3 Warning Signs You're Not Fit Enough For Your Freelance Business

Fit FreelancerRunning a freelance business is NOT for the faint of heart. You wear so many hats, you have to look in the mirror to know what you're doing next. There's marketing. Billing. Networking. Planning. Scheduling. Contract negotiations. Studying, practicing and honing your skills. Oh yeah, then there's the writing.

Don't forget the sitting that slowly kills your body. Working all hours to get it all done because you either have a day job or  family needs to take care of.

To be a freelancer, you've got to be TOUGH.

Giving into the temptation to skip your workout's not only going to kill you. But it's going to kill your business.

Don't Ignore the Signs

Confession time.

How many times have you gotten up from your desk with pains in your back?

How many nights did you take Tylenol to ease your stress headache?

How many bottles of Visine have you been through for your dry, tired eyes?

If you notice any of the following warning signs, consider rethinking your business plan.

Warning Sign #1: Physical Pain and Discomfort

When you "end" your workday in physical pain and discomfort, that's your body screaming for help. Ignoring these signal leads to greater problems like heart disease, chronic back problems, obesity, diabetes, and a whole array of health problems that prevent you from carrying out your day-to-day normal activities as a freelancer.

Can't keep clients happy, if you aren't healthy.

Warning Sign #2: Fatigue

Constant exposure to stress, working every moment of every day, staying up late, getting up early to work before the house wakes up wears you out and depletes your energy. And energy levels plummet just when you need to be at your peak. Now you've got a high dollar project on your desk and you can't focus to get it done because you're too tired.

Think that copy's going to shine?

Warning Sign #3: Writer's Block

When you need your best ideas to flow and you can't get anything from the well, you've got a serious blockage. Now, we all know that writer's block's a figment of our imaginations, but not being able to think clearly is definitely real. You can dig into the depths of your soul, but if there's no clarity, you'll only pull up an empty bucket.

Clients don't hang around for muddy copy.

If any of these warning signs sound familiar, take action before it's too late.

Put yourself on the right track now, rebuild the foundation of your freelance business and start moving upward.

Rebuild It One Brick At a Time

Your foundation didn't start crumbling all at once. It took time to get to this point. And we all know that relearning and instilling new habits takes time and effort. So start rebuilding yourself and your business. By accepting where you are and taking the time to focus on what will benefit you most now.


Fitness isn't the be-all-end-all fix for everything, but it does improve the strength of your body and your mind. With exercise you get: increased strength, increased endurance, increased confidence, improved sleep habits and better focus. And I bet exactly zero of those sound beneficial to running a freelance business, right?

You don't need to focus to bring your clients your best work so they keep coming back. You don't need to be strong to be able to sit for hours and hours at a time trying to crank out jammin' copy that earns them (and you) money. And you certainly don't need your self-confidence to bleed through your words, right?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Here's What You Do

Commit to 15 minutes everyday of the fitness fun of your choice. I don't care what it is. It could be hopping on one foot trying to chew gum while patting your head and crossing your eyes.

But what I do care is that you do whatever you want to do to the best of your ability (i.e. kick your own ass) for 15 minutes everyday. You don't need a gym. You're all the equipment you need. And I'm a FIRM believer in the fact that everything that can be modified. No matter what your fitness level there's something you can do.

5 things you can do RIGHT NOW:

Turn up Eminem's Cinderella Man and box for three "rounds."


Hit a Zuzana Light vid and crank it out.


Walk/run/jog for 15 mins.

DANCE!! Don Omar's station on Pandora R O C K S for making you want to shake your groove thang.

Do high knees (or jump rope) for 15 mins.


Yep. Don't make it complicated. Don't make it hard. Don't think about it.

Just do it now. 


What stops you from making fitness part of your business plan?

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Accomplishing Goals

How did YOU do this month?

If you were following along with the Facebook and Twitter Daily Challenges for our monthly focus - Congrats!  You did a great job!!  You're probably feeling your business moving toward a greater focus, more energy and a little tunnel vision by now. 

If you didn't, that's ok! There's always time to pick it up when you can. 

Coming in February, the Monthly Focus is on planning and prepping for business and home activities that will help us become more productive in the upcoming months.  This decision was based on the answers that you so kindly provided me during the Productivity Survey back in December, as well as from responses from the Facebook page.  Thanks to all who answered!  For those of you that hankered for water reminders, your time will come!  Stay with me:).

Back to the business at hand, with this month's exercise focus, my energy increased from working out and I was able to do so many things.  For one thing, I gained two new clients! And I almost finished the Productive Creative Lessons that I'm working on for you guys (didn't finish because of the new clients...no excuse, I know, but happy to have the work).  I feel fitter.  I think more clearly about my direction each day.  I'm more focused in tasks that I set before myself.  And I get more done.  Each step brings me closer to my goals that I set for 2012. 

With belief shifts come change.  So if you think you can't exercise because you don't have time...shift that belief and watch how you find ways to squeeze it in.  Your business is your most important focus,  sharpen it with exercise.  I did.  And I'm so glad. 

What did you accomplish this month?  Did you get closer to your 2012 goals?  Tell us in the comments...I love to hear how well you are doing!

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10 EASY Ways to Squeeze in Exercise

Photo Credit: Andrew Senay via Flickr

You hate to workout.

You don't have time.

You don't have energy.

You have so many other things you would rather do.

Here are 7 reasons why Minutes in Motion (aka exercise) help boost your career, your family, and your life:

  1. It staves off diseases like cardivascular diseases, cancers, and diabetes (just to name a few) - if you're sick, you can't ship.
  2. Lifts your mood so you can think clearly and more focused to answer the needs of your tribe.
  3. 100% of active people are happier people. (Have you seen sad people working out?  They don't stay that way for long.)
  4. Happier people are more productive.
  5. You set a stellar example for kids (who do what we do and not as we say).
  6. You increase your energy so you can ship more.
  7. Studies show that you increase blood flow to the brain (possibly even build new brain cells) for higher quality shipping.

What Productive Creative do you know doesn't need more energy, better focus, and a few more brain cells?

Here are 10 EASY ways to squeeze it in when you're super busy:

  1. Do it first thing in the morning - yeah, you can get up a little earlier
  2. Do it before you sleep
  3. Walk to work (or wherever you can)
  4. Discover HIIT (they're short, powerful workouts that have as much benefit as long treadmill stints)
  5. Find a workout partner (you can always go virtual if you don't have anyone near you...check out BodyRock.tv, Fitocracy, or Zuzana Light's Facebook page)
  6. Set up challenges for yourself (or this month you can follow mine on Facebook and Twitter)
  7. Constantly seek new ways to exercise to stay motivated
  8. Keep track of your progress (GREAT motivator - get your PC Journal by subscribing to my blog)
  9. Play music while you move
  10. Get the family involved (the kids will love it...spending time bonding with you AND you all get to form new habits together - a built in fitness community in your home)

There you go.  Choose the ways that will help you stay motivated and your PCness will blossom and flourish before your eyes.

Do it NOW and love the PC way you feel!

What does your fitness look like?  Do you do your Minutes in Motion every day?  If not, why not?  I'd love to hear from you!

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Five Ways to Get Rid of the One Excuse Holding You Back

Hi guys! Welcome to another short PC talk!  Pull up a chair and grab a nice chilled water.  J

As Productive Creatives, we already know the importance of fitness and its effect on our work.  So why do we avoid it?

Excuses.  There are myriads of them, but today we’re going to focus on one…

The “I’ll wait until…” Excuse

Like a surfer sitting atop glassy waters waiting for the Big One to come along, we wait and we wait for the right moment.  But without the right conditions, that wave never comes. 

But you’re not at the mercy of nature.  You’re in control of your environment and it’s up to you to set your own waves into motion. 

Waiting for the right time to exercise has detrimental effects on our plan and therefore our results. 

It deflates our energies and lets the winds out of our sails.  It distracts us and lets the door of opportunity open up on some other project we’d rather be working on.  And that, in turn, closes the door to our drive to get it done.  By putting it off and allowing other things to get in the way (like feeding the kids or doing their homework), the end of the day comes and we’ve failed to reach our goal.  Failing to reach a goal, gives a blow to our oversensitive egos. (Yes, I know Leo Babauta doesn't set goals, but not setting them makes me nauseous...ok, so I'm Type A.) :)

So what can we do?  We’re all busy people with careers, families, friends, projects, school and loads of other responsibilities that require our energies!!

Here’s what we can do to insure that we do get our Minutes in Motion logged:

  1. Get up half an hour before we have to and exercise first thing in the morning.  Think about it, is that extra 30 minutes in bed going to give you a boost for the day?  How will you feel when your workout is done and out of the way?
  2. If you absolutely cannot workout before the world starts moving, then get up and dress in your workout gear so that when you get the house cleared out, you’re ready to rock your Minutes in Motion.
  3. If THAT’s not an option, make your lunch hour (or half hour) your Motion Hour instead.  Workout instead of chowing on greasy fast food.  And guess what…there is ABSOLUTELY NO rule that says you MUST be wearing spandex and sweat gear in order to exercise.  NONE. 
  4. Workout whenever or wherever.  Do NOT wait on a until you can take time to go and change, workout, then shower.  (You can clean up without soaking your head and everything else.)
  5. Make your workout your priority.  Put it on the list of business items that have to get done.  That’s it.  If you consider it part of your business plan, you’ll do it.

This is just a brief list of the things we can do to make sure, for the sake of our PCness, that we get in our exercise so we can log our Minutes in Motion. 

Our productivity will reflect our efforts.  Leave a comment and tell me what will help you Do It NOW to get your workout in today?  

Thanks for stopping by and reading!  I really appreciate it! 

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photo credit: steve-h via Flickr

Do It Now List

It has come to my attention that I procrastinate things that I have forethoughts about.  I put something on a list.  Look at it.  Fear the outcome, the time spent, or the unknown...whatever it is...I think about it.  As of now, I am erasing the "To Do List" and creating the "Do It Now List." With the DIN List, I will not allow myself to THINK.  Overthinking stops here.  It is useless and it hurts...it doesn't help.  It allows the uncertain to be entertained.  It allows us to subconsciously decide to AVOID what it is that needs to be done. 

Yes, we HAVE to exercise.  It is not a choice.  If we lived in the time of the cavemen, we would work off our calories.  But, we don't.  We sit for a living.  We become slugs for a living.  

Just do it.  Thanks Nike.  They mean don't think about it.  Get it done. 

You want chicken tenders for lunch, but you NEED grilled chicken (thanks to Chris Brogan for bringing this to my attention :)).  Don't THINK. 

Just eat it. Thanks Weird Al.  :)  Anyway, food is overrated...we only need it to survive, not to enjoy.  Pleasure comes from experiences not taste.

Starting today, throw away your To Do List and consistently work on your Do It Now List and watch your productivity, your health, your accomplishments soar.  (Dang you, bald eagle.)


What is on your To Do List that you keep procrastinating?  What if you don't give it a second thought and put it on your Do It Now List?  Will you get it done? 

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

Improve the quality of your life and your love

The longer we sit in our chairs; the softer we become.  The softer our bodies become; the softer our brains become. 

The more processed foods we eat; the murkier our thinking becomes.

We deteriorate at a phenomenal rate...why accelerate it?

Take part in the #15minsofexercise hashtag convo or the #10Burpeesat10 and refresh yourself.  REnew your mind, your body and your soul.  Feel GOOD again. 

Exercises needn't be exhaustive.  They needn't be aggressive.  You can do yoga, tai chi, walking, alternate walking/jogging, core exercises, pilates.  You name it.  You can improve your life and your love 15mins at a time. 

We are what we eat and we become what we do.  Do what will bring you success and eat what will fuel it. 

Much love to you all!  Thanks for stopping by my home on the web!

Since I love to talk too much, leave me a comment and let me know what exercise you can do in 15mins that will leave you feeling refreshed and ALIVE.  <3


© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

Moving it

As writers, we need to move.  We have to pry ourselves from the comfort of our laptops and force ourselves to move in order to stay healthy.  Since becoming an official "writer," I have seen my thighs turn to mush.  Not a pretty sight.  I was once fit and tone (ok, that was BEFORE the kids), but I have gotten even mushier since the winter.

I challenge myself and you to face the challenges with me that come up as we move through the motions of our days struggling to create  bodies of work that people want to share with us. 

Our projects (be they writing, raising our children, whatever they are) and life, in general, are more fun when we are in the best shape we can be to enjoy them. 

Ordering our cosmos is about bringing together all the pieces of our lives into one focus...let's enjoy our lives and all of their parts by making ourselves healthy and ENJOYING it together! 

Join my Facebook and Twitter communities and take this challenge with me!  Don't forget to subscribe to the blog to get updates in your inbox...IF, of course, you want to continue this journey together!

Much love to you all! :)

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