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7 Warning Signs That Your Craft Is Suffering

In the game of business, YOU are your star player.  Your health and fitness are the fuel for your game.  Sure, you have all sorts of excuses and reasons why you don’t have time to eat right or exercise, but what you’re doing is depleting a very precious reserve…your mind.  You can only run on coffee and fast food for a while, then your body suffers from it.  When your body suffers, so does your mind.  (You know the old adage “tired mind, tired body?”) But you claim that your busyness prevents you from shaping your act up.   That claim that holds zero water. 

Because we’re all busy. 

But craftmasters make time for nutrition and fitness.  You know Sonia Simone of Copyblogger?  How many tweets about going to workout on her treadmill have you read? How many times has Sean Platt mentioned his running game?  And let’s remember the conversation with Leo Babauta last week. 

These are top players in the field of entrepreneurialism.  They’re family people.  They’re super busy.  The difference?  They don’t make excuses. 

We’re all whateverpreneurs and owe it to our clients to produce the best that we can.  King Seth says “to ship.” But how can you ship if you have no fuel to power your vehicle for shipping? 

These are the 7 warning signs that your craft suffers from poor fuel sources:

  1. You fail to produce. 
  2. What you do produce falls flat.
  3. You can’t find your right audience/clients.
  4. Your clients/readers don't respond to you. 
  5. When it’s time to focus, you have none.
  6. You’re shipping second rate products.
  7. You lack the energy to study, strive, and succeed.

The fix: Focus.  Sharpen your mind with clean eating and exercise.  Eating right rids your body of the junk that clouds your thinking and exercising gives you the stamina to ship.

Eating right and exercise take time. 

They take effort.

You put forth the effort to reach your clients (readers, etc.), so why sell them short by not delivering the best products you can.  Because, if YOU don’t, they’ll eventually find someone who is. 

 You’re a Productive Creative. 

If you’re only surviving, your business isn’t thriving.

Eat clean.  Move mean. 

Which warning signs resonated with you?  Let's talk about them!

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Let’s get moving!

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Hi guys!!  What an amazing two weeks it has been!  Can you believe it has been two weeks already?? The purpose of this training has been to see a documented difference in our productivity during this time of wholesome goodness.  To see, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what we put into our bodies and the exercise that we push it through helps to increase our quantity and quality of work.

It hasn't been easy.

As you know, I am an admitted Mountain Dew addict.  While I have not been able to walk away from it completely, I no longer keep it at home and only MIGHT have one if we are out.  I can tell a huge difference in the way I feel after that stupendous cutback.

What did you have trouble giving up?

Eating clean has been delicious and I am happy to report that there is still chocolate and chips in the cabinets that I haven't touched.  LOL  I am finding that my cravings are decreasing.

What about you?

I am so excited to see what this week will bring since it is the last leg of the training!  Time to buckle down and really kick it hard this week!

What are you hoping to get out of this training next week?  Share your goals in the comments below and let's see how we do by the 6th!

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Habits and Goals

We are, by nature, creatures of habit 

Not necessarily good ones, either.  I have, inadvertently, spent the last month transforming my chaos into cosmos by killing some old Monsters that I hope are gone for good.  These old monster habits have kept me from moving forward in my goals. 

The new Friends (Helpful Habits) that are replacing said Monsters are poised to take over.  One of those new Friends is nutrition.  This month, my junk food intake has been almost wiped out and my thinking is all the clearer for it.  My whole food intake has tripled and my waist is happier for that, too. 

These are just a few of the new Friends I have made this month.  We can systematically eliminate the Monsters that hide in our Minds by marking them and taking them out one by one. 

We all have habits that hinder us or help us.  By looking at our thinking and our actions, we can pinpoint the things that we do that work against our goals.  Choose the one that is most detrimental and for one month…ATTACK!!

Attack with a vengeance

Order your cosmos one habit at a time by developing a Counter-Habit in order to eliminate your targeted Monster.  Language is important.  Instead of trying to get rid of an old habit, try to REPLACE it.  Use whatever means you need to remind yourself that you want to do B instead of A.  As opposed to stop doing A.  Sticky notes, intention setting, journaling are all excellent means to help you focus.

The following month, B will be habit and you can move on to the next Monster on your blacklist.  One by one, you will accomplish your goals and Order your Cosmos. 

What Monster on your list do you need to take out first?  What Counter-Habit will replace it?  What steps will help you transform you chaos into your cosmos?

Thanks for visiting my home on the web!  Don't forget to come hang out with me on Twitter and Facebook! :)

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Fitness is Not a Number

Do you gauge how you feel by the number on the scale?  Does it make you feel better or worse?

You know what, Soul does NOT care about that number.  Soul delights when it is fed well.  Feeding it well involves taking time and energy to nourish it--Soulularly and cellularly.  If you spend one week ONE DAY eating the way nature intended (what commercial is that from??), Body will repay you in Soul.  You will feel a lightness (even if you haven't lost anything but sludge) at the end of the day.  And if you LISTEN to your body, you will want to do it again the next day. 

Listening means giving Body a chance to express itself

You have to ask Body what it needs.  And you have to pay attention to the answers.  Then, do what it asks.  It's that simple.  So often, we run through our day on autopilot that we don't take time to hear what our bodies are telling us.  They need nourishment. Nourishment is not found in the freezer section(unless it is the veggies) or the canned aisle (frozen veggies are more nutritious than canned).  Listen to what Body wants and feed it.  Not your mouth.

Your mouth is the only thing asking for CHEMICALS

Food scientists have managed to manufacture our foods to the point that what we buy off the shelves isn't even food anymore.  It is a collection of well combined chemicals mixed to give our mouths that "party in the mouth" feeling that Renee Stephens talks about at Inside Out Weight Loss.  She contends that aligning your mind with your stomach will allow you to lose weight effortlessly.  She is right.  If you feed Body according to its NEEDS, then you will stop eating when you are satisfied, not when it is overstuffed.  You will eat what makes Body feel good.  Sometimes that "party in the mouth" is a difficult invitation to turn down.  But, by being MINDFUL  (hahaha I love it :D ), you can happily decline said invite and rejoice in Body AND Soul when your meal of whole, healthful foods is the host instead the rotten chemicals.  

Fitness is how well we let go of extra details and focus on the outcome

If fitness is defined as a state of being fit, it is applicable to more than Body. When we stop minding the numbers, Body and Soul take care of Self.  It isn't just about losing weight or eating healthy.  This applies to everything in our lives. Make Mind, Body, and Soul fit by listening and responding accordingly.  Be MINDFUL of your actions, as well as your surroundings, and how they make you feel...stick to those activities, people, foods, etc. that make Mind, Body, and Soul feel good.

What is it that you feel when you stand on the scale?  Sit down at your laptop?  Visit with that whiny friend that never has any good to say?  I love to hear from can you get the most out of Mind, Body, and Soul?

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011