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7 Warning Signs That Your Craft Is Suffering

In the game of business, YOU are your star player.  Your health and fitness are the fuel for your game.  Sure, you have all sorts of excuses and reasons why you don’t have time to eat right or exercise, but what you’re doing is depleting a very precious reserve…your mind.  You can only run on coffee and fast food for a while, then your body suffers from it.  When your body suffers, so does your mind.  (You know the old adage “tired mind, tired body?”) But you claim that your busyness prevents you from shaping your act up.   That claim that holds zero water. 

Because we’re all busy. 

But craftmasters make time for nutrition and fitness.  You know Sonia Simone of Copyblogger?  How many tweets about going to workout on her treadmill have you read? How many times has Sean Platt mentioned his running game?  And let’s remember the conversation with Leo Babauta last week. 

These are top players in the field of entrepreneurialism.  They’re family people.  They’re super busy.  The difference?  They don’t make excuses. 

We’re all whateverpreneurs and owe it to our clients to produce the best that we can.  King Seth says “to ship.” But how can you ship if you have no fuel to power your vehicle for shipping? 

These are the 7 warning signs that your craft suffers from poor fuel sources:

  1. You fail to produce. 
  2. What you do produce falls flat.
  3. You can’t find your right audience/clients.
  4. Your clients/readers don't respond to you. 
  5. When it’s time to focus, you have none.
  6. You’re shipping second rate products.
  7. You lack the energy to study, strive, and succeed.

The fix: Focus.  Sharpen your mind with clean eating and exercise.  Eating right rids your body of the junk that clouds your thinking and exercising gives you the stamina to ship.

Eating right and exercise take time. 

They take effort.

You put forth the effort to reach your clients (readers, etc.), so why sell them short by not delivering the best products you can.  Because, if YOU don’t, they’ll eventually find someone who is. 

 You’re a Productive Creative. 

If you’re only surviving, your business isn’t thriving.

Eat clean.  Move mean. 

Which warning signs resonated with you?  Let's talk about them!

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Let’s get moving!

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New Year, New You...and me!

Well, it's the time of year that you find blog posts populating the sphere about the new year and the reflections that come with the passing of old friends.   Usually, I flow against the current, but I find myself waxing nostalgic and wanting to recognize my efforts this year, put forth my goals for next year, and find out what yours are. 

This year, for me, has been grand.  While not in the manner of Sean Platt and Patti Larsen, but in a manner that says maybe next year will be my year to do what they did.

This year, I started two businesses and watched one of them flop while the other is blossoming in its own slow growing way.  I made decisions about what I want from my newly found career and I'm taking steps to make them happen.  I started three books.  And I survived my oldest baby going off to kindergarten...(I didn't think that was possible, but I managed it).

For all of you, I appreciate your support in your reading and commenting on this quiet little blog--more than you know.  While I am probably number 155.9999999 millionth in the sphere of 156 million blogs, I am sooo happy to be here.  And when I see a new subscriber or someone RT my musings on Twitter, that little bit of fuel goes a long way.  And I thank you:) 

Next year, I plan on burning the whole building down. 

My goals for the end of this year is to finish one eBook for this site on...drum roll, please...the effects of health on productivity:) And I am setting a blogging schedule and my cornerstone content for next year.  Twice a week, I will post information to help keep you moving toward your productivity goals by staying healthy and fit in a world moving at the speed of information.  I also hope to get into posting a Friday Flash each week. (Totally off-topic, but I love to do it).

This blog has evolved since I started in April from chaos to order and now into Health and Productivity.  I feel at home in this space now.  And I'm excited to be able to help others and do something I know and love.

My goal is to focus on fitness and whole nutrition for maximum quality from the Productive Creative that you are. 

In addition, Mr. Seth Godin has inspired me to prune the following.  So this year, I'll follow those whose tribes speak to me and I hope to attract an audience who would like to be part of my tribe.  Noise is no good if you are not being heard.  And while Twitter is about the numbers, if your numbers are not responding to your messages, then they're getting nothing from you.  And vice versa.  Advertising is no longer an option...this world's market is about PR.  And I want to help you be the best at what you matter what THAT is. 

So come on 2012!!  We're ready to get on the road! 

What are your goals, career and otherwise??  What would you like to see from me that will help you? move forward?

I love to learn what makes you tick...come hang out with me on Twitter, Facebook, and G+!  If you want to get your game together for next year, join me by subscribing and I will deliver posts straight to your inbox as they are published.  (Don't worry.  If you find I am not serving you, you can unsubscribe at any time...and I won't sell or share your info) go ahead, click the button with the envelope and sign up today!


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A Chance to help those who help us

Hi guys!  I am stepping out of schedule this week as I have just gotten an important email that I want to share with you. Write to Done is having its 6th annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers contest and writer bloggers everywhere need your help to get them nominated.

There are hundreds of blogs for writers out there.  I am asking that you take a moment and vote at Write to Done.

If you need any help in deciding who you should nominate, stop and think who has made an impact on your writing career the most.  Who has been there to teach you, to guide you, to answer your unending emails?  Who has shown you kindness when you felt like you were on the writing road alone?

For me, there are so many like Justine Musk, Patti Larsen, Christina Katz, Copyblogger, and Jane Friedman that have taught me so much.

But Sean Platt at GhostwriterDad has been a endless pool of resources into which I am CONSTANTLY dipping and for which I am forever grateful and I would love to see him win, but you have to give your honest nomination.

That is what I am asking from you.

There are many writers out there that take the time to help because they know the difficulties that we face as newbies...they are the ones that you should thank with your nomination.

Now, I want to thank you for your time for stopping by to read!


If you have two minutes, I would really appreciate your input on a short 5 question survey!  Thank you, in advance!

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Books, Blogs, and Broods...Oh My! Sean Platt Does It All!

Being able to balance life and work is key to balancing mind and body.  Sean Platt is a stellar example of a man with a plan.  He has his game together and it shows in his projects.  He is a dad, author, and blogger among many other things.  He recently took time out of his busy schedule to share with us things that have helped him get to where he is.  Notes: Sean thinks I am complimenting him, but I am not.  I simply state facts.  He is a master, but is too modest to admit it.  J  Thanks, again, Sean, for your time and your grace!

Don’t forget to check out all of Sean’s writing Yesterday’s Gone, Writing Online, Syllable Soup and much, much more!

Enough of my ranting…you came to see Sean and here he is!

You are a busy, busy man whose family plays a prominent role in your life/career.  If anyone knows how to get projects done and live life, it’s you.  What organization tips and tools have helped you balance it all?

Hey Tania, thanks for the compliment!

Yes, my family is the most important part of my life, and the biggest driving force in my career. Not only do they help me recognize where I want to go, they do everything possible to support the drive.

Balance is the hardest thing of all, by far. The last three years I’ve had to write ridiculous amounts of copy, both for myself and to pay the raging bills. Balancing it all is, at times, a nightmare. Only now am I surfacing enough to get my head above water enough to see land, and the bigger picture.

I am extremely fortunate to have a remarkable team: my partners David Wright, Danny Cooper, and Tracy O’Connor are all amazing, and all help move our collective engine forward.

The best advice I can give to anyone just starting out online, or someone without a team, is to be patient. Even if you can do everything, you can’t do it all at once. So stop pretending you can. Breathe deep and take your time, you will eventually hit the finish line.

But remember, whatever your life and your career goals, living them is a process, not an event.

Your words seem effortless when you write.  What is the most difficult part of being a writer or writing for you?

The most difficult part for me, by far, is knowing where to focus my attention. The reason my words seem effortless is because I write almost exactly like I speak, which enables me to write with tremendous speed, and with a style that zips all over the place, like in conversation.

During my last two years spent as a ghostwriter I’ve written everything from sales letters to wedding vows to fiction to speeches and blog copy, so I can write fast, furious, and across practically any genre. Yet, having that skill set makes me feel schizophrenic at times since I don’t know where to focus my creative energies. I just finished Season One of Yesterday’s Gone while in the midst of releasing a few social media and writing books, and right now I’m juggling the production of some children’s fairytales and a collection of short horror stories for grown-ups.

Very different.

And while I like writing all over the place, sometimes I think it would be better if I would just focus on writing one thing at a time!

You have a great writing partnership with David Wright.  How did that come about?  What recommendations can you make to those looking into writing with a team?  Has the writing team mode helped you manage the many pokers that you have in the fire?

Thanks, yes, David Wright is an amazing creative partner, and I’m very lucky to be working with him.

Our friendship and partnership happened in the most wonderfully natural, organic way. My first website was Writer Dad, which was the domain name Dave wanted for his first website, too. However, he never purchased the name and when he went to buy it, he found out I had – a guy who lived on the opposite coast, who he’d never met before.

He started reading my site, loved the way I wrote, then reached out and introduced himself my second week online. We’ve been friends and collaborators since almost day one.

Writing with a partner is absolutely wonderful for me. I love writing in isolation, too, but I’m collaborative by nature and most of the books I’ll be publishing are co-authored.

The best advice I can give is to never let ego get in the way. Ego is the enemy of amazing. Relax and let the creative chemistry do the heavy lifting and you will create superior art. And yes, absolutely, without a solid writing team behind me, my fries would have burned a long time ago!

You are Ghostwriter Dad.  How did you decide on your platform or was it a natural succession in your road map?  What advice can you give to those still struggling to figure out what their platform should be? Do you feel a writer’s platform should be directly related to writing or is a platform a platform no matter what the content in a publisher or the market’s eyes?

Ghostwriter Dad’s origins are sort of funny. Writer Dad had given me a lot of attention when I first started out, but zero dollars. After about six months chasing attention, and slowly bleeding my bank account, I realized I needed to start selling something. I was a fast writer and could sell my services, so I did.

I popped the word ghost in front of the word writer and piggybacked off the online brand I’d started to build, simple as that.

However, if I were doing it all over again, there’s no way I would have ever started a site about writing. I love Ghostwriter Dad and always will, but there are a million and one blogs about writing, and it’s extremely difficult to stand out – no matter how good your content is.

Under no circumstances do I ever think a writer’s platform should be directly related to writing. It should be related to whatever will help that writer bond with their audience most. Chasing attention from fellow writers is a losing game, for the most part, especially if you’re trying to write books. Other writers are too busy writing their own books to help you market yours!

My only goal with Ghostwriter Dad is to help struggling writers. The site isn’t set up to make money, nor would I ever intentionally start a website about writing aimed for big revenue. I’d much rather make my money from readers than from writers.

Recently, the masterful Justine Musk posed the question “Are fiction writers screwed?”  on  While she is not of that mindset, she points out that many in the industry are. What is your take on that?

I like Justine a lot, but no, I don’t believe fiction writers are screwed – at all. Fiction writers have never had it better. Nearly all the top 100 paid downloads on Kindle are fiction, and some are from self published authors. That’s never been possible until now.

A more accurate statement is, “Fiction writers with no ability to market or desire to learn the basics are screwed.”

A marketer who knows how to write reasonably well is far more positioned to benefit from the Kindle economy than a great writer without a clue how to market.

You recently released your serial fiction “Yesterday’s Gone” with David Wright.  What is your next big project?

Oh man, we have more projects in development than we can count!

Something I just released, that I’m ridiculously proud of, is the children’s poetry title, Syllable Soup. I’m in love with the language in this project, and am proud the title hit Number 1 in children’s humorous poetry on Amazon.

I also love the trailer Dave made for the book! Check it out below.

I’m following that up with a collection of children’s fairy tales: three traditional fairy tales retold in my voice, along with three new fairytales written by me.

Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel are both currently available as .99 singles.

Dave and I have a book of six short stories (with killer endings!) that we’ll be publishing in November, then I have an untitled writing/marketing book for Ghostwriter Dad, scheduled for release on December 26. January starts strong with the release of Yesterday’s Gone’s second season, followed by a FAT publishing calendar throughout the rest of 2012.


Sean Platt is an author, publisher, and entrepreneur. He is author of Writing Online and co-author of the groundbreaking serialized fiction, Yesterday’s Gone. Smart writers follow him on Twitter.

There you have it guys…write hard, write fast, write often. And in your own voice.  Think you can do what Sean is doing?  I don’t know if I can, but I certainly want to try!  All the best to my guest and to my readers…no matter what your goals are. 

Let Sean know what you think of him in the comments!  J  Be nice.

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Free Training from the Ghostwriter need this

Welcome to WildCard Wednesday! This is my day to bring you information from any number of crevices in my brain.  Today's post was derived to bring you success in your endeavors...whatever they may be:)  Read it.  Use it.  Grow. As a writerpreneur, I am constantly searching for ways to grow my businesses.  And in the sea that is the net, I have found a couple of resources to be invaluable.  One of them is Sean Platt.

You may have heard of him...if you haven't, please come out from under your rock.  :)

He IS Ghostwriter Dad.  This dad rocks.  He helps writers that are today where he once was become better writers by teaching them what he has learned along this writing road.

He has made an important offer on his site that is phenomenal and if you are a writerpreneur or an preneur of another breed, you have to check him out. He will  will guide you through 30 days of training to better your writing and teach you how to write sales letter by letting you WATCH one being born.

Writers need a sales letter?  Why, yes we do.  If you have products or services on your blog, then without Sean Platt's lessons, your landing page or opt-in offer is lost and you are losing traffic, not converting it into sales.

Your directions are clear.  Go here. see what you can learn from the Ghostwriter Dad.

Oh, and while you are at it, check out Yesterday's Gone: Season 1 by Sean Platt and David Wright, just released this week!  It is the first six episodes of their first season of serial fiction...season 2 is due out Jan. 2012!

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