Plan for Success

February brings order out of chaos.  Well, for those that follow focus, that is! 

This month's focus is Planning and Preparing for Productivity!

Without a roadmap, you will end up somewhere, but it may not be where you wanted to go.  This month, we're going to make our maps and stock the car for the trip.  Are you ready?

If you're one of the people are that too busy to do this and too busy to do that, I hate to break it to you, but the one person that is speeding down the Productive Creative Highway in front of you is just as busy as  you are.  The only difference is they know what they need to do before they set out for their destination and they do it. 

Planning and preparing are tedious, but necessary acts.  Don't worry, though.  We're going to take tiny steps toward our success.  By the end of February, our goal is to have incorporated a planning and preparing system that you will be able to execute routinely each week without sweat, blood, or tears. 

Successful Productive Creatives have balance.  They plan.  They prepare.  They produce.  And  you can, too. 

So if your excuse for not planning or not preparing for work/home activities is that you need more time than the rest of us, then hang out with me this month and, I promise,  you'll learn the fastest and easiest ways to balance family, household, and craft responsibilities to get you back in the lead on the Productive Creative Highway; where all you'll see are the headlights of your competition in your review mirror!

In the comments, tell me what you struggle with most when it comes to planning and preparing in your work and personal life and get your answers this month!  Get the help you need to succeed.

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Photo credit: Esteban Manchado via Flickr