That’s What You Get for Being You

Tania DakkaYour sass isn’t suitable for business. Bullshit. Your sass is what your business NEEDS. Because your SASS is YOU. Whether you’re a snarky, cheery-obnoxious bitch or an “ehrmehgahd” soccer mom who doesn’t DARE say a -gasp- swear word, that is what your business needs.

Your clients won’t like if you say “fuck”, but you love to say “fuck”, then they aren’t your fucking ideals.

They won’t like it if you are snarky and sharp-witted. That’s because intelligence is wasted on them and they aren’t your ideal clients.

They want you to smile and shit rainbows, and you can because you’re Susie Sunfuckingshine. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! You’ve met your match.

You cannot tolerate working with people who don’t get your brand of humor. You cannot tolerate working with people who are too rigid in their systems. You cannot tolerate a micro-managing client.


The beauty of being you? Is that YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHO THE FUCK YOU WORK WITH.

Use Their Language

You want those ideals lining up and drooling at the thought of working with you? Then you have to use their language.

No, that does NOT mean you say the words they want to hear and alter who you are. That means that you use the language that expresses their exact problems and the solutions they think they need to catch their attention.

If Jane sucks at seeing past her own brokenness to be able to manifest the bazillion dollars she wants. Then you say, “That bazillion you’ve been awake for weeks trying to earn via your Facebook group is exactly two meditation sessions away.”

Shit! Jane just spat her tea. Because you knew what amount of money she’s been fighting to earn AND you told her that it’s only a matter of sitting still twice to earn it.

You is a rockstah! And Jane? She loves you. And is feeling this bazillion knocking on her Paypal account already.

You’re welcome.

But had you NOT been you in all your unfiltered glory (because damn, isn’t life supposed to be filtered??), Jane would have stepped on by.

She would not have felt how unabashedly real you are and she would have never made that connection. Even if you HAD used the words she’s been fighting with herself over.

And Why the Fuck CAN’T You Be YOU?

Because you’re busy listening to the voices in the back of your head saying, “Oh, wait...scratch that.”

One person saw my videos and commented, “I just saw your Power Shot. Excellent mother. You’re going to be an excellent role model.”

Had I given a fuck, I would have given pause to that and said, you know what? He’s right. I better rethink my swearing.


I don’t.

Why? Because I’m confident in my ability to raise them in a way that a truckload of fucks isn’t going to negatively affect them.

Did you catch that?

What was the keyword?

Confident. Con. Fi. DENT.

Know yourself and it doesn’t make a fucking difference what others think of you. And when you do? You can be YOU. That’s when you get paid.

How do you get confident?

WELLLL. That’s a topic of a book I have coming out soon.

Want more of the irreverence and gold that’ll get you just that? Join me on Wednesday’s at 11am EST for my Facebook Live Power Shots

See you there! Tania Signature



PS Need more of you on your site, so they feel you, connect with you, and want to pay you shit tons of money? It’s time to make your Diamond Evolution.

Three Words: 2016



Since I don’t know when, Brogan’s inspired my Three Words. They’re what he taught us to use as guidance for the year. To help us become what we want to become.


I created vision boards around them. I posted them in places where they’d slap me. They - without a doubt - helped bring me to where I am.


Which is FAAAAAR from where I was a few years ago.


So. In the tradition of years past, here are my Three Words that will guide 2016:

Evolution Don Draper Muscle


I usually favor more dramatic shit. But I can’t think of anything not vulgar for two of them. LOL


Evolution – Self-explanatory. (Was going to go with Darwin, but there’s more power in “evolution” and I THINK you’ll see something special pop up here for that in a bit). So, I have and will continue to evolve who I am personally and professionally. Natural selection will weed out bad ideas and bad habits, leaving space for only success to breathe and breed. Want to join me? The door is open.


Don Draper – DUH. My goal, last year, was to get my foot in the door with agency work. And I did. But this year, is about escalating my creative strategist craft higher, still. I want to be THE GO-TO for copy and creative strategy (with a backlog of clients, 6-months deep).


Muscle – To finally appreciate my stocky and reactive body by giving it more of what it needs. To create more muscle in my business. To build my heart muscle. To muscle up my Thunda. To build my creative muscle 100 fold. Yeah. Muscle. And hustle.


Speaking of hustling, if you find yourself not yet ready to face the forefront of your biz? Let’s connect and make it happen (only three days left to snag a $99 Creative Targeting Session).


So tell me. What are your Three Words?

An Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon

11722466_722667254526354_7125672049141954737_oWhat woke you in the middle of the night last night? Not a bad dream. Not a fear. An idea. It yanked you awake, as if the world were going to end if you didn't write it down. (What? You're an entrepreneur who doesn't sleep with paper and pen(cil) by your head? Then you're doing it wrong.) As someone who's blood courses with ideas and tangents that you need to spread, then you owe it to yourself to arm your business with the tools to make it happen. And the greatest tool at your disposal: The acknowledgement of your obsession with your business.

Give yourself fucking PERMISSION to own who you are, without apology to any Tom or Dick that doesn't understand. You have the world to conquer and without an obsession to fuel it, IT. WON'T. HAPPEN.

When you look at the great entrepreneurs: Jobs, Cuban, Branson, Disney, and so many see a pattern. A pattern of insane drive, an obsession, if you will.

They didn't let anything stand between them and their ideas. Not even OTHER ideas. Sure, they had them. We all suffer with Shiny Object Syndrome, but they were obsessed enough to build out the ones their guts told them were gold.

Are you? Am I?

I've been out of the saddle for two months. TWO MONTHS. Do NOT do this shit. Do NOT let life slap you and put you face down on the concrete. I'm not naive enough to think that you or I can't be slapped or feel the sting of said slaps. But I am here to suggest that if your obsession is deep enough, if it is great enough, that slap won't keep you down for long.

A lot of women say, "I want this. I want that." Blah, blah, blah. I say, "I NEED this. I NEED that. If I don't get it, I will die." Period. We all know that's shit. BUT, the point is it has to become your oxygen. It has to become the thing that gets you out of bed every. goddamn. day. Because if it's not, you'll let that slap keep you down too long.

Your revenue suffers. Your visibility suffers. Your mental state suffers.

Entrepreneur Ownership

Take your head out of your ass. Plant your eyes squarely on your goal again. And obsess over it. Make it your everything. Dream about it at night. Dream about it in the day. Breathe it. Think about it when you're alone. Think about it when you're not alone. Strategize in the shower (It's the only thing that gets me unstuck). Draw pictures of the thing you want most in this life before you sleep. Write about it before you start your day. Feel it coursing through your veins as though it were the only thing sustaining you.

Success is INEVITABLE when you obsess. Full Fucking Stop.

Are you playing? Or is your business your obsession??

If your strategy isn't working to grow and feed your obsession, let's connect and see how I can best support you and help you make it happen. It could be a simple solution that just needs a little push. 

Do NOT Start Another Facebook Group

door-to-door Remember those dudes who used to haul around those Rainbow vacs, knocking on your mom’s door, trying to bribe her with a super clean carpet in the room of her choice, if she’d sit and listen to their pitch and watch their demo?

Now, instead of lugging those heavy ass machines up and down your street, they’re being brought to your face via Facebook.

And because EVERYONE now knows how wildly successful people have been in Facebook groups, everybody and their freaking brother has a Facebook group. Which means? That shit’s about to stop working.

I’m not saying groups aren’t and won’t be profitable. But I’m saying you’ve got to do things differently if you want to make it. And running your own group, isn’t the only way to do it.

Overbooked and Overworked

You have marketing to create for your products and services. You need to be out there forming new relationships (with the right people). You need to perfect and hone your own packages.

You have to service your existing clients, write blog posts to establish your authority, create social posts that get people talking, find a new accounting software, interview peeps for your newly open VA position, answer prospect emails, make yourself visible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blab, Periscope, Pinterest (and 9M other social networks), create content for your upcoming webinar you hope will land you 753 new signups (if not, 75,398), write for HuffPo, guest post on 9 other sites.

Not to mention: Feed the people who rely on you for sustenance, clean up after said ingrates, spend time taking care of you, spend time with your Significant Other (who is far more patient than you’d ever be), do yoga, meditate, and manifest the shit makes life worth living.

So let’s add: Create AND MAINTAIN your own successful Facebook group. Which, by the way, adds way more time to social media than you’re going to make from it.

Don’t get me wrong. Groups are great. I’ve made loads of money in them. They’re the stomping grounds for like-minded people who could use your services, but you don’t need to create your own Facebook group to be successful.

All you need to do is be seen (A LOT), making the right friends, and create a shit ton of value. In Facebook. Or not. On Twitter. Or not. Don’t bind yourself to a social strategy because everyone else is. You bind yourself to the ones that suit your goals.

And it’s not always the one every else is using.

The Strategy for Facebook Groups

Find groups where the owner is active and strong. And participate. Answer questions, make them laugh, teach them some ninja shit they can’t get anywhere else. Just don’t be shy. Nor obnoxious.

Stay away from link drop groups. You want to be able to promote, so you also don’t want to join the ones that are 99.9% linkage. It’s great to promo, but at that point, there’s not a damn soul in that group reading posts. They drop in, drop their link, and drop out. Useless.

Look for groups that your ideal clients are active in. For example, if you don’t like working with woo-woo coaches, stay out of the psychic, intuitive, soul-whisperers groups. If you like balls-to-the-wall clients, then stay out of the heart-centered business owners groups.

And if you join a group, read the rules and post accordingly, but if you don’t feel well received, bail. You have NO time to spend diddling about in bullshit groups that don’t jive with your strengths and needs.

Get out there. Join groups. But unless you have a large existing base and are not planning on being active (even when you don’t have a kick ass program or service to promote), then DON’T be an owner.

If you’re ready for a strategy that will pull you from the depths of coaching hell where everyone else is clawing to get out? Hit me. I have two spots open for Creative Power Sessions to help you escape.

Your Scars Are Not Your Flaws


Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram.


All evil perpetrations of a lie. Thanks to Facetune and other editing apps, we see people's perfection only. Their work comes off as bestsellers. Their homes as iterations of magazine layouts. And their faces, modelesque.


And some people need that in their lives. They believe that life should be this way. That business should be that way. And they look at others' who don't portray that perfection as flawed, unworthy.


But running a business is ANYTHING but perfection. It's sweaty. It's bloody. It's fucking painful. You'll have days when the sun is shining on your face and all you see is golden rays of profit. Then, there are days when you see nothing but your scars and imperfections.


But those scars are perfect.


They're your medallions of valor. They're your reminders that you can say, "Fuck you" to anyone who doesn't like them (or you), to those who think they make you less beautiful, to those who think they mar your existence.


Your business isn't perfect. Your life isn't perfect. Nor are you.


But you are imperfectly powerful.


You've survived shit. You've grown. You've learned what you love and what matters to you. And you're better than they are because you're happy. Fuck every one of your peeps who say, "This isn't good enough". Because, you know what, they're not talking about you.


They're talking about them.


They're sloughing off the baggage that makes them feel like shit onto you. Thinking it'll make them feel better because when people say something, it's truth, right? (Ask any marketer or copywriter worth her shit how that works.)


People who strive for perfection and feel like anything less is shit. Are shit.




People who strive for perfection and know they're doing their best. Are the perfectly aged barrels of Knob Creek you'd have for breakfast, if they'd let you. Fucking good shit.


I don't give a rat's ass where those losers are from, what their standard of living is, or who they THINK they are. You look at your scars and your battle wounds and know that you're here, living. While they're dying in the poison they create for themselves and others.


Life, business, isn't about perfection. It's about passion. It's about showing up as your best self...knowing you and loving who you are and what you offer the world to make it a better place.


Fuck every last person who isn't okay with your scars. Because without them? You wouldn't be you.


And I'm thankful for you.


Join the Badass'D. We get shit done. Scars and all. 


The Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business

Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business Business is business. Whether you’re killing pimps or creating products people lust over.

And the Sons are a great way to illustrate how it’s done. (Besides, you know you miss Jax and the gang.) This is part 1 of the Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business (sans the guns, drugs, and thunder). And if you enjoy it, sign up. Because killer inbox content is how you make your competition obsolete.


Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business

End Game

The end game for Clay was different than it was for Jax. Jax knew he wanted the MC out of guns and drugs. Out of blood. And he pushed for it. Every move he made was setting that wheel into motion.


NO business will make their end game happen without a clear, focused goal.


What’s your end game? Beyond “I want to be known as the best in my industry.” Make it ultra clear...right down to how much you want to make. Your mind will do twisted shit to make it happen.


Sit down and write out your crystal clear goal, in the form of a manifesto or something written in your kid’s crayon on a paper towel. Just write down where you want to be, how much you want to make and how your life is going to look when you get there.


Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business

Calculated Risks

Nothing El Presidente did was uncalculated. Even when roadblocks popped up. Getting into the pimping business was even a step toward the end game. When he got into bed with Pope, it was an integral step in getting the Club clean.


What risks are you taking? Will they set up your end game? While you’re likely not doing biz with a cut-throat to make more money, creating products and services need to be a step toward your end. KNOW your clients, customers, and biz goals and make sure they’re all aligned.


Sons of Anarchy guide to Business

Create Trust

Everyone trusted Jax. Even when his shit looked like it was going south. When Opie wanted out, he trusted Jax when he said getting out was wrong. And he stayed. When Jax needed to move to the MC into drugs, he convinced them of his end game and trusted. They were leary of where he was headed, but they rode on. And made bank doing it.


When you create trust, you create cash. Period. This is one of the biggest advantages of the right copy. The words you put up let them know you know exactly what you’re doing and that you’re the right solution for them. And when they feel that down in their bones from the words you use, they don’t think twice about handing you their money. And you get paid.


Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business


Jax, like every good MC prez, had a right hand, a counsel-man, who helped him see the bigger picture when his rage blinded his way. More often than not, that counsel gave him reason to pause when shit wasn’t flowing right. Case in point, when Jax was ready for Clay to meet Mr. Mayhem, he held tight. The counsel pushed the vote down, giving Jax the time to cool off and devise a new plan.


Business owners who tend to fly by the seat of their pants, need this counsel. They need someone to cool their heels. Especially when they get wild hairs to create shit just to create it. You have to test the waters. You have to plan shit out, if you want it to work. I know.


But now I have Dani. So when I get these wild hairs, she says, “Slow down, Trigger.” And what happens is launches are created, rather than blasting shit out in social without key positioning.


Don’t have someone sitting on your right? Put somebody you trust there. Today.

Sons of Anarchy Guide to Business


One thing the MC had going for them was strength. In the wake of being torn apart, they found the fortitude to push through, trusting Jax and his End Game...and the steps he had to take to get there. And they mustered the strength to push on.


Because even in business, things are going to get rocky. They’re going to test you. Test your will to go on. Life will punch you in the teeth. Kick you in the gut when you’re down. But if you stay there, Life wins and you lose.


When you’re down, don’t stay there. Get the fuck up and make it happen. And win.


The lessons the Sons teach us are, and have always been, relevant to successful business. Use them. And watch business explode. (I have.)


From Lessons Come Lemonade (+ Contracts)

Lemonade | Badass'D Biz+InkIt’s 3am, I must be lonely (you just sang that, didn't you?). It’s 3am and you’re FINALLY finishing up your project. Your brain's dead and your eyes are crossed. You finished it days ago, but the client kept coming at you for revisions, until your work was no longer recognizable.

It’s okay, though, because you’ve NAILED his request this time. Push send. Go to bed. Happy.

But said client isn’t digging it and says the stars are no longer aligned in your favor so he wants a refund. WHAT?


You double check your emails, Skype notes, and invoices, no mention of “nonrefundable” anywhere.

Damn it (headdesk).

Had you used a contract, instead of email, you’d have that deposit still in your hands. Had you not let his charm make you feel at home, you’d have put that “nonrefundable” clause in there. Had you not been in a hurry, you wouldn't have forgotten the most important word in your invoice terms.

Expensive Lesson Learned

It happens. I know. And it's all good. You know why? Had I not learned an expensive lesson just like this yesterday, I'd not invested in amazing resource that's going to save me thousands of dollars this year. Yep. Thousands. 

So the lesson I learned that I want YOU to learn without losing hundreds of dollars?

Protect yourself. Protect your business. Protect your profits.

Email vs. Contracts

Up until yesterday, I was using email as contracts. They are binding. But, here’s the thing. If you forget to put something in or in a moment of weakness, choose not to, you could get burned.

Just like I did. (I'm aware canned emails are an option, but you run the risk of leaving out a lot of important points that smart people like lawyers (I’m looking at you, Mitch Jackson! Thank you for your help!) remember to cover). Besides, Ash Ambirge over at The Middle Finger Project says this about not using email as contracts, "Because you'll get sued up the ass." Not kidding. Exactly what she said. (And also why she created the Small Business Bodyguard...we're coming to that part, hang on).

But dealing with clients and contracts can be touchy.

Email feels more relaxed. It’s easier to deal with. You give people the benefit of the doubt. So you choose not to sound snotty and leave out the non-refundable clause in your email. Or you choose not to risk losing them by excluding it from the deposit invoice. Or you choose not to bring it up at all in your initial talks.

Now you're playing with your money. You cannot risk losing profits at the whim of a client deciding to nix a project, for whatever reason.

Set Up a System to Help You Deal with the Dirty Word

When you’re contacted about your service, get the request out of email ASAP. In a friendly, relaxed tone, get them to agree to a Skype meeting and talk face-to-face, where you’ll happily talk all about how great their project is. But don’t be a wuss  when it comes to talking contract details. Put it all out on the table – in a very nonchalant way.

"Contract"'s a dirty word. It’s big and intimidating and makes them feel like  they might risk some cash if they’re not happy. You can’t worry about how it looks to them, but you can make them feel good about it. Address those fears and sway them – in the contract – and in the meeting. Ship over the details of the call in an email with the contract, as soon as you're done.

Cover Your Ass

You are an entrepreneur.

You are running a business.

You have to protect your profits.

Do not play games because you think contracts and legal mumbo jumbo are too scary for them. If they are, those clients don’t belong on your project calendar anyway.

The Lesson

Because of the little lesson I learned, I invested in the Small Business Bodyguard yesterday (yep, that's an affiliate link because I ADORE mine!). Contracts and disclosures are Badass’D Biz because profits are as badass as it gets.

Don’t sweat the details, SBB does it for you. You’ll get $5000 worth of legal advice and templates for a measly $275. Even saw in the testimonials how SBB saved one user $20,000 in taxes. Can’t wait to find out how that works!

Get your biz together. Get these lawyer contracts in your corner. Protect your profits.

Tell me what you use to bind clients? Email or contracts?

Carrying on With Business When Life Kicks You in the Teeth

Tania Dakka | Badass'D Biz+InkTwo weeks of winter break was supposed to be over on Monday. And it looks like it’s not going to be over until Thursday.

No joke. At all. I was supposed to have my freedom to work uninterrupted two days ago. But no. Relief from Mini-UFC less-than-banter-weight battles and toys all over the floor has not yet arrived.

And I miss my bike. :(

Had it not been for this ridiculous weather, I’d have saddled up and hit the road to take my reprieve. But without any way to steal peace of mind, I’m ready to call it quits.

But, I’m not alone.

So many of us are in the same boat. Yes, we love those little monsters, don’t we, Jennifer Hermon? But, we're humans with our own needs (peace and quiet, anyone?).

This weather isn’t helping. But life happens.

Fight the Fight

Some days you feel like fighting the good fight. You get up with a good attitude and you’re ready to rock’n’roll. Life is good. Regardless of the chaos around you.

Other days, though, you just feel like fighting. Period. You’re sick of it and all you can think of is ditching everything and hitting the road. Sometimes that’s okay. You need to. You have to clear your head so you can get focused again.

But too many days like that means too many chances to make a difference slip by and there goes your Three Words and your hope for success. Not to mention, you look at the calendar and it’s freaking June already.

Life’s going to happen. Things are going to be overwhelming at times, but you have to suck it up and move on.

You have client calls to make. Make them. You have creative work to ship. Ship it. You have marketing to be done. Do it. Even if you don't feel like it. The more you force it, the easier it becomes. The less you have to think about it.

Getting up everyday to make shit happen isn’t easy. It’s down right discouraging sometimes, especially if your projects aren’t moving the way you want, you can’t get the funding you need, or clients are yanking you around by your collar. Why fight the good fight anyway?

Your Business is Important

The work you do is important. The world is waiting for you and your gifts. But if everything's getting you down and you're not doing the 9M things that need to be done everyday, then you’re sabotaging yourself. You’re short-changing the world.

It’s too easy, as an entrepreneur, to put business on the back burner when you feel like crap. But, the question is, do you want to wallow in the mire or roll in the dough? Because you can't do both.

No matter how frustrating our situations are, we have to show up. We have to ship. We have to make it all happen. Even if that means getting up at 4:30 in the morning, every morning, to hustle.

Kick Back

When life kicks you in the teeth, kick back. Don’t lay there and take it. Because whatever happened, you probably couldn’t control it anyway, so you’re wasting your energy on events, people, and/or situations you can do exactly zero about.

Not a cool way to go down.

And you’re a Badass. Whatever it was that kicked you can’t kick as hard as you do. Show it what you got.

Tell me in the comments how you're going to kick back when life kicks you again?


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Beat Analysis Paralysis at Its Own Game

Analysis Paralysis | Badass'D Biz+InkYou want a new car. There are exactly 6 that you have your eye on, but trying to decide if you want warm seats in January vs. a sunroof for July or a talking speedometer vs. Sirius Radio (hey, for some people the music isn’t that important!) has led you to deciding on none of them. Your client lands on your site and finds 123 different calls to action to sign up for your email list, buy any or all of your 34 ebooks, or take one of your 5 magnificent classes. But they decide to take none of them.

You have 3245 items on your To-Do list and get precisely zero of them to-done. (But your Facebook feed is nicely fattened up and FULL of goodies since you opted not to work on them!)

You suffer from...

Analysis Paralysis

Sounds like a disease, doesn’t it? When it comes to your business, it is! It’s the inability to do anything because you can’t decide what to do.

If you can’t get anything done because you can’t make any decisions on what should be done, then your biz is either going to die or you're going to continue to fight and struggle for the clients/customers you do have.

Or if you’re asking too much of your site users, then they’ll suffer the same fate and click away from your site.

Analysis paralysis is real. And if you don’t know how to beat it, you won't succeed.

Steps to Avoiding Analysis Paralysis

1. Narrow the options. Whether you’re trying to make a decision for your business or you’re offering choices to your users, narrow the playing field by taking out every option except the ones that matter. ??For example, if you can’t decide which calls-to-action to offer, look at the page your tweaking. What does the content call for? Eliminate the calls-to-action that don’t match up with what’s posted.

2. Align your choices with your goals/brand/values. Which options are going to lead you to fulfill your goals? Which ones align with your brand? Your values?

For example, if you can’t decide between logos for your biz, be sure the options reflect your biz values and the personality of your brand. So narrow the characteristics of the ones you have to choose from down to the ones that fit.

3. Write them out. Create a mind map or free writing exercise around your dilemma. Start a letter to a friend or yourself and just let yourself ramble on about the choices in your head to see where your thoughts take you. Your subconscious mind answer lots of questions through your hand that it doesn't answer in consciousness.

4. Talk to friends. Talk to a trusted advisor, mentor, or friend to get outside feedback on the “right” solution. Your view maybe a little skewed since you’re sitting in the middle of the storm. Let someone else’s intuition help guide you out.

5. Let go of fear. MOST mistakes are correctable. Yes, they may hurt. Yes, they may slow progress, but they usually aren’t the end of the world. You can recover from them when you see you’re on the wrong track. And, you know what? Mistakes, bad decisions, and failures are all part of business.

??“I will work day and night to avoid failure, but if I can’t, I’ll pick myself up the next day.” ~Sir Richard Branson

The point is: Decisions lead us. They don’t have to break us. Narrow your choices, align them with your values/brand, and don’t be afraid of the wrong one.

Tell me in the comments about your most recent "bad" decision and how you bounced back from it. :)

Thanks for reading! Have an amazing weekend!




5 Steps to Getting off Social Media and Growing Your Biz

social media ball | Tania DakkaYou're an entrepreneur. You have to do's out the wazoo (emails, accounting, networking, – gasp – creating content?!). And most days, the list is so heavy you can't move – frozen, getting nothing done instead of getting ahead. So you play around on Facebook, Twitter, and every other social channel you can find, then you call it "networking" or "lead generation" so you can justify it. What's a lonely entrepreneur who's trying to do it all by himself to do? I'll tell you.

He's supposed to close up shop and get out. Forget it. There's no way to get it all done with family, business, and home responsibilities, too. So just quit.

WAIT! Damn! I was kidding! :D

Shut Down All Social Media

What you're supposed to do is logout of Facebook, get off Twitter, and close all browser tabs until time for them to be open.

Sounds so easy, doesn't it? It's not. I know. Social media's addictive. You're always on the hunt for content that's going to help you and your community become the best, posting your own links, and engaging in the groups you belong to (PLEASE DO NOT TELL CHRIS BROGAN ABOUT THIS! This is exactly the OPPOSITE of what he taught us in Mastering the Digital Channel! :-/).

But if you're doing all of that, you're not doing what matters: Creating your own content that gets your readers thinking, clicking, and/or sharing.

Understand, I AM pointing fingers here. No doubt about it.

But I'm pointing them at myself, too (all you have to do is fish through the ocean of Harley images and music shares in my Facebook Timeline to know I'm totally getting naked here – metaphorically, you perv. Back to work for a sec, K? :) ).

We waste time for one of two reasons:

1. We're afraid.

Afraid of failing. Of succeeding. Of getting it wrong. Of getting it right and having to do it again. Of what others might think of us. You get the idea.


2. We have no system in place.

Without a system in place, we wander aimlessly through the web hoping what we're supposed to do will jump out at us. But, with a system, we know what steps we have to take to reach an ultimate end, and if we consciously refer to them, we won't let ourselves get lost in Social Media TimeSuck Land.

The point is this: If you're not getting it done for your business, it's time to put your ass back in the saddle and take the reigns. Dig?

But, how??

1. Buck up. If you're afraid, tell Fear to find another lover  and get brave (if you read this week's email, you know what I'm talking about).

2. Set your sights on what you want to ultimately want to achieve.

3. Map out the steps it'll take to get there.

4. Implement your system, allowing time to check social media, email, etc. each day – AND STICK TO IT :).

5. Spend the majority of your social media time helping people in your community, instead of mindlessly sharing everything that crosses your feed.

There, you have your assignment. It's time to turn off social media, take a hold of your own success, and make it happen! And if you don't know what you should be doing to grow your biz? Drop me a line via email or the contact form. I'm happy to help you figure it out. Seriously. :)

Before you go, tell me, in the comments, what successful systems do you have in place right now?

Thanks for coming to hang with me! Have a GREAT rest of your week!




Define Your Success

Tania Dakka | Badass'D Biz+InkDo you own a Ferrari? What's the value of that palace you live in?

What digits follow your name when people talk about your assets?

For some, those are their measures of success. It's not mine.

Let me saddle up on Thundah (yes, I named my bike :p ) and hit the road. Just for half an hour. The wind pushing against me at 55mph (because I'm not brave enough to go faster yet) reminds me that I'm free. I'm the controller of my own destiny.

That's my definition of success: To be able run my own business, take care of my children with home-cooked meals, take care of my home, to be there for my family when they need me, and to roll on two when I want.

I was thinking about this when I was out riding this morning. These are all things that people told me I couldn't do. And the fact that I did them is why they are my definitions of success. I don't need a mint in the basement, although it would be nice :) I don't need an Audi R8. I don't even want a bigger home.

I'm happy. I'm happy knowing I'm in charge.

Why Defining Your Success Will Make You A Better Entrepreneur

When you start out in business and you have no idea what you're working for, you'll shoot any target that runs your way. [Tweet! Tweet!]

And you'll not only end up chasing any lead you come across, you'll end up wasting precious time. And, in this day and age, no one has that to waste. But when your eye's on the prize, when you know exactly what you want to achieve, you'll make your dreams happen faster and you'll see your success come to fruition before your eyes.

When you're approached about your business, you'll ask yourself if the outcome will move you forward  or take you off track. Your answer will guide you toward your goal.

For instance, when you you're approached about a client who's gig just doesn't sit well with you, you have to make a decision to go through with it even if it feels "yucky" or walk away because you don't need the hassle of a less-than-deal arrangement. Will walking away hurt if you need the cash? Yep. But will it hurt as much as saying "yes" and then having to work double time with a client who isn't satisfied with anything you turn over?

Stand or Walk Away?

If your goal is simply to earn money, then you'll probably take it. If it's to build a credible business model known for its stellar performance, taking it isn't going to help you at all, so you'll walk away.

That's the scary part. But once you know your definition of success and how your work plays into it, you can accept that tinge of nauseousness, then happily move on to the next offer. And if you don't have one yet, that's okay because you're going to get out there and hustle your ass off until you nail it. THAT'S the way successful businesses are run.

You can't afford NOT to know your definition of success if you want to make it as an entrepreneur.

I'd love to know YOUR definition of success in the comments!

Have an AMAZING week!



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How to Avoid a Painful Death by Hummingbird

The Hummingbird UpdateA hummingbird shifted the world of web alchemy for entrepreneurs, SEO companies, and blackhats. (Because a hummingbird’s wings can start tornados, don’t you know? ~Mudvayne ;) What? I know it's butterflies' wings, let's move on, shall we? :p ) These guys have always tried to game the system because if you can win at Google, then you end up on the first page of search, if not pretty damn close (then people find you!).

And, by now, you’ve heard about Pandas, Penguins, and Hummingbirds. Whenever Google changes something in its search algorithms, the SEO wizards spontaneously combust since their progress is usually destroyed afterward.

But the Hummingbird’s such a good update for people not involved in blackhat SEO – you know, like you!

Hummingbird Made Search More Accurate

So if your ideal client’s looking for “getting more sales” on Google, it’ll actually take all of the words in his search into consideration when serving up results, instead of simply serving up keyword responses like the old days of, say, three months ago.

And, according to Search Engine Land, there are about 200 factors in all that Google considers when ranking pages. Not the least of them is content quality, engagement, author rank, etc. The lesson has always been: If you want your page sitting pretty in the top spots (because you know you never dig deeper than page 3 in search) when your ideal comes looking for you, you have to follow the rules.

Or pay the Google price – which is a very painful death by Hummingbird.

But who’s scared of getting axed by a tiny little birdie? SEO companies are on its hit list, according to RazorSocial. But so are businesses who incorporate seedy backlinking techniques, as are the businesses who buy crap content from content mills.

These owners work to make a dime, not to help people solve their problems. So the Hummingbird will happily take them out of the equation for a while.

Your Ideal Client Needs You

Your ideal client is looking for solutions to problems and when you dish out your best work (or a pro writer’s best work, if you’re not one), then you increase your chances of getting found. But how can you know what you need to write or do for your ideal client to help her solve her problems?

By knowing her needs, wants, desires, and fears as well as you know your own.

Because when you put yourself in her shoes to walk a mile, you not only know what she needs help with, you understand it. And when you understand it, what you write speaks to her, to her heart, then she’ll know you’ve “been there”. She'll feel your solutions will work and that you’re the real deal, not some scammy entrepreneur out to make a quick buck at her expense.

Think and Feel Like Her

That’s what we talked about at the Target Practice Party last week: Crawling into her head through her social shares, her comments on your posts, on your competition’s post and learning as much about her as you can.

We also talked about what to do with all that info when you find it. When you can think like her, you can write content and create products and services she's searching for.

It’s all about the research.

You have to take the time to do it, understand it, and USE it. Or you could suffer death by Hummingbird.

I'd love to know, in the comments, if you have a religious schedule in place to research and study your ideal client.

Kick ass this week!




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Three Ways to Magnetize Your Ideal Client

Plan for success | Tania Dakka“I need bios for my social media. Are you available? Go ahead and invoice me.” “I need a post. Are you available?”

“I need my site copy overhauled with some of your flair. Can you do it now?”

It’s that easy.

When you work with your ideal clients, they come to you waiting for the invoice so they can go ahead and pay you to get started on their project. Sounds unrealistic, doesn’t it?

It’s not.

When you work with people who love you and your style, they come to you ready to work, not ready to haggle and waste time. That’s just what happens when they want to hire you! And when you deliver, it’s roses and caviar, baby!

If you don’t have coaching clients lined up or projects in the waiting, then you haven’t attracted your ideal clients yet. No worries, though! You can.

And you will.

There are three things you need to know to magnetize them.

Your Style

I’m a hard hitter, not a “woo-woo” writer. So people that dig on me are not people that are easily taken in by “mystical love language”. Hey, I ADORE you, but I believe in tough love ;).

So what’s your style? Who’s going to love you? Who already loves you? How do your styles jive? What do they love about you?

Your Offering

You have to know your product inside and out. Yes, I know you know your craft, silly. But you need to know all the solutions your craft offers your clients.

Is it a better life? A better career? A better way to communicate with their own clients? No holding back when you nail these because you need to dig up all the benefits that your offering represents to all your potential clients.

Your Ideal Client: Wants, Desires, and Fears

Your ideal client needs you. It’s your job to make their dreams come true. Before we jump off the deep end, let’s not get crazy! Luckily the dreams they want you to realize for them aren’t dreams of grandeur. They’re dreams of a better way to communicate. Of a better way to run a business. Of a life less complicated. Whatever you can give them.

But you can’t fulfill those desires if you aren’t acutely aware of what they are.

So if you’re not planning on joining us at my party on Friday, then you’ll miss some easy to use tools that’ll help you identify those desires (among other things) and satisfy them.

Don’t know your ideal client yet? Or you do, but you don’t know how to uncover their needs?

Join me, Jon Mehlman of Hubspot, Shameer Shah of Business Banter, and Kristy Oustalet of The Creative Coach for a rockin’ time learning about your ideal client and how to play spy games to win :) Party starts at 10am EST on Google+!

Be sure to register through Eventbrite because even if you can’t make it live, I’ll still send you the tools to your inbox when the light’s have gone out. And, you’re going to LOVE these tools!

Thanks for reading! See you there!

T <3

PS Here’s the full lowdown of what registrants for the party walk away with:

  • 6 categories of shoppers
  • Their characteristics so you can identify your ideal’s best one and start offering him goodies that align with his goals
  • Where and how to find said characteristics so you don’t have to rely solely on awkward interviews
  • A tool to help you collect and organize your ideal’s mental info
  • A checklist to help keep your products stay in line with ideal’s goals so they actually want to buy them (the Product Architect)

Get over to Eventbrite to register and start making your life easier by dealing only with clients that love and adore you!

Why Badass is Sexy on You (+ Your Business)

Chad Gray | Tania Dakka Bikers, babes, and bad attitudes. That's what people said they thought of when they heard the term “badass”.

Nope. That’s not it, at all.

Badass is confidence. It’s authority. It’s the emotion, the connection, that your users feel when they land on your site because they can tell you know your stuff.

Doesn't matter if you drive a Honda or a Camaro. Whether you wear White Stag or Prada. Or even whether you listen to Justin Beiber or HELLYEAH (Okay, it DOES matter if you listen to Justin Beiber!).

It’s about an attitude that creates a tantalizing experience for people so they consider doing business with you.

That’s what Badass’d is.

Making people fall in love with what you do and how you'll finally be able to end their struggles with losing weight, learning to run a business, or whatever's keeping them up at night is Badass'd.

It's also about the ability to make them feel, build bridges, and close the gaping divide that stands between them and their less stressful lives.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not your business needs badassery amidst it’s pages, the answer is: Without a doubt.

Without Badassery in your Business

Your reader's been looking for the right coach for weeks. She’s frustrated and tired of the wannabes that slap guru behind their name and call themselves leaders. They could no more help her find her way out of a one way tunnel with a train headed their way at the other end than help her finally conquer her fears.

And she’s tired of looking.

Then, lo and behold, someone happened to RT one of your tweets and it caught her attention. And like a good boy, your recent tweaks to your Twitter profile nailed the intrigue factor for her. (I'm so proud of you!! ;) )

Let the stalking begin!

Now, she’s tracked you to your site. Oh my. Your profile sounded so much livelier than this. Your tone is flat. Your words don’t resonate with her fears. She’s lost and confused. You really can’t help her like she thought.

Oh well. Click.

Gone is one more potential client. One more person you could have helped out of the darkness.

What IF...

What if you had actually badass’d your site? What if you either did it yourself, or outsourced it to a copywriter, and had your authority and your voice put out there in a way that actually SPOKE to her? In a way that made her feeeeeeel her fears could actually be conquered?

Cue the squiggly remembering lines that used to be on TV - and if you’re not old enough to remember...well, ask your mama, she’ll explain it. ;)

Imagine Stalker landed on your site and the first words she read were the words she’d been longing to hear. Words that didn’t sound JUST like every other guru/coach/wannabe celebrity on the net. What if your site were graffitied with personality and confidence? What if you peppered your business with the authority that you actually are?

Think Stalker would click away then?

My guess is that she’d hurry to subscribe to your email list. Then, she’d be off to follow you all over social media. Not because you made her an empty promise, but because she felt the echo of that promise, that bridge you built, in her soul.

So, your assignment right now is to either sign up to get a handy PDF that’ll help you DIY your copy or find someone who can badass it for you. Because your words are not just pixels on the screen. They’re the lifeblood of your biz.

Thanks for reading! Have an MASSIVE week! Tania


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Get More Followers on Social Media (Without a Fiverr account!)

Marilyn | Tania DakkaYou’re at the mall, Chick comes up and says hi. Your mouth says hi, but your eyes and mind are somewhere else: They’re checking out the hottie red lipstick and black mini dress she’s wearing. Immediately, you begin either validating her or dismissing her as some tramp who should be sitting on the corner of 5th and Main. Don't tell me you didn't. ;) Her black dress and red lips caught your attention and made you want to talk more. Made you need to talk more. You wanted to find out why she dressed for cocktails just to go shopping for watches at a makeshift kiosk in the middle of the afternoon. You’re curious.

The red lips did their job. They got your attention. They piqued your curiosity because that’s what they were for.

Just like your social media profiles. They're there to pique the curiosity of the people you interact with.

If you’re hanging out on Twitter, you’ve got a 140 characters to be those red lips, but then, your bio has to be the black cocktail dress in the mall at 2pm in only 160 characters. Because if you’re out shopping in your sweats (which I know you would NEVER do anyway, right??), no one’s going to need to start a convo with you.

Get me?

Jazz things up a bit. Make them wonder about you. Make them say, “YES! I need more!” if you want them to follow you.

Sexify those bios and kickstart the relationships you’re trying to build online.

And, if you’re using social media right, it’s a very powerful tool for your biz. 96.8983% of the clients I work with came from social media. I’ve never attempted direct mail or advertising. They’ve all come from Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

Why? Because my social copy, my profiles, were their intros to me and what I do.


People who like to throw up exactly who they are and what they do for their social copy, thinking “I’ll be short and to the point” get hit or miss results. They might reel in a few new followers, but they don’t often snag the true fans. The ones that matter.

And if you’re not attracting that kind of follower, you’re wasting *gasp!!* time. And time is what?? You know it. ;)

Your social profile is your biz's magnet. Once they find you interesting (which they’ll only do if you hit that profile right), the next place they’ll go is where? Your home base. Your website. Your headquarters. Target acquired! ;)

But that’s a-whole-nother ball game we’ll talk about another time. Right now, you need and want as many people as possible huddling around you on social so you can bring them into your fold. And you’re only going to do that with social profiles that scream “AWESOME!”

Get More from Your Social Media Profile

Make your social profile about what they want/need. Lead off with a hint of what they are looking for, then add the sprinkles of uniqueness that is you. Because without the “extra”, you’re all biz and all B-O-R-I-N-G.

Get me?

Lesson this week: Do NOT ignore your social copy. It’s muy importante. As important as leathers to bikes or Chad Gray to HELLYEAH. And if you have a hard time tooting your horn, it’s okay. I love telling people how amazing you are. ;)

Now, your assignment (and you have no choice but to accept it!): Make a list of all your active social networks and visit each profile. Juice them up. Refresh them. Make them black cocktail dresses at the mall at 2pm.

When you’re done, come by and leave a link to your best one and let’s get to know each other!

PS I’ve got a little formula tucked into this week’s email, so if you’re not on the list, you’re missing all the action! Every post published is accompanied by an actionable email that’ll help you ace the topic at hand. ;) Just click “Get Badass’d” at the top of the page and you’re in!

Thanks for hanging with me this week! I soo appreciate your time! Don't forget to leave those links to your social profile so we can get to know each other better!

Showing Up Does NOT Guarantee Success

Glengarry Glen Ross Tania DakkaCheck Twitter. RT some goodies. Check Facebook. Get lost in everyone’s banter.Run over to Google+ and share some excitement there. Check email. Respond to a scant few that need responses.

Write a post. Share it.

That’s it. That’s showing up. That’s what I did for the last three weeks. And I got ZERO out of those weeks. In my defense, that’s all I needed and wanted to do – survive. But, as soon as inspiration struck (in the form of a foul-mouthed Alec Baldwin speech from Glengarry Glen Ross), I switched gears. (That bit's here.)

If you’re not familiar with Glengarry Glen Ross, you should be. Every entrepreneur should be. By the time the speech was over, I was packing to sign some real estate clients, then I realized I’m not even in real estate! That’s how powerful his speech was.

Baldwin basically said, in no uncertain terms, if you’re not closing, you’re not shit. Well, I can’t have people stepping on me like that, can you?? We've got to push to prove to people like Blake (Baldwin) that we are THE shit. Not shit.

And the lesson learned? We have to prepare to do that.

Prepare for Success

Baldwin closed deals because he knew his stuff. He was prepared to handle anything a “sit” would throw at him. And that’s what you have to do.

You have to know who you are sitting with (i.e. the client or prospect), what they need, what their perceived problems are, what their real problems are, and how you are the only solution they need.

Sounds easy peasy, right? :)

It’s not. It takes work. Baldwin said in his speech that he could go out on a sit that night and earn $15,000 in two hours. He couldn’t do that with only his charm or good looks (even if we’re talking 90’s Baldwin :D). He could earn that because he knew how to listen, how to talk and how to address concerns.

Now you have to learn how to do those things.

Where and How?

You spend time researching your clients. Talk to them. Get to know them. But not just on a superficial level, on an intimate level. Not like THAT - geez! Learn how to read their minds, how to interpret their feelings. ;) Tweet it?

For example, I can sell to my husband because I know how he thinks. He thrives on respect and success. I talk to him and those terms and I can “sell” him on most of my hair-brained ideas (someone say Harley?). My brother is a big goofball and I can sell him with a little humor. Get him laughing and he’ll say yes. One of my best friends just wants to be understood and felt cared for because she’s always caring for others. So, I’d talk to her in words that let her know that she is supported if I wanted to sell her something.

What About Your Client?

Now, if you have access to that kind of info on a regular basis - you know, like your best friend is your ideal client and you know how to deal with her, then you have a leg up on your competition right there.

But, if you don’t have that access, then you’ve got to be a little scrappy.

It’s time to start stalking! Wait, don’t be creepy. This is only for observation and learning purposes, get me? :)

Follow your ideal client all over social media and read up on what’s going on in her head. Then, put yourself in her shoes. Walk that walk. Then, next time she asks you a question, or asks a question on social media, or the next time you need to create a piece of content (which is, like, right now and all the time!), you can answer with her pain and emotions in mind.

Your preparation’ll show her you understand her and can help her solve that irritating problem because you built a connection, a bond, with her. Because you took the time to listen, learn, and relate.

That’s the key to closing deals. That’s the key to giving clients what they need. And that’s how you prepare for success.

Any questions? ;) Get out there and get busy. You have clients to study and deals to close.

Sell Without Selling (or Feeling Sleazy)

Badass'd Biz SellSelling sucks, doesn’t it? It feels yucky, right? And you’re sick of waking in pools of sweat from selling nightmares because you hate pitching yourself to people.

But, you’ve got to suck it up. There’s no way around it. Not if you want to stay in biz.

The good news is there’s a way to sell without feeling scummy – and it’s suuuuper easy. Well, once you get used to it, at least.

Steep Yourself in Knowledge

Know what you’re selling.

Not the product, but the emotions it represents. Once you understand how you or your service helps  your customers and how that makes users’ lives better, you can convey that without flinching.

Be clear on what your solution offers your prospects.

You're Selling Emotions

If you have a bamboo floor vase to sell, then understand  it’s much more than a vase. It’s a vessel. A vessel for calm and tranquility. A vessel for happiness. A vessel for luxury. And these are all really important factors to your IDEAL buyer.

Not to everyone, mind you.

Me? Put a bamboo vase on my floor and the futbol ball will splinter it in a matter of minutes. (What? Yes, we play futbol in the house. Doesn’t everyone?)

So, I’m not the one you’re selling to, and my emotions don’t matter.

Your Jane is your ideal buyer and she does. She wants a home that epitomizes luxe and she’s looking for your vase for the empty corner in her dining room. That void in her design that represents her incompleteness.

But, you have to know Jane to know that. You have to understand her wants, her desires, her deepest emotions. Because when you can connect with her, you don’t have to sell to her. But she’ll still buy anyway.

Because she’s not buying what you’re selling, as much as she’s buying the emotions that you well up in her when she reads about your vase or when she connects with you on a different level.

That’s the next step.  Convey your understanding of her emotions.

Help Her

You have the vase that's going to fill that void in her design. Now, you have to let her know how your vase is going to help her. And blasting her with push marketing via email isn’t helping her. Shouting how wonderful your products are isn’t helping her.

Answering her questions in social media is helpful. Asking her what design questions she has and answering them is helpful. Sending her email content that she needs to transform her home into her dream luxury retreat is helpful. Give Jane everything, all the answers she's looking for.

So, get to know Jane, over a Grand Latte or like this. Walk in her shoes. Learn what she likes and doesn’t like. Uncover what she believes in. Dig into her soul by reading what she reads, listening to what she listens to, etc. And you'll uncover how you can help her make her dreams come true.

Because when you help her, she’ll buy from you. You’ve invested in her and she’ll reciprocate that investment – that’s not my rule, that’s the Rule of Reciprocity.

And when you “sell” like this, you’ll attract buyers exactly like Jane and you'll minimize having to sell more than you need to.

What do you find hardest about selling your services to your customers? Let me know in the comments!

Have an amazing week!



PS Want to learn how to fix your words on your site so they help sell you better? Sign up and get your own Copy Thermometer to understand the 7 copy mistakes many small businesses make and fix them.

How to Not Make $8,575,989 with Your Copy

Earn More Money with Good CopyTap, tap, tap. Delete. Delete. Delete. Tap. Tap. Tap. 45.47 hours later and you’re still slaving away over your web copy for your new coaching service. You’ll finally start making the $8,575,989 you want to earn this year.

If you can ever get the damned copy right.

The words are there – floating about in your head. You know what you want to say, but as soon as you get close to them, they scramble away like a cat who knows he’s getting ready to get a bath.

It’s frustrating because the service description you’re writing sounds just like every other guys’ on the net, sterile and boring, but that’s not you. You don’t sound like that. You’re not a freakin’ infomercial for Magic Hair. Are you?

33 hours later...

(Let’s a total it, shall we? 45.47+33 = 78.47 hours!)

Whew!! You sit back and let Ronaldo wipe your brow because you’ve cranked out the words you wanted to shout from the rooftops from the beginning! WOohOo!

Good for you! You were determined to make it work.

Only it’s not.

You were too close to the material. Too close to the service to see the words clearly. (Click to tweet ? Thanks!)

It happens. To all of us. We’re in the mix of some of the highest emotions (desire to finish, anxiety to get started, frustrated because we want perfection) when we work with our businesses. And they all affect how we see the words we’ve written.

And writing sales copy isn’t the same as writing a kiss-my-ass letter to that jerk who left you sitting in the restaurant for two hours.

Yet you try anyway.

And 37 days later, you’ve sold exactly TWO sessions.

What happened?

The words you wrote sounded beautiful, right? You liked them. Your neighbor couldn’t believe that you wrote them. And your mom gushed to all her friends about how brilliant you are.

You know what? It doesn’t matter what you – or your neighbor or your mom – think.

That’s right. It doesn’t.

If your prospects or clients aren’t responding to your calls-to-action to sign up for your list or for the free consultation you’re offering, it’s because your words aren’t hitting their sweet spot.

Silky as they may be, they aren’t turning the readers emotions on. They need to feel your love before they’ll show you theirs.

Hence, it matters not what you think, Jabberwock.

The good news: It's fixable

You know your product rocks.

You know people need what you’re selling (you’ve tested it and gotten inspiring results!).

But you don’t know where things are going wrong.

Get feedback. Even the original Madman, David Ogilvy, himself, didn't rely on his own opinion of his work. He would get feedback from other people in his agency before moving forward with his campaigns.

But you don't have an agency to rely on. Where are you going to get that feedback?

Your mom? She’s going to tell you your writing towers the Illiad. And what good’s that doing you?

If you ask your best friend (who happens to be a nurse instead of a marketing person), what will she say?

You have to talk to people who know the right formulas for web copy (formulas aren’t just for geometry, ya know!).

Your readers do need your solution, but until you frame it right for them, they won’t see it. They’re simply waiting to read the “right words” before they realize they need to take action.

Without them, your sales or subscriptions won’t change.

Where to turn for copy help

It doesn’t really matter who owns the second set of eyes that’ll go over your copy, as long as they know copywriting: What your clients need, how to write persuasively, and the essential components for sales copy that actually has a record for selling.

Your sister-in-law may very well be that person. But, if she’s not, her “opinion” may not change your year-end earnings so you can sun on the decks of a Carnival cruise line this December.

So where can you get the help you need for your copy? Well, gee. I dunno. :-). I do them, but anyone who offers copy critiques should be able to go over your copy and help you optimize the words you’re using for maximum sales.

No matter who you get, keep this in mind, in 80% (that’s 8 0) of the copy reviews I’ve completed, sale-stopping mistakes were revealed. 80%. And the site owners had no idea that’s why their sales were suffering.

Does your copy fall in that 80%?


Thanks for hangin' with me today. I truly appreciate you. 



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photo via Aap Deluxe via Stock.xchng

3 Elements of Successful Online Growth That You Might Be Ignoring (A Gardner's Version)

3 elements of online success | Tania DakkaSitting on dry soil, waiting for the right anything, does not a successful online business grow. Ideas don’t blossom on their own. They don’t wait for the right time to become fully envisioned WOW!s. You have to nurture them and feed them with love, care and attention - you know, just like those damn African Violets you keep killing. No, wait...that was me. Sorry.

Confidence and connections and are the food and water which grow your biz, once you have a fertile place to grow them.

Where to Plant Your Roots for Successful Online Growth

Beyond your own website that’s donned in copy the temperature of 1000 rising suns, Google+ Communities are powerful beds of deep, rich soil for the growing of your business.

But don’t get lost in the weeds.

Being a part of just any community isn’t going to give your biz the oomph and va va va voom! it needs to thrive and bloom. Because not all groups are created the same.

Ones which simply allow people to come in and graffiti the walls with links and no interaction are the weeds. And you won’t likely grow many helpful relationships there.

But, communities who prompt and prod you to engage with your peers are the communities where the magic happens. They are where the sparkly stuff takes hold and you begin to see new growth and feel yourself expand into a bigger, braver you.

The Food of Successful Growth


Have confidence that you can, have and do make a difference in the lives of others every. Day.

Have confidence that your idea and your vision are worth living out and there’s no one better to give it character, bounce, or fire than you.

Have confidence that you are the reason you succeed or fail and that the last option isn’t an option.

Without this power food, you’re biz is ten feet under tied to a concrete cinder block yanking at the rope scrambling to get up for air.

Don’t drown your vision in hopes someone will help you figure it out. They won’t. You have to do it yourself. Because you can. Because you have confidence in yourself to do it.

But we can’t live by bread alone.

The Water You Need to Grow


I don’t mean the kind of connections that let you rant about how you’ve worked so hard developing and nurturing your business, you just don’t have time to pick up the kids’ clothes off the floor. Me again? Damn. Sorry.

I mean connections who tell you what you’re doing sucks, you’ve got to go back and rethink that - without making you feel like an ass.

I mean the connections who lift you up when you’ve done something sparkly and say, “Look at you! You knew you could do it!”

I mean the connections who help you find answers when you don’t know where to look.

This is about RELATIONSHIPS, people.

These are the connections from which businesses grow. Not empty networks which only bear Link Fruit in hopes you’ll like and share. Those associations are based on a $ value (or maybe an @ value), not an emotional value.

And online work isn’t about consumerism anymore. It’s about kinship, interconnectedness, and community.

They have problems, you have solutions. Because you care. Not because you’re here to pay the rent (although if this art is your masterpiece that will happen in the end, anyway).

Food and Water Yield Wow!

Once you know you’re as powerful as you give yourself permission to be, and once you’ve mastered the art of helpworking, your business will only evolve into the psychedelic glamrock of beauty it was meant to be.

Your ideas and your vision will at last live and breathe, not only in your head and your heart, but online - and in the hearts of others, too. So grab your plot of dirt. Start watering and feeding your confidence and connections.

And watch as you and your biz blossom and bloom together into a drop-dead gorgeous incarnation of your vision.

Which one of these elements of success are you leaving untapped? Let me know below in the comments :)