Copy Fiend Updates on Free Resources For Entrepreneurs (so you can start sipping girly drinks on the beach sooner rather than later)

Free Copy ThermometerAnd if you don't want a "girly" drink, that's okay, too! Whatever your biz goal is, I'm sure it involves some close approximation:) (Otherwise, why would you choose this life?? Right?) Let's dig in, shall we??

Lessons Taught

Doing the Copy Critiques have shown me some in-my-face patterns I’ve been teaching clients to break. And I’m making them into a free resource you’ll use to guide your words onto your page so they’re, you know, more effective. (And you'll get more clients and sell more products. WOOHOO!)

But I wanted to go beyond the critiques, and reach out to you. To see what you need. Hello, SurveyMonkey:) (If you haven’t already jumped over there. I’d still love to hear from you:))

Many of you have already done the survey to help me build a product that’s going to be thorough and POW. So thanks for that! Especially since your answers taught me something very valuable.

Lessons Learned

What was that amazing lesson? I need TWO resources for you! So that’s what I’m doing!

As soon as my logo is back from Dani Magestro, I’ll be shipping baby number 1 out to you! The good news is, you don’t have to wait to sign up for it. You can do it now and you be first on the list to receive it, plus you'll become part of the beta team to help develop it further.

(I have big plans for your biz this year. Just sayin’. :))

Oh, and Baby Number 1’s name is actually Copy Thermometer.

What the hell is a Copy Thermometer anyway, Woman?

The Copy Thermometer is a gauge that will teach you how to judge your copy based on the 7 mistakes that are stopping small businesses like yours from playing in the big leagues (and sipping those girly drinks on the beach, remember?).

Once this resource is in your hot little hands, you’ll be to, not only judge your work with a set of guidelines, but you’ll know what you need to do to tweak it and make it Shazam!! :)

Like it?

The second free resource is going to be a get-your-hands-dirty-and-figure-out-who-the-hell-your-ideal-client-is template.

I’m going to walk you through some dig-in-the-trenches strategies for finding your ideal client and the words they use. Imagine writing the words your prospects actually use to look for businesses like yours. What would happen to your project calendar if you could do that??

You may have to hire some hands to help you! And be able to afford it! Yessss!

So look for these Free Resources to come SOOOOON! And get on the list to get the Copy Thermometer first.

Hand over that Copy Thermometer, Woman!

And, yo, if you know an entrepreneur like you who is struggling to get their work out there, share this with them. They will LOVE you for it! (Some ways to share? The little buttons on this page, email to your friend, sharing in your Google+ groups, etc). I totally, totally love and appreciate you for giving me your time in answering the survey and signing up for these resources. YOU ROCK!

Have an amazing day!



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