Moving it

As writers, we need to move.  We have to pry ourselves from the comfort of our laptops and force ourselves to move in order to stay healthy.  Since becoming an official "writer," I have seen my thighs turn to mush.  Not a pretty sight.  I was once fit and tone (ok, that was BEFORE the kids), but I have gotten even mushier since the winter.

I challenge myself and you to face the challenges with me that come up as we move through the motions of our days struggling to create  bodies of work that people want to share with us. 

Our projects (be they writing, raising our children, whatever they are) and life, in general, are more fun when we are in the best shape we can be to enjoy them. 

Ordering our cosmos is about bringing together all the pieces of our lives into one focus...let's enjoy our lives and all of their parts by making ourselves healthy and ENJOYING it together! 

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Much love to you all! :)

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Mindful living and loving the Middles of your story

When we begin reading a story, or writing one for that matter, we begin with fervor and gusto.  We are excited to see where it takes us.  We read it Mindfully: Aware of the action and suspense that pulls us forward.  We live life the same way.  In the beginning, all is new and fresh.  Our senses are alive and well.  We miss nothing. 

Yet, when we get to the middle of our story, excitement wanes. Magnetism to it wanes.  We skim through to the next interesting part.  Skimming through the middle of the book causes us to miss parts of the story that we might have found to be noteworthy. 

Living life in the Middles, like reading the Middles, means we take our story for granted and rush through it.  Missing pieces means missing our children growing up, or missing a job opportunity, or even missing romantic moments with our spouses/partners. 

The Middles doesn’t have to mean that we skim through life.  When we make conscious decisions to stop and look around us, to lay obligations to the side for a moment, we slow down our reading.  We take in the whole story…children, partners, and jobs.  We appreciate what we have.  We are awake for the next act and not regretting missed scenes. 

Living Mindfully means loving the Middles.  It means slowing down and seeing all the characters in our story and appreciating them.  It means realizing that now is the best that it can be.

The next time we find ourselves skimming, slow down and read well.  See the beauty around us and the beauty of our situations…no matter what they may be.

Living in the now and being Mindful are integral parts of transforming our chaos into cosmos.  Let’s love our stories, beginnings, middles, and ends and see the cosmos that appear before us.


What parts of your story are you missing because you skimmed through? 

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Using the Law of Attraction and Intention to Create Your Reality

The Law of Attraction is simple: Like attracts like.  Whether good or bad. 

If we want to attract good, the decision is ultimately ours. 

What kind of like are you attracting?

How we talk is a manifestation of what we think.  How we act is a manifestation of how we talk.  Why not think, talk, and act successfully? (Success is relative, of course, but I love Ralph Waldo Emerson's definition to the left :) )

Belief is the basis for what we think

If we believe that we are rock stars, we think, talk, and act as rock stars.  If we believe that we are unworthy of status, we elicit behaviors that sabotage our attempts at success.

We are manifestations of our beliefs. 

That’s great as long as we believe in the true Soul that we are and not in our own skewed vision of Self.  

Does Self stand in our way?

With writing, I often find my Self throwing up resistance (in the form of procrastination by spending too much time on Twitter, my Google Reader, Facebook, etc :) ) at every peek at success(i.e. finishing a piece or making headway on the novel) Self is my roadblock.

If beliefs are aligned with the reality of Soul, then Self will not get in the way. 

Can we change our beliefs?  Yes, by changing what we say and reversing the order of the manifestations mentioned above. 

Is it easy?

No.  It isn’t easy, but if we are MINDFUL, if we are living INTENTIONally , then we set a course to rewire our hard drives to think in ways that bring about positive change and attract the results we want. 

Jane Roberts says, “You create your own reality.”

Our thinking dictates our environment

If we want change, we have to create that change. 

We have to define Self (who are we?).  Connect our dots(bring all of our roles to an intersecting point).  Connect to Other (family, friends, etc), in order to complete the image of our reality that we want to bring about. 

We all have strengths.  We all have gifts.  We have to listen to Soul and recognize those strengths and gifts.  Use positive Self Talk that we may or may not hear consciously (oftentimes, our actions manifest our beliefs more loudly than our words do, but that is another post :) ). 

Listen to Soul.  Define who you are.  Consider your reality.  Create it. 

Transform your chaos and order your cosmos by seeing Self for its beauty, defining the reality you want, and setting your INTENTION for positive bounty through the Law of Attraction. 

What are your  Soul gifts?  How can you set your intention to make your reality the best reality it can be? 

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Your Elements of Self

Credit: NASA via Hubble Space Telescope

Who are you?  What do you do?  Why do you do it?  These questions define your facets of Self.  Your planes.  The point at which these planes intersect define you.  That definition, once known, brings peace.

You are a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter.  You are a father, a husband, a brother, a son.  All individuals parts that long to be connected to the other in order to produce a happy, peaceful you.  Once you find where these roles and personalities overlap, you can begin to nurture those junctions and foster a strong sense of order within Self; the basis for the order of your cosmos. 

When is it that you are at your best as a parent?  As a child?  As a sibling?  As a partner?  Have you studied your Self enough to know what it is that brings each of those facets serenity? 

Regardless of which aspect of Self it is that we are trying to define, it is when we feel connected to the ones to which we are relating that we feel most in accord.  As a parent, when you feel connected to your child, you feel tranquil, at ease.  When you feel that you and your significant other are bonded (not what I meant, shame on you! :)) then you experience halcyon. 

However, when you are doing what your soul loves, what moves your soul, you open the doors to the rest of the universe for connection.  All of the facets of your Self connect to each other and are ready to connect to Other (family, friends, coworkers, etc).  Then, at once, you have unlocked yet another door to receive beyond Other and can connect with those beyond your circle (the town, the state, the world). 

Doing what moves your soul can mean changing jobs or merely changing your point of view.  It can mean pursuing your hobby full-out.  It could mean mindfully and purposefully doing your day-to-day tasks.  It could mean doing what you already do, but better. 

The first step in ordering your cosmos, is to first define your elements.  Who are you?  What do you do?  Why do you do it?

I LOVE hearing from and learning from you. Please leave your comments...nice or otherwise:) 

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