11 Ways to Monetize in 30 Days (Or Less!)

11 Ways to Monetize in 30 Days Or LessMonetize. What a nasty word, right? I mean, let’s pretend we’re in business to actually make money. Get over the icky feeling of “monetization”. I know you’re a coach and you’re here to help people. But you have to put hot food on the table. So suck it up, Buttercup.

It’s time to get real.

Here are 11 (Non-Icky) Ways to Monetize in 30 Days or Less

1. Write a book. (17 Days) Pen what you know and love. It may have been done before, but it hasn’t been done in your voice. You are unique and bring a skillset that no one else has. DO it.

Make a list, right now, of 5 topics that pertain to your business and your customers needs that you are an expert at. Choose one and lay the course to write a book about it. Doesn’t have to be Wuthering Heights, make it a minimum of 10,000 NON-FLUFF words. YOU GOT THIS.

2. Create a course. (7 days) I never thought I’d be able to TEACH copywriting. It comes from my heart and my do you teach that? You can, you just have to reverse engineer it.

List the top 3 questions your customers ask you. Create a course around one of those questions. Then, create your outline, some slides, some downloads, and choose a format to deliver them. DO it. Deliver it on your site, via Udemy, WizIQ, or the like.

3. Create a membership site. (14 - 30 days) People want to be close to you to pick your brain. Let them. But they have to pony up to do it. Your time is money. BUT, you have to promise me that you’ll over-deliver. No one wants to be taken for a ride. Make it worth their money.

Go to Facebook or G+ (more organized and your posts don’t get shifted around when someone posts) to create a simple “premium” group OR use IfSimply or Premise to create a membership site that people can pay premium prices to get into. Note: This is best done if you’ve already established yourself as an authority.

4. Coach people. (Immediate) Use Clarity. Use your own site. But put it out there what you’re known for and start earning some moula for your melon. is a great platform to help you gain exposure and authority, while earning a commission. All you need is a account to get started there. Or you can create a landing page for your own new service.

5. Create a video learning series. (14 - 30 days) How much easier is it to talk into a camera than to write? Set up your iPhone and record some video lessons and sell them on your site. The hardest part of this is the editing. Head over to Fiverr, Elance, Craigslist and get someone to do it for you to save time.

Note: You do need to make sure the video is a good quality. Study up on your lighting/audio needs and make it work.

6. Sell ad space. (Immediate, ongoing) You need a site with some traffic traction to make this work.

Sign up with and let them automate your advertising process. Then, start looking for advertisers by reaching out to businesses that should appeal to your audience.

7. Post sponsored posts. (Immediate, ongoing) Again you need an audience of size, but if you have it, why not? Create a page that explains your policy and sells them on their potential with your audience.

Make it known you’re now accepting sponsored posts by having a page set up that includes the details and the fine print. Then, start reaching out to companies whose products align with your customers. Be prepared to address how much traffic you get via your blog in your reach out letter to them.

8. Create a paid webinar. (14 days)

Choose from that list of topics you created earlier or use your book topic and create an evening’s lecture on it, complete with slides, and downloads. Start marketing before you create it.

9. Speak. In. Public. (Immediate, ongiong) You just lurched a little, I know. It’s okay. It’s not for everyone, but if you have a proven track record, you can earn great money speaking.

Add a Speaker page to your site that includes your specialties and your rates. Then, reach out to businesses and organizations who will benefit from your brain.

10. Set up affiliate marketing. (1 - 3 days) If you have products and services that you know are outstanding and that your audience could benefit from, put your affiliate links out there and let them earn money for you.

If you have courses, services, or products you adore and you’ve used them, why not make a nickel being a brand advocate? Set up a special page where you can pimp those that deserve. Don’t fill up all available space on your site with crap affiliates. You’re better than that.

11. Sell swag. (7 days) You won’t make a mint on this. But invest in some killer designs that appeal to a wide range of people and get your brand/name out there.

Set up a Selz account and start selling your goodies from your site. Pro Tip: Create a brand that ties into your current brand, yet still appeals to customers outside of your industry and create a Shopify shop to pimp them. EDIT**: I understand from amazing human being and stellar real estate dude, Joe Kerouac, that TeeSpring and SpreadShirt are excellent resources.

That’s it! You now have 11 ideas that you can start implementing today to create an income for your business.

How can I best help you get them jump started, pop over to my Facebook Playground (or stay right here and leave me a comment) and let me know!