There is no dedication like a mother’s dedication.  With that, there is a woman you need to know.  Her name is Kelly.  She is an amazing mom to an amazing little man.  At present, she is working three jobs to help manage the bills that inevitably ride the coattails of children with Autism.

She chose to take the high road and not stand in line for government help when she found out that her son is Autistic.  Instead she decided to help him and her family herself.  Her devoted and loyal husband also works two jobs.  Between the two of them, they are raising three generations of family members under one roof.  If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is.

As a result, there is a beading frenzy going on at K’s house.  She is the queen of beads.  She can turn ANYTHING into a beaded gem.  Recently, she posted her latest products: beaded utensils, beaded hats, and beaded bottle openers.  Can you do that?  I certainly can’t, but I can watch in amazement as she does.

She runs Beads4Bug, an entrepreneurial endeavor that began with the intention of helping out with summer school and medical bills for her son.  She is also one of the newest consultants of the local Mary Kay team.  Those are just her moonlighting jobs.  She works a full time job at CVS, as well.

Thankfully, Beads4Bug is taking flight.  With her determination, she hopes that her son will be afforded the education and the skills he needs to be as self-sufficient as he possibly can be when his parents are no longer around to take care of him.

The above photo is an original Beads4Bug creation.  If you are interested in more of Kelly’s products, you can friend her on Facebook at BugsBead Reid or you can email her at