Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring CROBOT!!

Music. Motorcycles. Marketing. There's little as endorphin-inducing (keep this clean people!) as the 3Ms. Well, for me, anyway. But music and marketing is what brings us together every Friday night. It's time for us to kick back, crack open a beer, and meet entrepreneurs like us, who give everything they've got to their projects. The treps who aren't satisfied with cranking out shit, but will work until they bleed over it. We are the game-changers. The passionate ones. The ones whose lives? Are spent changing others'.

We always meet killer artists and craftsmen, like Seth Godin (remember that?? Killer song he shared), Chris Brogan, James Altucher. CHAD GRAY. Well, tonight is no different. You are in for such a treat!! And if you want to appear on an upcoming Garage Party to show of your tastes and talents, email me at tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com and let me know why you ROCK!

I'm shutting up now!

Suckerpunchltd Sucker Punch, Ltd.

Cruising on the open road isn't any fun if your baby's not running right. Or if your ass is numb because you haven't changed out your stock seat! Sucker Punch Ltd.'s got your Sportster parts' needs covered. From foot pegs to grips, equip your Sporty with parts from Sucker Punch Ltd. (And grab a cool tee or two, too!)


JimHouse Jim House

"Sit down!"

"Stop hitting your sister!"

Imagine not having to scream or lose your temper with your babies ever again. Jim House (aka Goose - because he's my wingman LOL) has written the book on techniques from the Principal's Office that he's used to defuse kids and their moods in schools in gang-riddled neighborhoods. He has experience helping parents cope with the moods of their kids and is sharing that knowledge with the world very soon! Sign up to join his Facebook Book Launch and get your hands on your copy as soon as it's out!


AshleySmythSrokosz Ashley Smyth Srokosz 

This is a night for parents! Ashley has the perfect challenge to go with Jim's parenting handbook: The Calm Mom Challenge! Yep, you heard that right. She knows what it takes to go from that screaming out-of-control feeling to that cool-as-as-cucumber premommy feeling you used to have. Oh's possible. With Ashley, you're 30 days from savoring silence like it's the last cupcake on Earth! Sign up and take the Calm Mom Challenge!


IanNguyen Anh Nguyen Duy

Handcrafted jewelry and trinkets speak volumes about you and the things you love. Anh has pendants, rings, and charms that you won't find in any mall. Ones that say, "yes, I am as unique as my necklace and just ANY accessory will do". Check out her site and see what pieces speak to you!


SigurdurGudbrandsson Sigurdur Gudbrandsson

Get more visitors and more sales - just by increasing your website load time? Well, yes. Site that take longer than 3s to load lose visitors. Lower your bounce rate when you give them what they're looking for faster. And make more money when they actually hang around to see what you have to offer them. Get your website speed review from Quick Falcon today!


JulieAnneJones Julie Anne

Julie Anne wants to transform you into a Virtual Rockstar! She uses her experience as a speaker and a coach to turn you into the Rockstar you are! Get in touch with her and shift your game!


TomRosenak Tom Rosenak

Tom's a certified Book Yourself Solid coach and a sought-after speaker who's just kicked off his podcast, Where Diamonds Meet, dishing conversations that help business owners fine tune their sales and business strategies. If you're looking for ways to grow and earn more, check out Tom's podcast and his site!



I canNOT tell you how many times I've listened to their EP. When they say Dirty.Groove.Rock? They mean it! These riffs are addictive and the rhythm (along with Brandon Yeagley's voice) are *nothing!* short of hypnotic. They were recently nominated by Loudwire as one of 2014's best new bands, they have two new videos out: "Nowhere to Hide" and "Legend of the Spaceborne Killer", and have just announced we'll have a NEW album to burn up our earbuds out October 28th! Watch these guys. Watch them carefully! Because, before you know it? You'll be shaking your ass and banging your head, too! Check out Crobot and their song for the #GarageParty:

(WOOOHOOO! I LOVE it when the music I love is the music YOU love and want to share, too! LOL)

Grab their EP from iTunes: now!

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That's it for this week! So glad you stopped in! If you want to grab your spot as  VIP on an upcoming Garage Party, email tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com and tell me why you kick-ass so you can be featured in front of a killa 3000+-strong community of likeminded entrepreneurs!

Kick Ass!

Tania Dakka