Mindfulness and Optimum Nutrition

After returning from a week away, which translated to a week of eating out and running on empty, this body is tired and worn down.  Brain functionality is minimal.  Mindful living escapes me. Proof that food is fuel.

We are all raised hearing, "You are what you eat."  Yet, there is little of that remembered or practiced.  In case we need a mini lesson on cell biology (really trying to suppress the teacher here, but...), our bodies are made of cells which are made of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and water.  All the things we find in food.  Why is that?  *scratches head* Um, duh.  Well, because food is what our body uses to make new cells and repair old cells and it is what is converted into energy for us to move and grow.  It is our power source.  I know you know this, so forgive the reiteration, please. :)


Did I mention aspartame, caffeine, or sodium nitrite in that short list of what our bodies need?  No.  Nowhere is it said that we need preservatives and additives to function.  In fact, these chemicals SLOW down your body's efficiency making you feel sluggish and droopy.  This is Chemical Body. 

However, when you pump that super efficient energy machine with whole, raw, healthful food and water, then you have just transformed into the finely tuned Chevy Camaro Wholesome Body instead of the broken down '57 Chevy Chemical Body.  And water?  Did I mention water? You know that clear stuff that runs from our filtered faucets?  That is GOLD.  Be mindful the next time you lift your glass and FEEL the water as it becomes part of you.

It all comes down to: The choice is ours.  It is up to us to choose to feel good.  To choose to feel like the Hot Rod Chevy Camaro.  (Speaking of  Hot Rod, did you happen to know that good nutrition boosts our energy, boosts our immune systems, and boosts our libido?  Yes, that too.)  But, we can't wait until we are older to start taking care of ourselves.  We have to start now and if you happen to be raising children, it is of the utmost importance that they are allowed this clean start. 

Raw, whole, healthful foods and water are the keys to good health and good nutrition, the prime components of transforming chaos into cosmos.  We are here to connect our dots.  To bring together our Facets of Self.  Without smoothly running machines and engines, we cannot hear clearly what Soul is trying to tell us in order to connect these planes together.  When Mind is crystal and Body is well, Soul rejoices and shows you the way to its peace. 

Listen to your body.  Feed and nurture it as though it were an infant.  Mindfulness requires clarity of thought.  Make super nutritional choices and transform chaos into cosmos.