analysis paralysis

Beat Analysis Paralysis at Its Own Game

Analysis Paralysis | Badass'D Biz+InkYou want a new car. There are exactly 6 that you have your eye on, but trying to decide if you want warm seats in January vs. a sunroof for July or a talking speedometer vs. Sirius Radio (hey, for some people the music isn’t that important!) has led you to deciding on none of them. Your client lands on your site and finds 123 different calls to action to sign up for your email list, buy any or all of your 34 ebooks, or take one of your 5 magnificent classes. But they decide to take none of them.

You have 3245 items on your To-Do list and get precisely zero of them to-done. (But your Facebook feed is nicely fattened up and FULL of goodies since you opted not to work on them!)

You suffer from...

Analysis Paralysis

Sounds like a disease, doesn’t it? When it comes to your business, it is! It’s the inability to do anything because you can’t decide what to do.

If you can’t get anything done because you can’t make any decisions on what should be done, then your biz is either going to die or you're going to continue to fight and struggle for the clients/customers you do have.

Or if you’re asking too much of your site users, then they’ll suffer the same fate and click away from your site.

Analysis paralysis is real. And if you don’t know how to beat it, you won't succeed.

Steps to Avoiding Analysis Paralysis

1. Narrow the options. Whether you’re trying to make a decision for your business or you’re offering choices to your users, narrow the playing field by taking out every option except the ones that matter. ??For example, if you can’t decide which calls-to-action to offer, look at the page your tweaking. What does the content call for? Eliminate the calls-to-action that don’t match up with what’s posted.

2. Align your choices with your goals/brand/values. Which options are going to lead you to fulfill your goals? Which ones align with your brand? Your values?

For example, if you can’t decide between logos for your biz, be sure the options reflect your biz values and the personality of your brand. So narrow the characteristics of the ones you have to choose from down to the ones that fit.

3. Write them out. Create a mind map or free writing exercise around your dilemma. Start a letter to a friend or yourself and just let yourself ramble on about the choices in your head to see where your thoughts take you. Your subconscious mind answer lots of questions through your hand that it doesn't answer in consciousness.

4. Talk to friends. Talk to a trusted advisor, mentor, or friend to get outside feedback on the “right” solution. Your view maybe a little skewed since you’re sitting in the middle of the storm. Let someone else’s intuition help guide you out.

5. Let go of fear. MOST mistakes are correctable. Yes, they may hurt. Yes, they may slow progress, but they usually aren’t the end of the world. You can recover from them when you see you’re on the wrong track. And, you know what? Mistakes, bad decisions, and failures are all part of business.

??“I will work day and night to avoid failure, but if I can’t, I’ll pick myself up the next day.” ~Sir Richard Branson

The point is: Decisions lead us. They don’t have to break us. Narrow your choices, align them with your values/brand, and don’t be afraid of the wrong one.

Tell me in the comments about your most recent "bad" decision and how you bounced back from it. :)

Thanks for reading! Have an amazing weekend!