Wrap it up right and it doesn't matter what it is (almost)

How many times have you beat the snot out of your head about what to release that would help your audience, prove you got the goods, and keep them coming to you? How many times have you walked away from your own ideas because someone else is already selling it?

Do you KNOW how many types of bourbon there are on the market? If everyone gave up because Booker Noe cornered the market way back when, then we'd only have Knob Creek to make life gooder.

But thankfully, we have Maker's Mark, Evan Williams, and sooooo many more.

Because it doesn't matter what you sell. It matters HOW you sell it.

If someone has packaged a product that is similar to what you want to sell, how can you make yours better? What is theirs missing? How can you package what you want to say in a way that will jump out at the hearts of the people you want to work with?

For example, I created a little product that would give you 25 social posts you could recycle and reuse across all social media channels (especially if you have a product you're going to sell consistently), 12 blog and email topics to keep your content marketing moving swiftly during your campaign, and 10 brand new audiences to target with your Facebook ads. No big deal.

But it was.

Once it was released with the name "Champagne Launch", everyone jumped on it. The copy on the landing page was riddled with the notion that selling with these posts will help you reach your selling goals so that buying $2K bottles of champagne is like buying bottled water.

See what I did? I took my product and wrapped it up so neatly that my ideal audience couldn't say no.

Here's the caveat: Don't blow smoke. Only market your shit as being that good, if it IS that good.

Now. Are you struggling to come up with a package or product that Stands Above the Noise? Let's talk.