Fuel your dreams

Last week, Patti Larsen stopped by to share her accomplishments with us.  Before that, you saw what Sean Platt has been up to.  Feats like these require discipline.  They require effort.  They require drive. How do you "fuel up" for journeys like these?

If you want to write 13 novels next year, if you want to become a craftsman of whatever your art is, if you want to be the best at what you do, you have to fill your body with the right energy.

Food is energy.  Pure and simple.  But the food industry has scientifically engineered most of the food stuffs on the market.  Even the fresh, you have to watch out for.  To get the most out of your body vehicle, you have put in the good gas.  Are you going to fill your car with leaded gas?  Why would you fill your body with it?

Our bodies are made of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids (fats).  Not Yellow #6, Red 40, or disodium inosinate.

What is your brain supposed to do with that stuff?

Those things wreak havoc on your body system as a whole.  And if your body, brain, and blood are busy sorting junk out of its system, how can you be clear in your thinking and functioning?

Put the good gas in the system and watch her fly.

Don't think of food as food.  Think of it as energy.  Ask yourself what sort of energy you need today?  Not all energy is created the same.  Not everyone's body is the same.  But, all bodies are made of the same substances.

You need to be clear.  You need to be focused.  Give yourself the fuel you need to make your dreams come true.  Unleaded cars don't drive on leaded gas.

What is one change you can make today to get  yourself on the road to your dreams in your body vehicle fuelled with E85?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Photo Credit: Lamiot (Wikimedia Commons)