same in the wired and disconnected world: Stand for something. Give them everything. They'll adore you.

Want killer copy that will melt your customers and make them do your bidding? Hit me! Want business coaching that will take you to the next level? Hit me. Want a quiche recipe that's to die for? Hit Martha Stewart.

What are your tips for pulling in customers who fall in love with you? 

Kick ass!

Tania Dakka