The Badass’D: Who the hell are we?

Tania Dakka | Badass'D Biz+Ink

The Badass’D: Who the hell are we?

There’s some discord among the naysayers. And I want to take this chance to make clear just who the fuck we are.



The Badass’D are:

The headstrong. The tenacious. The last-laughers. We are the ones who don’t know the meaning of the word quit (unless it’s our last resort). We are the ruckus-makers, the mischief-makers, the disruptors. The ones who look at those who say we can't and say, "Fuck you. Watch me."


We’re the ones who don’t listen to others’ opinions of us. We’re the ones who pursue what we love until the last breath of life has left our bodies. We are the entrepreneurs who build their dreams, regardless of what other’s think is conceivable (what are they doing right now, anyway?). We don’t let a little thing like life knock us off our feet...for very long.


We’re the lovers. The dissidents. The passionate. The fighters.


We fight for what we need and what we want until there’s no fight left in us. But, we don’t go picking fights with the innocent. We don’t go around showing our asses just because. That would make us Assholes, not Badass'D.


And if provoked? Well. Don’t think that if we walk away it’s because we’re weak or soft. Know we walked away because it was the right thing to do. At the time. And watch your back. Because when we come back? There will be a world of confidence and power behind us. 


We are students of Sun-Tzu. We understand the importance of strategy, timing, and execution. When our dreams are threatened, we retaliate. With a vengeance. When the time is right.



But if you stand by us, you’ll be forever rewarded with an ally you want need by your side.


The Badass’D are not bullies. We are not punch-throwers. We are mentally tough. We are mentally resilient. We are the believers in ourselves. We are the believers in our ability to create our own destiny.


Because when it comes down to it? The Badass’D are the people who are smart enough to make the decisions that are good for their businesses and powerful enough to make them happen. Join us. 

Why Badass is Sexy on You (+ Your Business)

Chad Gray | Tania Dakka Bikers, babes, and bad attitudes. That's what people said they thought of when they heard the term “badass”.

Nope. That’s not it, at all.

Badass is confidence. It’s authority. It’s the emotion, the connection, that your users feel when they land on your site because they can tell you know your stuff.

Doesn't matter if you drive a Honda or a Camaro. Whether you wear White Stag or Prada. Or even whether you listen to Justin Beiber or HELLYEAH (Okay, it DOES matter if you listen to Justin Beiber!).

It’s about an attitude that creates a tantalizing experience for people so they consider doing business with you.

That’s what Badass’d is.

Making people fall in love with what you do and how you'll finally be able to end their struggles with losing weight, learning to run a business, or whatever's keeping them up at night is Badass'd.

It's also about the ability to make them feel, build bridges, and close the gaping divide that stands between them and their less stressful lives.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not your business needs badassery amidst it’s pages, the answer is: Without a doubt.

Without Badassery in your Business

Your reader's been looking for the right coach for weeks. She’s frustrated and tired of the wannabes that slap guru behind their name and call themselves leaders. They could no more help her find her way out of a one way tunnel with a train headed their way at the other end than help her finally conquer her fears.

And she’s tired of looking.

Then, lo and behold, someone happened to RT one of your tweets and it caught her attention. And like a good boy, your recent tweaks to your Twitter profile nailed the intrigue factor for her. (I'm so proud of you!! ;) )

Let the stalking begin!

Now, she’s tracked you to your site. Oh my. Your profile sounded so much livelier than this. Your tone is flat. Your words don’t resonate with her fears. She’s lost and confused. You really can’t help her like she thought.

Oh well. Click.

Gone is one more potential client. One more person you could have helped out of the darkness.

What IF...

What if you had actually badass’d your site? What if you either did it yourself, or outsourced it to a copywriter, and had your authority and your voice put out there in a way that actually SPOKE to her? In a way that made her feeeeeeel her fears could actually be conquered?

Cue the squiggly remembering lines that used to be on TV - and if you’re not old enough to remember...well, ask your mama, she’ll explain it. ;)

Imagine Stalker landed on your site and the first words she read were the words she’d been longing to hear. Words that didn’t sound JUST like every other guru/coach/wannabe celebrity on the net. What if your site were graffitied with personality and confidence? What if you peppered your business with the authority that you actually are?

Think Stalker would click away then?

My guess is that she’d hurry to subscribe to your email list. Then, she’d be off to follow you all over social media. Not because you made her an empty promise, but because she felt the echo of that promise, that bridge you built, in her soul.

So, your assignment right now is to either sign up to get a handy PDF that’ll help you DIY your copy or find someone who can badass it for you. Because your words are not just pixels on the screen. They’re the lifeblood of your biz.

Thanks for reading! Have an MASSIVE week! Tania


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