The Type A Personality and Parenthood

They swore I was in the military.  They called me DragonLady.  I ate them for lunch. I intimidated them with each click of my high heels as I strolled up and down the aisles watching.  Waiting.  I was a Type A Teacher.

Type A?  Is that like some kind of disease? 

Well, technically, no.  Unless you are a parent.  In school, the students were older and could follow directions a little better than the younger kids.  There was a discipline code in place.  But, at home, the kids don't get to go home at 3pm.  They are here for the duration.  Wrecking and wreaking havoc every moment of every day.

Learning to survive the disease I call "Type A Parenthood" is essential not only for the vicitm itself, but also for their family. 

If you have Type A, or know someone that does, it isn't pretty.  Type A's need to be in control.  They need to have things in order.  They are work-obsessed; competitive.  They are, in short, impatient.

Combine this inherent impatience with child-rearing and the results can be some very stress-filled lives.

So what do you do?

1) Assess the damages - is what you are about to lose your temper over worth losing it?  If you do lose it, then excuse yourself.  The kids are not Type A and they don't need to be subjected to your character flaws.  (I love you and I am Type A, so I can say that :D )

2) Meet in the middle - there are times when the kids are going to need you while you are in the middle of your project.  Stop.  Unless it is due this very second, take a Bucket Break.  What is a Bucket Break?    A break you take to fill your child's emotional bucket.)  Your child will thank you for it and will  be more apt to let your work continue when it's over.

3) Recall - Remember that they are just kids and they want only your love and attention.  They don't do things to make you mad.  They do them to let you know they are there and they need you.

4) Leave it behind - Your Type A traits come in work.  They get you accolades.  They get you promoted.  They get you more money.  But, they don't get you more love from your kids.  Love and attention gets you that!

In short...RELAX

Parenting is hard enough and when you issues like Type A personality in, it can be downright unbearable at times.  Make your life easier and your children's lives happier by loosening your reigns and toning down things.

Hey, that mess on the floor isn't as big as it looks.


What is your personality type?  How does it affect your parenting?  I can't wait to hear from you!