Dr- Claudia Welch

15 Steps to Sustaining Soul


At Soul’s core is a single point. We will call it Pivot Point. It is the essence of Self. From it radiates all Facets of who we are (mama, wife, father, son, brother, sister, all of our roles).

To be the best of all our Selfs, they each need nourishing and nurturing. Yet, there is precious little time for that sort of care. When we consider all that has to be done in a day’s time, there is rarely enough time to feed our bodies, much less all of our Elements. So we must find a way to cultivate them efficiently.

By tending to Pivot Point, we tend Facets of Self. They are nourished and become open to receive and accept all events that occur throughout the day that contribute to their care.

Consider that you have a Magnificent Mama Moment. That Plane accepts and engrains that moment and uses it as food. It blossoms and then grows. Perhaps you have an Excellent Employee Episode, that plane is then fed and nourished…ready for blooming.  Positive  events are Soul Sustenance.

It is cyclical. By fertilizing Pivot Point of Soul, Elements of Self are primed for top performance. Those performances fuel Soul to flower into the most exotic Self.

Dr. Claudia Welch, author of Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life, says there are 15 steps to a relaxing daily routine.

I contend that these 15 steps are not just to relaxation, but to nourishment. They are a necessary components of nurturing and nourishing Pivot Point of Soul.

1. Get up PREdawn (same time daily).

2. Clean your face, mouth, tongue.

3. Drink a glass of warm water.

4. Eliminate.

5. Refresh the eyes with cooling salve

6. Gargle with warm salt water and use a neti pot to cleanse the respiratory system of sludge from the environment.

7. When you have mindfully prepared your body, then take time to meditate or pray for 15 minutes to an hour.

(Experience the calm. The quiet. Let Body, Mind, and Soul be immersed in the collective serenity. Feel complete. Don't rush through this part.)


8. Self-massage the body with warm oil. If you don't have time for an honest massage, at least apply the oil to calm the nervous system.

9. Bathe and dress.

(Be Mindful throughout your routine. Don't let the days events enter your thought processes yet.)


10. Briskly walk for 30 mins. and follow that with light yoga for 5-10 mins.

11. Do 5 - 15 mins of alternate nostril breathing.

(Now, you may calmly consider what it is that you need to do for the day. Make a list. USE it.)

Notes to help make the day run smoothly:

12. Cook for the day.

13. Eat your meals at the same time everyday.

14. Spend the evening quieting the mind and preparing a to-do list for tomorrow.

15. Sleep at the same time everyday.

While the list seems long and, perhaps daunting, it actually doesn’t take as long as it sounds. With a little prep work (like a menu and a Nourishment Chart Open-mouthed smile), you will be soaring through it in no time.

Think of this as Special Time for Soul. We know that Special Time for our children (see details of that here) works wonders, think of what Special Time for you can do.



Commit to managing this routine for one month. (Be sure that you are MINDFUL that this is YOUR SPECIAL TIME and be MINDFUL through each step.) Then, have a conversation with Soul and see how it feels. Without a doubt Soul will be more satisfied and will be thanking you through all your Facets.

What can you add to this routine to make it more personal?

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011