Treat your body

Credit: Judy Zachariah

You work hard.  Very hard.  You have the kids to tend to, the turtles to feed, the house to keep up.  Your work is never done.  So, when you have the opportunity to relax, what do you reach for?

A cup o' joe?  Perhaps an alcoholic refreshment?  If you are like me, it is chocolate and soda.

The question is:  Are those the best choices?

I agree...100%... that we all deserve to have our little slice of heaven as a reward for our hard work.  100%

However...(my nice "but"), I propose that we do something more.  That we take our treats to a new level.  What if we opted for fresh ones?   Or healthy options?  Would we enjoy it less?  Would we feel that we were being "treated"?

What is it about your treat that you love?  Me?  If I am HONEST with myself, I no longer REALLY enjoy the Dew like I did.  Perhaps in the morning is the time I enjoy it most, but if I have a second...I end up miserable.

Here is your challenge.  If you are a partaker of unhealthy treats in lieu of goodness, I want you to partake and evaluate.  Give yourself 15 minutes after you have eaten or drunk your treat, then have a chat with your bod.  Ask it how it feels.  Do you still feel the affects?  Are they good ones or bad?

If that lovely bod of yours can honestly say that it totally enjoyed your input, then GREAT!  If it didn't, then work on replacing it.  Your bod will thank just have to listen.

What are your treats that you feel you can't do without?  Are they good for you?  Let's talk!  Leave me your $0.50 in the comments:)

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