Your Brain is Eating Itself Alive (and an easy peasy fix)

Your One Day PassAs a ball-buster, there's a whole world of shit that swirls through your head on a regular basis. And it's loud. And sometimes? It just gets to be too much.


What suffers isn't just your sanity. It's your focus. Your drive. Your goals.


The only thing you can do at that point is stop. Tell everybody to back the fuck off and go do your thing. Because when you're done? You'll not only see what it was that was right in front of you, you'll remember who you are, what you want, and how you get it.


I know.


That's what happened last week.


The shit in my head got so loud and angry, I had no choice, but to saddle up and head out. As I threw my leg over, I had no idea where I'd go or what I'd do when I got there. I had no plan.


And it was fucking mind-blowing.


The freedom I stole got me in trouble. But it was so much more than worth it.


I came back clear and driven again.

The Science Behind Erasing It All


We get so fucking caught up in thinking, planning, strategizing, and comparing ourselves to the competition that only exists between our ears, that we lose our visions. We let other people's demands on us roadblock our success. We don't allow ourselves to develop the routines our minds need so it can free up that creative space and that ends up biting us in the ass.


But by letting our brains become and stay busy with shit that doesn't matter (or even stuff that does), we steal away the focus that it needs to hone our crafts, to make us the BOSSes we are. According to a bazillion and one studies reported in Scientific American (and just about every other journal out there), our brains need every moment of downtime we can give them.


Because even in mundane moments, it reverts to its resting state, using that time to boost our memory and learning (you know, that shit you need to get REEAAAALLLY fucking good at what you do).


Kimberly Lin-Pollard, Troll-Tamer Extraordinaire, calls moments where our brains have checked out, self-care. She says you don't need a massage or 3.5 hours straddling a motorcycle to take care of the noise that is killing your focus. She says, all it takes it the mental focus to clock out and pay attention to what's in front of you. No matter what you're doing.


Though I can't and WON'T use that as an excuse not to ride (EVER), it's a great way to build in a little brain-care every know...the days when you can't run away for a few hours for the most exquisite wind therapy you've ever had (or mindless shopping/massages/whatever gets your rocks off).


You want to continue ball-busting? Run away (or pretend to). Because every moment you spend relaxing that magnificent melon of yours, you get closer to your goals. And when you can't? Focus on what you're doing, nothing else, to give your brain that interlude it needs in between creative power sessions.


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The Danger of Autopilot on Your Business (And how you can fix it)

Jose Cuervo | Badass'D Biz+Ink The other day a friend said, "Yeah, you need to change that up," referring to my drink of choice.

It's been bugging the crap out of me ever since. Do I really need to change that up?? I mean, number one, I LOVE it. Number two: It's a habit. I don't have to think about it.

I don't have to think about it.

Day in and day out, when you run a business, meet clients, decide on what projects to conquer first, take care of admin crap, manage a home of 5  people, make decisions about what to cook, what to clean first, what emails you need to send, fold and put away mountains of laundry, decisions for yourself are the last ones you want to make.  Putting things on autopilot makes life a little less chaotic.


Creativity comes from that chaos. So what if my dearest friend was right? What if you really should change up a little more?

Autopilot Somethings, Not Everything

I'm an advocate of autopilot. Life just becomes too overwhelming when everyone else's demands are on you. And autopilot means you can do what has to be done, quickly, easily, almost painlessly. But autopilot becomes an issue when everything is set to it.

You stop using your brain so much and your creativity suffers. Life is about experiencing things, not just moving through it. Put your laundry on autopilot, not your detergent.

Put your menu-planning on autopilot, not what you cook.

Autopilot should be about the processes, not the details. Enjoyment, pleasure, LIFE is in the details.Tweet: Autopilot should be about the processes, not the details. Enjoyment, pleasure, LIFE is in the details.

Get Out of the Rut

Release some of your autopilot and take the wheel for a while. And live in those moments.

Take a long, hard look at what you do, day in and day out. Find those spots that you're just existing, not living. Change them up a little. In taking back a little control, you'll find not only does your spirit get a little lift, but your creativity does, too. And that's where your business will thank you.

Breaking Up with Your Routine

So vow to live your life. Because when you live, your business flourishes. (See Richard Branson as a stellar example of that!) Break up with your routine, force yourself to think.

Go do things you'd never normally do, like ride a motorcycle, drink whiskey instead of tequila, hand glide over the ocean (HOLY HELL, let's not get crazy!!), juice it for a week, try getting out of your pajamas when you work, cook only meatless dishes for two weeks, see Europe...just LIVE whatever your definition of change and FUN would be.

Force your brain to come up with solutions and ideas to flex and build your creative muscle. Because that creative muscle is going to be your ace-in-the-hole. It's going to be right hook you knock your competition out with.

What are you going to do to shift your world today?

Kick Ass!

Tania Dakka |Badass'D Biz+Ink

7 Career Boosting Resolutions You Can Stick With

7 Resolutions that You Can Stick With

2012 is upon us and it's time to push ourselves and our productive creativity forward with all the force of a catapult.  Your body, mind and soul are one and taking care of them is going to make this the best year yet because you are not going to try to change who you are all at are going to take it one step at the time.  Your productivity and creativity will be the proof in the pudding. 

1. Make a list of your most pressing limiting beliefs and focus on changing one each month.

Our limiting beliefs are the beliefs that keep us from grabbing the stars.  They are the cement shoes that prevent us from moving forward.  We have to let go of our limiting beliefs in order to make ourselves and the ones we love happy.  We also need them gone if we want to conquer Kilamanjaro. 

A limiting belief is something that we believe, but that isn’t necessarily true.  They are limits that we place on ourselves.  For example, maybe you think that you can’t be creative because you are just an accountant.  That is a limiting belief because our job doesn’t limit our creativity.  Our views of our lots are what put the blinders on us. 

Listen to your inner vocab and change the negative talk to positive…the trick is you have to believe it.  Look at your words objectively.  Yeah, you are addicted to cigarettes, but they are not your life force and you can break the habit.  You are not bound by them unless you want to be. 

List all the thinking that keeps you down and work, one month at a time…diligently…to change that limitation to an affirmation. 

You are creative.  You are wonderful.  You have gifts to share…share them.

2. Work on changing one nutritional habit a month.

Eating whole and clean requires effort.  It requires changing the way you see food.  It requires you to change the limiting belief that you don’t have time.  BUT, it CAN be done.  If you are a junk food junkie, like I was, then take January and make it a month for one day per week treats instead of every day.  To reach the top of Mount Everest, you have to climb one step at a time. 

Make one month a month to drink water.  Another could be no soda.  Another could be adding in the 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies your body and brain need. 

Choose one habit each month that will end you up at the end of the year being 100% healthier than you were when 2012 started. 

3. Work on adding 15 minutes of Motion to every day.

Movement was once a part of everyday life.  We had to hunt for food.  We had to haul it, clean it, cook it over an open pit.  Now, you drive to the window and it's tossed at you.  No movement.  No sacrifice.  No benefit…not even nutritionally.

Food was once scarce and exercise was unavoidable.  We have not yet adapted to the world that we have created in which exercise is scarce and food is unavoidable. 

This is your chance to adapt.  To learn to live and thrive.  To survive. 

Once day at a time.

4. Set yourself a new goal every day that will send you careening into your Three Words that Chris Brogan had you list.

Chris Brogan writes his Three Words each year.  You get to choose three words to associate with guiding you to set your goals of the new year that will put you one up on important areas of your life (personal, professional, and those people that are important in your life).  Love this idea. 

But, in order to get there, you need to revisit them often.  If you set goals for yourself, but don’t keep them within eyeshot, then you have done nothing but waste your time and your paper. 

Each day when you plan, make sure you are planning steps that will set you on course to achieving your goals and focus on your Three Words.

5. Add stretching to your morning or evening routine.

Stretching is as important as exercising, especially if you don’t move as much as you could.  Sitting at your desk limits your range of motion, wrecks your posture and keeps you stiff.  While stretching is up for debate in the athletic forum, it is a necessity for those of us glued to our chairs on a daily basis.

6. Make yourself and your work as important as you make everyone else.

Because you are so great, you put everyone else first.  But, your work suffers from it.  And if your work suffers from it, so do you because you are your work.  You love what you do.  And if you don’t, you should. 

If quitting your job isn’t an option (and for many it isn’t) that means that you have to make the most of what you have by setting time apart for you.  Time for you to do what you love.  This fills your emotional and soulful bucket.  When your bucket is full, your overflow will help fill the buckets of those around you. 

Make yourself as much of a priority as you make others.

7. Love who you are…no matter what is thrown at you.

You are wonderful.  You are loved by many.  Now love you, too.  If you already do, that is great…help someone else see how wonderful they are.  If you don’t, now is the time to start.  Until you love who you are and what you have to offer, your Productive Creativity will suffer for it and your efforts will be lost.  Don't lose you…love you.  I do. :)


Thanks soooo much for hanging with me on this looong post. I love getting to know you and what you need.  Feel free to leave me your thoughts in the comments.

And I would love to deliver the goods that I have been planning for 2012 straight to your inbox!  Click the little envelop and leave me your address.  I won’t spam you and you can leave me any time you like.  Oh, and I am on Twitter, Facebook and G+  …come hang out with me:)


Photo Credit: Rob Warde (Via Flickr)


Unlock your soul and get creative

The hustle and bustle of our everyday lives can leave us feeling drained and uncreative.  We need to get our juices flowing again.  We need to feel alive and invigorated.  But how? By doing 2 simple things:

1) Rocking our routines

Before you go running off at the thought of establishing a routine, think of it this way...we are putting the necessities on autopilot.  We don't have think about them.  Therefore, we don't put them off(i.e. they get DONE).  When the necessities are out of the way, we have more time to play!  We are not left with guilty consciences that prevent us from throwing ourselves into our projects.  Routines are good...they are our friends...don't be scared of them. :)

2) Setting a soulful schedule

Find out when we are at our best for our projects.  My brain turns to mush after lunch, so I  schedule my creative time for the morning.  Or perhaps you get a second wind in the afternoon or evening, schedule your project time then.  Regardless, we have to schedule it.  And when we are within that creative time, we are able to release our souls and what they have to offer because THAT is our time and the necessities are not blocking our way. 

With our routines and schedules in place, we free our minds and our souls; leaving our creativity to the masters.

Want to be more creative? Unlock your soul.

Let's talk: What routines can you establish to help you release your creativity?

Photo: Boustil - Synergy Blue