The High Life

A dear Tweep was exposing himself on Twitter today, not as you think...perv.  :D He was actually exposing the gorgeous view from his home overseas.  We are talking planting fields and majestic mountains in the background.  Against the gray sky, their grandeur is magnified.  I told him to enjoy because he deserves it. Then, I thought, you know, everyone deserves it.  

And everyone HAS it

While our High Life may not be sitting on an elegant veranda overlooking august mountain ranges, it is whatever we do have and it is up to us to see it.  Seeing beauty in what we have and not chasing everyone else's ideas of what is the High Life is what brings peace.  It brings serenity.

Appreciating the moment, the situation, we live in is pivotal to Mindfulness.  (Are you tired of hearing me say that word, yet?) What we have today is it.  This is The Life.  The High Life.  We can enjoy it or we can spend our lives in search of it.

Searching for the High Life

We will never find it.  It isn't to be found.  For if we are not satisfied with what we have today, we will NEVER be satisfied.  The High Life isn't owning the perfect car or the perfect house.  Because they don't exist...unless we are living the High Life now.  Gadgets come and gadgets go.  As soon as we get that new HTC Evo 3D, the HTC Evo 3D with {insert newest thingy here} will be out, then we will chase it.

Why spend our lives in pursuit of a dream when the dream is in front of us?

What does your dream look like?  Thanks for stopping by to read, feel free to add your $0.02 below! 

Photo credit: Stev Hardin

Your Elements of Self

Credit: NASA via Hubble Space Telescope

Who are you?  What do you do?  Why do you do it?  These questions define your facets of Self.  Your planes.  The point at which these planes intersect define you.  That definition, once known, brings peace.

You are a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter.  You are a father, a husband, a brother, a son.  All individuals parts that long to be connected to the other in order to produce a happy, peaceful you.  Once you find where these roles and personalities overlap, you can begin to nurture those junctions and foster a strong sense of order within Self; the basis for the order of your cosmos. 

When is it that you are at your best as a parent?  As a child?  As a sibling?  As a partner?  Have you studied your Self enough to know what it is that brings each of those facets serenity? 

Regardless of which aspect of Self it is that we are trying to define, it is when we feel connected to the ones to which we are relating that we feel most in accord.  As a parent, when you feel connected to your child, you feel tranquil, at ease.  When you feel that you and your significant other are bonded (not what I meant, shame on you! :)) then you experience halcyon. 

However, when you are doing what your soul loves, what moves your soul, you open the doors to the rest of the universe for connection.  All of the facets of your Self connect to each other and are ready to connect to Other (family, friends, coworkers, etc).  Then, at once, you have unlocked yet another door to receive beyond Other and can connect with those beyond your circle (the town, the state, the world). 

Doing what moves your soul can mean changing jobs or merely changing your point of view.  It can mean pursuing your hobby full-out.  It could mean mindfully and purposefully doing your day-to-day tasks.  It could mean doing what you already do, but better. 

The first step in ordering your cosmos, is to first define your elements.  Who are you?  What do you do?  Why do you do it?

I LOVE hearing from and learning from you. Please leave your comments...nice or otherwise:) 

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The crisp sunlight blinded me as I walked to class.  The freshness in the air filled my lungs and energized me.  The vibe of youth, courage, and education that only can be found on a college campus encompassed me.  I loved being there.  I never wanted to leave.  Education was my life. Lack of learning leads to stagnation.  Learning is life.  Until I met him. 

Then, the world as I knew it changed. 

We were inseparable.  We arranged our classes together.  We lived and breathed each other.  Class became a passage of time.  A chance for us to pretend to be part of the outside world.  Or so I thought. 

Yet, we were on a path to self-destruction.  He stopped asking to see me every day.  He stopped yearning to be by my side as he had.  Now, he had turned cold.  He was ice.  His fire no longer burned for me.  The pain of that reality pushed me to the brink.  Why had he bothered with me?  Just to play a game?  How could anyone be so cold and cruel?  I was dying inside.  My education had suffered. 

My grades arrived at home as we returned for summer break.  Fail.  I failed my semester.  I wrecked my college career for the face of a boy who had not been worth the slime that flowed through streets into the sludge filled drains. 

With reckless abandon, I hit the road.  Top down, music blaring.  Yearning for solitude.  I longed for peace with what had become of my life.  A deer charged across the road.  Brakes locking.  Tires squealing on the blacktop.  I swerve.  Mistake.

My car upside down in the ditch, I now see things clearly.  I had allowed myself to be distracted.  To be a toy.  No chance left to go back to who I was.  Too late for regrets.  Too late for sorrow.    Now there is peace. 


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