As I awoke this morning, the site of my babies sleeping filled my head.  The consequent swell that filled my heart had to be jotted down.  It is a primitive attempt at poetry.  Since my actual forte has yet been revealed to me, I thought I would take a shot at whatever was in my head.  At this particular dark hour, they were simple lines that may or may not make sense.  It is funny how the silence of the morning can allow your imagination to run amuck.  Without further ado, here are the lines that were conjured in my heart.  Feel free to leave some constructive criticism.  I look forward to hearing from you! Longing

I long to hold you Protect you Be with you I long to keep you safe Watching you sleep fills me with love For you, I want to embrace


You are my angels Sleeping I watch your faces Playing I watch your races Laughing I love these embraces


At a distance Under the same roof We reside Day by day We collide Wishing, hoping, wanting more To close the gap forever more