Sarah Steenland

Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Sarah Steenland

You buy the $90 Led Zeppelin Complete Studio Collection from iTunes, not because you NEED it, not because there's a hidden track on it, but because it's music that speaks to your soul. Just like you paid $399 for a business course you didn't need because the copy spoke to your soul. Like heart-melting copy, good songs aren't just strings of notes and words thrown together. Each has a purpose and a place. And each one works to shift your spirit. And those songs that move people tell us volumes about what kind of person they are. They tell us who that person is in a way that they can't explain.

This is why I love the Garage Party so much. Because music lets you meet people who you wouldn't normally meet and gives you a peek into their psyche. And if you'd like to be one of the VIPs on the Garage Party, so you can stand up in front of 2700+ entrepreneurs and let them peek into your heart and mind, join us by dropping the deets on the form. Now, I'm shutting up. Meet these cool cats!


Kristen Runvik | Badass'D Biz+Ink Kristen Runvik

As You Evolve is for people on the creative path to intentional living. Kristen believes that when we create from the heart + share it with the world, we make it a better (and a more fun + vibrant) place for us all to live! Check out Kristen Runvik’s site and her song!


Camilla Stein | Badass'D Biz+Ink Camilla Stein

Love riveting science fiction? Have a special place in your heart for children with autism? You and Camilla may have a lot in common! She’s one of the smartest women I know. She speaks, like, 75.9 languages (rough estimate) and pushed me into writing. Yep. Thanks, Camilla! Check out her books and her AboutMe!


Sara Shivani |Badass'D Biz+Ink Sara Shivani

Looking for deep, meaningful conversations with people from all over the world about things that matter most to you? Contribute to Sara Shivani’s Indiegogo campaign and help bring the conversations about greater health, happiness, and abundance to life through a community that’s being built just for you!


Bethany Mullins | Badass'D Biz+Ink Bethany Mullins

When you land on Bethany’s site, you’ll see the words: “What if I told you no more working out, no more counting calories, and no more body loathing?” WELLLL, how can you not want to know more?? (Okay, let’s assume these issues are issues you’re dealing with, shall we? Thanks.)

Say hello to Bethany and check out her killa work!


Jason Croft | Badass'D Biz+Ink Jason Croft

It pains me to honor this guy as a Garage Party VIP. You have no idea. But, he deserves it. He’s developed a KILLA app that’s indispensable to entrepreneurs who are active in social media (can you say EVERYONE?). His app lets you BRAND your images via your phone, as you take them! And at $3.99, it’s a STEAL. Grab it and make sure your images shared on IG STAY yours!


Kacie Erickson | Badass'D Biz+Ink Kacie Erickson

Sick of feeling OWNED? Well, Kacie’s going to help you Kill the Joneses - so you live and work the way YOU want. Seriously, she’s going to help you shed your shit and build a new kind of self-reliance! Check out her killa site and her song!


Sarah Steenland | Badass'D Biz+Ink Sarah Steenland

Time to meet our Surprise VIP! You’ve seen her drawings all over the net. She’s donning Srini Rao with some killer artwork for his new face, the Unmistakable Creative Podcast. And she’s cartooning the universe! Join her Cartooniverse and connect with a chick who’s rockin’ the world of art!!back-in-nam---injured-in-vietn/ce1i


Now, plug in the Official Garage Party Spotify Playlist while you knock out your own badass work!

That's it for this week's entrepreneurial VIPs!! Connect with them and who knows how your life could change! And if you want to be a part of an upcoming Garage Party, email me at tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com! See you Friday!

Kick Ass!

Tania Dakka