The King

Honor, Respect and Values

He was a great man.  The whole village loved him.  Respected him.  Honored him.  Even the woman whom he divorced never begrudged him.  He was the king.  And he was good.

While in power, he ruled with a firm, yet gentle hand.  Loving his family.  Treating his workers well.  And fearing his God.  Upon the knowledge that his day was coming, he visited all to apologize if he had ever wronged them.  Of course, the only one he had ever wronged was his former wife.  For that, he was forgiven and he died knowing that he had reformed bonds that may have weakened over time.  He died knowing that he had done right by all and, most importantly, by his God.  He died.  At peace.

The entire village died a little with him that day.  And even those of us that witnessed via TV screen were affected by this fictitious life that passed before us. 

His goodness and kindness were things of the past.  Attributes of a bygone era.  But why?  

Because media dominates our thinking. Because media dictates who we are and what we should do or think or say.  Because media elicits that happiness comes from self-service.  Get what you want, no matter what, and you will be happy. 


No.  True happiness comes from service to others IN ADDITION TO self-service.   As humans, we were driven by community and togetherness, but we have let ourselves be led astray from what our goals should be.  Oneness…with each other and with our selves. 

Imagine dying at peace with yourself and your God (or Universe, whatever it is that you may call it).  Imagine that today is your last day.  Would you be at peace knowing that you did your best to be a common thread in the tapestry of a life that wove together Souls?  Would you die knowing that you lived the best, most effective life you could? 

We are all unique.  We each have beautiful gifts for this world.  We can go back to back to the time when goodness and honor reigned by being the salmon swimming upstream.  By turning away from a media ruled pop culture that degrades and degenerates, we return values and respect to this world. 

You control your choices in this life.  What decisions do you make that make you the best you can be?  What ideals do you implement to help others be the best they can be?


© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011