High Life

The High Life

A dear Tweep was exposing himself on Twitter today, not as you think...perv.  :D He was actually exposing the gorgeous view from his home overseas.  We are talking planting fields and majestic mountains in the background.  Against the gray sky, their grandeur is magnified.  I told him to enjoy because he deserves it. Then, I thought, you know, everyone deserves it.  

And everyone HAS it

While our High Life may not be sitting on an elegant veranda overlooking august mountain ranges, it is whatever we do have and it is up to us to see it.  Seeing beauty in what we have and not chasing everyone else's ideas of what is the High Life is what brings peace.  It brings serenity.

Appreciating the moment, the situation, we live in is pivotal to Mindfulness.  (Are you tired of hearing me say that word, yet?) What we have today is it.  This is The Life.  The High Life.  We can enjoy it or we can spend our lives in search of it.

Searching for the High Life

We will never find it.  It isn't to be found.  For if we are not satisfied with what we have today, we will NEVER be satisfied.  The High Life isn't owning the perfect car or the perfect house.  Because they don't exist...unless we are living the High Life now.  Gadgets come and gadgets go.  As soon as we get that new HTC Evo 3D, the HTC Evo 3D with {insert newest thingy here} will be out, then we will chase it.

Why spend our lives in pursuit of a dream when the dream is in front of us?

What does your dream look like?  Thanks for stopping by to read, feel free to add your $0.02 below! 

Photo credit: Stev Hardin