Jason Falls

Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Jason Falls & Jacqueline Carly

Music expresses that which cannot be said and that on which it is impossible to be silent.

~Victor Hugo


Every Friday night, 7 VIPs come to you with their songs and what they do. This week's entrepreneurs kick all kinds of ass! And it's my honor to introduce them to you. Please say hello in the comments or follow them on Twitter (or Facebook) and say hi! But get in their worlds, you'll be glad you did!

To get in on the Garage Party and to stand in the spotlight yourself, drop an email to tania@taniadakka.com and tell me what your favorite song is, a bit about yourself and the link you want promoted with your music choice! Looking forward to hearing from you!

On with the shoooooowwwww......


Craig Carpenter Craig Carpenter

You work hard, right? You’re an entrepreneur trying to make your mark in this world and you know the hurdles you face on a daily basis. Craig Carpenter has support for peeps like you! But FIRST, I want you to hear this KILLLLLLLA track that HE laid down himself! It’s titled “We Own This Place” and I want a big HELLYEAH for him and this track!

Check out his tune and his site! (PS JOIN his communities because you want to kick ass like he does!)




Kim Trumbo Kim Trumbo

Need inspiration to be generous?? Kim Trumbo has a podcast for that! She exploded onto the podcast scene this year and already has listeners in 64 countries! She was on already on track to hit 75,000 downloads in April, too! WOW! Meet Kim and see all the amazing she’s up to!




Satya Colombo Satya Colombo

Satya wants to teach the rebels, the nonconformists, and the magic misfits to awaken the fires of their spirits, build their own magic kingdom and live Fierce Wisdom. Living Fierce Wisdom means embracing all of your existence and emerging through the darkness of your past into a life of great meaning, inspiration and personal power.

SOO, there’s that awesomeness - that you SHOULD NOT MISS. Sign up to get his Soul-Letter (NOT your typical newsletter) and check out his tune!




Kendra Kantor Kendra Kantor

Kendra wants to live in a world where mental health wellness and self care is a top priority. As a Wellness Mentor and Guide, Kendra Kantor helps creative women learn to focus on themselves and learn they are not alone in their struggles.

Her latest offering: “Dear Self: a collection of poems and art” is Kendra's first publication. Signed per-orders are available through Kendra's website, today!




Paul Zelizer Paul Zelizer

I’ve had the honor of interacting with this next guest loads via G+, he’s a SUPER guy who coaches spirit based entrepreneurs so they can create a success mindset and communicate their value to a wider audience than they had in the past. Please welcome Paul Zelizer!




Jacqueline Carly Jacqueline Carly (aka Fitarella!!)

YEP! Chris Brogan's hot ass woman shared that she works out a lot to Lady Gaga's Applause (and that makes much sense because she's rockin the stage LOADS these days!) She's on her way to her next competition after winning NPC nationals a few short months ago! Holy hell, she's one amazing chick!

http://youtu.be/pco91kroVgQ Check out her fit mag: BOSSFIT (how awesome is THAT?) and get YOUR ass in shape, even if you're a busy entrepreneur!


And her site: http://fitarella.com/


Jason Falls Jason Falls

ANNNND it's time for our last Surprise VIP! He told me not to embarrass him, but then that he couldn't be embarrassed...sooooo, NOW, you know my next mission in life is to find a way to do just that! 

Meet Jason Falls!! He's a brand strategist who has worked with my favorite bourbon, Maker's Mark (plus loads of other big names like At&T and Humana)! Not to mention he started this little site you know as Social Media Explorer! Welcome, Jason!!

Check out his song and his site! (He's started a cool hashtag to help us all remember to keep our phones #OutofReach to help keep the roads safe - USE it!)


www.JasonFalls.com Connect with him at @JasonFalls on Twitter!

And, as always, plug in and get yo' shit done with the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist!

That's it for this week! Here's to new friends, great music, and killa biz!! Become a VIP for an upcoming party by emailing me your favorite song, the link you want promoted and a bit about why you kick ass to at tania@taniadakka.com! See you next week!

Kick Ass!

Tania Dakka