Why Badass is Sexy on You (+ Your Business)

Chad Gray | Tania Dakka Bikers, babes, and bad attitudes. That's what people said they thought of when they heard the term “badass”.

Nope. That’s not it, at all.

Badass is confidence. It’s authority. It’s the emotion, the connection, that your users feel when they land on your site because they can tell you know your stuff.

Doesn't matter if you drive a Honda or a Camaro. Whether you wear White Stag or Prada. Or even whether you listen to Justin Beiber or HELLYEAH (Okay, it DOES matter if you listen to Justin Beiber!).

It’s about an attitude that creates a tantalizing experience for people so they consider doing business with you.

That’s what Badass’d is.

Making people fall in love with what you do and how you'll finally be able to end their struggles with losing weight, learning to run a business, or whatever's keeping them up at night is Badass'd.

It's also about the ability to make them feel, build bridges, and close the gaping divide that stands between them and their less stressful lives.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not your business needs badassery amidst it’s pages, the answer is: Without a doubt.

Without Badassery in your Business

Your reader's been looking for the right coach for weeks. She’s frustrated and tired of the wannabes that slap guru behind their name and call themselves leaders. They could no more help her find her way out of a one way tunnel with a train headed their way at the other end than help her finally conquer her fears.

And she’s tired of looking.

Then, lo and behold, someone happened to RT one of your tweets and it caught her attention. And like a good boy, your recent tweaks to your Twitter profile nailed the intrigue factor for her. (I'm so proud of you!! ;) )

Let the stalking begin!

Now, she’s tracked you to your site. Oh my. Your profile sounded so much livelier than this. Your tone is flat. Your words don’t resonate with her fears. She’s lost and confused. You really can’t help her like she thought.

Oh well. Click.

Gone is one more potential client. One more person you could have helped out of the darkness.

What IF...

What if you had actually badass’d your site? What if you either did it yourself, or outsourced it to a copywriter, and had your authority and your voice put out there in a way that actually SPOKE to her? In a way that made her feeeeeeel her fears could actually be conquered?

Cue the squiggly remembering lines that used to be on TV - and if you’re not old enough to remember...well, ask your mama, she’ll explain it. ;)

Imagine Stalker landed on your site and the first words she read were the words she’d been longing to hear. Words that didn’t sound JUST like every other guru/coach/wannabe celebrity on the net. What if your site were graffitied with personality and confidence? What if you peppered your business with the authority that you actually are?

Think Stalker would click away then?

My guess is that she’d hurry to subscribe to your email list. Then, she’d be off to follow you all over social media. Not because you made her an empty promise, but because she felt the echo of that promise, that bridge you built, in her soul.

So, your assignment right now is to either sign up to get a handy PDF that’ll help you DIY your copy or find someone who can badass it for you. Because your words are not just pixels on the screen. They’re the lifeblood of your biz.

Thanks for reading! Have an MASSIVE week! Tania


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Get More Followers on Social Media (Without a Fiverr account!)

Marilyn | Tania DakkaYou’re at the mall, Chick comes up and says hi. Your mouth says hi, but your eyes and mind are somewhere else: They’re checking out the hottie red lipstick and black mini dress she’s wearing. Immediately, you begin either validating her or dismissing her as some tramp who should be sitting on the corner of 5th and Main. Don't tell me you didn't. ;) Her black dress and red lips caught your attention and made you want to talk more. Made you need to talk more. You wanted to find out why she dressed for cocktails just to go shopping for watches at a makeshift kiosk in the middle of the afternoon. You’re curious.

The red lips did their job. They got your attention. They piqued your curiosity because that’s what they were for.

Just like your social media profiles. They're there to pique the curiosity of the people you interact with.

If you’re hanging out on Twitter, you’ve got a 140 characters to be those red lips, but then, your bio has to be the black cocktail dress in the mall at 2pm in only 160 characters. Because if you’re out shopping in your sweats (which I know you would NEVER do anyway, right??), no one’s going to need to start a convo with you.

Get me?

Jazz things up a bit. Make them wonder about you. Make them say, “YES! I need more!” if you want them to follow you.

Sexify those bios and kickstart the relationships you’re trying to build online.

And, if you’re using social media right, it’s a very powerful tool for your biz. 96.8983% of the clients I work with came from social media. I’ve never attempted direct mail or advertising. They’ve all come from Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

Why? Because my social copy, my profiles, were their intros to me and what I do.


People who like to throw up exactly who they are and what they do for their social copy, thinking “I’ll be short and to the point” get hit or miss results. They might reel in a few new followers, but they don’t often snag the true fans. The ones that matter.

And if you’re not attracting that kind of follower, you’re wasting *gasp!!* time. And time is what?? You know it. ;)

Your social profile is your biz's magnet. Once they find you interesting (which they’ll only do if you hit that profile right), the next place they’ll go is where? Your home base. Your website. Your headquarters. Target acquired! ;)

But that’s a-whole-nother ball game we’ll talk about another time. Right now, you need and want as many people as possible huddling around you on social so you can bring them into your fold. And you’re only going to do that with social profiles that scream “AWESOME!”

Get More from Your Social Media Profile

Make your social profile about what they want/need. Lead off with a hint of what they are looking for, then add the sprinkles of uniqueness that is you. Because without the “extra”, you’re all biz and all B-O-R-I-N-G.

Get me?

Lesson this week: Do NOT ignore your social copy. It’s muy importante. As important as leathers to bikes or Chad Gray to HELLYEAH. And if you have a hard time tooting your horn, it’s okay. I love telling people how amazing you are. ;)

Now, your assignment (and you have no choice but to accept it!): Make a list of all your active social networks and visit each profile. Juice them up. Refresh them. Make them black cocktail dresses at the mall at 2pm.

When you’re done, come by and leave a link to your best one and let’s get to know each other!

PS I’ve got a little formula tucked into this week’s email, so if you’re not on the list, you’re missing all the action! Every post published is accompanied by an actionable email that’ll help you ace the topic at hand. ;) Just click “Get Badass’d” at the top of the page and you’re in!

Thanks for hanging with me this week! I soo appreciate your time! Don't forget to leave those links to your social profile so we can get to know each other better!

On Publishing, Moula, and Glossi to Sexify Your Biz

What We Know About BraveryWell, well, it’s been a while since we chatted last, eh? If you remember my little colorful calendar quilt, that’d be the reason why. But that’s no excuse. There are several courses I’m in the middle of right now that are teaching me you deserve more than what I’ve been giving you. So starting today, you're first, not third on my list of To-Do-NOWs. Cool? Whew! I feel better now that’s off my chest :p

So, let’s get busy talking about publishing:You gotta. That’s it.

No seriously, you have to suck up that I’m-going-to-throw-up-yesterday’s-tuna-pasta-if-I-hit-publish feeling and do it. I did. And it wasn’t pleasant. Of course I didn’t actually hurl, but I damn near felt like it.

But, once it’s done, it’s over and you’ll move on to the next piece, like the first one didn’t drain your life force – though, it felt like it.

So get over throwing up your lunch and do it. You can. You’ll survive. And you’ll live to tell another tale. (And of course, if you just cannot do it, there's always this :D .)

Speaking of Tales

The one I published last week was about Bravery (specifically titled: What We Know About Bravery: A Lesson Book from the Front Lines). We in the Brave New Year (I’m renaming it "Brave Now" cause, damn it, it ain’t January anymore, Dorothy), got together and told snippets of what we learned from being Brave. Let me tell you: Being Brave gives you a shot in the ass. It sets you on fire. You know, kind of like becoming a published author.

Being Brave has changed each one of our lives and put us in a place now that may have taken us years to get to on our own. We all owe a lot to Chris Brogan for helping us get to where we are. And that was the honor behind publishing this lesson book.

So, want to get stuff done? Get Brave and DO IT.

Because being Brave makes you cashola.

And Speaking of Moula

I’m giving some away. I’m testing out a new affiliate thingy to see if it actually works or not. ;) From now until July 10th, if you send someone here, they buy a Copy Critique and mention you sent them, I’ll send you 50% of their purchase. And to make the math easy, that's 50 smackers. [Tweet?]

You can even use this template to send emails to people you know who need help:

What’s UP??

I was thinking about you the other day when I saw this chick, Tania Dakka, doing Copy Critiques. She goes over your website’s words and helps you make them better so you book more clients and sell more stuff...and, dude, that means you’ll make more money! So, if you’re interested in making more moula, check her out. And don’t forget to tell her I sent you, K? (Uh, for clarity: I’ll get a little dough for sending you, but it won’t be as much as you’re going to make from making your words better!)

Cool? Let me know what you think!

Take care,

See how easy it is? So since this is only a test, if they buy before July 10th, you’re in the door, dude:)

And on Promos: Thanks, Glossi!

And if you’ve never heard of Glossi, it’s a digital mag. Pinterest for magazines, basically. You can follow people and be followed. You can indulge in whatever visual candy you can think of. There are millions of uses for Glossi’s. I LOVE THEM.

Glossi is an EXCELLENT way to sexify a promo. You know you love true glossies you hold in your hand, why not make a digital one for your biz? I use them for ads, my portfolio, and, well just because I feel like zoning into something megacreative and want to look at gorgeous pics while I do it. :D

So, I created this Glossi for this Copy Critique copy because I thought it deserved to be Glossified. I Glossified Chris Brogan recently, too. This turned out to be an ad, but it never started that way. I did it because I thought it was cool. But he told me to put my affiliate links in and violá! It became an ad. (Define heart: giving away money, just sayin', Brogan.)

Now, how can you use Glossi to sexify your biz for more customers and clients?

That’s it this week! Have an amazing one! And tell me what you’re going to do with Glossi to up the wattage on your biz in the comments below!

Have a super week! Tania

PS Grab your FREE Copy Thermometer to gauge and tweak the effectiveness of your site’s words by signing up for the list here. Lots of great feedback on this!

Copy Fiend Updates on Free Resources For Entrepreneurs (so you can start sipping girly drinks on the beach sooner rather than later)

Free Copy ThermometerAnd if you don't want a "girly" drink, that's okay, too! Whatever your biz goal is, I'm sure it involves some close approximation:) (Otherwise, why would you choose this life?? Right?) Let's dig in, shall we??

Lessons Taught

Doing the Copy Critiques have shown me some in-my-face patterns I’ve been teaching clients to break. And I’m making them into a free resource you’ll use to guide your words onto your page so they’re, you know, more effective. (And you'll get more clients and sell more products. WOOHOO!)

But I wanted to go beyond the critiques, and reach out to you. To see what you need. Hello, SurveyMonkey:) (If you haven’t already jumped over there. I’d still love to hear from you:))

Many of you have already done the survey to help me build a product that’s going to be thorough and POW. So thanks for that! Especially since your answers taught me something very valuable.

Lessons Learned

What was that amazing lesson? I need TWO resources for you! So that’s what I’m doing!

As soon as my logo is back from Dani Magestro, I’ll be shipping baby number 1 out to you! The good news is, you don’t have to wait to sign up for it. You can do it now and you be first on the list to receive it, plus you'll become part of the beta team to help develop it further.

(I have big plans for your biz this year. Just sayin’. :))

Oh, and Baby Number 1’s name is actually Copy Thermometer.

What the hell is a Copy Thermometer anyway, Woman?

The Copy Thermometer is a gauge that will teach you how to judge your copy based on the 7 mistakes that are stopping small businesses like yours from playing in the big leagues (and sipping those girly drinks on the beach, remember?).

Once this resource is in your hot little hands, you’ll be to, not only judge your work with a set of guidelines, but you’ll know what you need to do to tweak it and make it Shazam!! :)

Like it?

The second free resource is going to be a get-your-hands-dirty-and-figure-out-who-the-hell-your-ideal-client-is template.

I’m going to walk you through some dig-in-the-trenches strategies for finding your ideal client and the words they use. Imagine writing the words your prospects actually use to look for businesses like yours. What would happen to your project calendar if you could do that??

You may have to hire some hands to help you! And be able to afford it! Yessss!

So look for these Free Resources to come SOOOOON! And get on the list to get the Copy Thermometer first.

Hand over that Copy Thermometer, Woman!

And, yo, if you know an entrepreneur like you who is struggling to get their work out there, share this with them. They will LOVE you for it! (Some ways to share? The little buttons on this page, email to your friend, sharing in your Google+ groups, etc). I totally, totally love and appreciate you for giving me your time in answering the survey and signing up for these resources. YOU ROCK!

Have an amazing day!



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