Increase Productivity

Increase Your Productivity by Letting It Go

We get so hung up on doing things exactly right that we lose sight of the big picture.  Our clients, customers, readers want solutions...not perfection.  Some of us get so lost in the fact that something we put out may not be top-notch or cream-of-the-crop that we stop in our nothing instead. Aside from fear (of not being prfect) haunting us, some suffer from cluttered thinking.  Some of us even suffer from Comparison Syndrome or Self-Loathing Overload, among so many other plagues.  All of these restraints keep our thinking small.  Uncreative.  Unproduced.

Our people need our ideas.  They need our words, our numbers, or our wrenchs (for the creative handymen out there).  We cannot deliver the goods if we don't first try to produce it.

We have to let go of whatever is preventing the ideas from flooding in.  We're creatives and it's our job to be unique.

When you feel the need to check Twitter instead of writing, take that distraction out of your head and stomp on it...hard! (Wait, not your head!!  Stomp on the fear that is making you think you need to respond to that RT right NOW.)

Take the Productive Creative's Oath:

My work comes first.  I will not play on social media until I have reached my Productivity Goal for today.  I will not let a mythological idea like Writer's Block make me believe that I am stuck.  I will love myself as much as I love my family and the work that I do and will see the value in what I do no matter what naysayers lie in my head. 

Oh, and to get those creative juices really flowing like the great Niagra, I will sleep, eat right, and take breaks every 90 minutes. 

There you have it.  That's What's Up Wednesday for you...

Let go of everything.  Relax.

Love and trust yourself.

Make the most of your Productive Creativity.

I thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read.  This month's focus is Minutes in Motion and you can join me on Twitter and Facebook for daily Focus Challenges to help stay healthy and creative!  Oh, and in appreciation for your signing up for the blog, I'll send you a Productive Creative's Journal to track your food, fitness, and productivity!

Thanks again and have a BEAUTIFUL day because you are!


Photo credit: Hawkexpress via Flickr