The Cliffs

He was all she wanted.  Yet, there was no way to avoid leaving.  Tears fell as she sat curled on her bed.  When he returned home, she would be gone.  A feeling of hate burned in her as the figure of the one she despised appeared on the trunk on the floor.  “Are you ready, Angel?” She nodded without making eye contact.

Standing, she took one more look around.  He extended his hand to her.  Her body convulsed as the coldness of his leathery flesh touched hers.  A flash and the room disappeared. 

She found herself sitting on the edge of a cliff.  The breeze tangled her hair and raised the hairs on her neck.  “You must jump, my dear.”  His voice churned her stomach in a way that made her want to jump. Jump right onto his face.  She loathed his every cell. 

The figure floated beside her urging her to her death.  Urging her to his colony.  “You know I will take his life.  You know he will be mine if you don’t join me.  Do you want him to die?” The hissing was incessant. 

She screamed, “Stop it!  You will not take him!  You can’t take me.  You have no power.”

“Oh, but I have the power of persuasion.  It is greater than any power I could ever need.  I don’t even have to do the dirty work…I leave it all to you.”  He smiled a black, rancid smile that furled her nerves. 

Looking at him, she reached out to touch the leather that enveloped him.  She smiled and ran her fingers down his arm.  He flinched at her touch.  “Relax,” she said. 

“Don’t even think about trying to fool me, Love.  I am the Trickster.  You cannot deceive me.”

“I am not.  I give up.  There is no reason for me to fight it anymore.”  She looked deep into his ocular abyss, quelling the reflex to vomit.  “I am yours.  Do with me what you will.”

He raised up above her and opened his mouth wide.  The boom that resounded from him was deafening.  “I cannot be fooled!  You will stop this NOW!”

She stood her ground, unwavering.  “How can I prove to you that I am yours?”

“You know what I want from you.  Do IT.  NOW!  Or Rob is dead.  Do you UNDERSTAND me?!”

She lowered her head in defeat.  At that moment, she heard the bellowing scream of a man in pain.  She looked up and found Rob falling to his death.  His face was twisted in pain as his body descended past them on the cliff.  The rocks below broke his body as he met the deadly edges. 

She screamed and dove after him.  “Thank you.  I told you that I would take him.  Now, I have you both.  What a wonderful gift you have given me,” the spirit said.

At that moment, they ascended to the cliff tops with a flash.  She and Rob stood hand in hand.  We will not go with you.  Together we will defeat you.”

His laugh shook even the clouds.

At once, she and Rob held hands, closed their eyes, and opened their mouths.  The spirit’s screams pierced the sea mist filled air.  They tore his tough flesh with their razor sharp canines.  Devouring him, they filled themselves with his power.  They would rule his realm together.  


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Photo: Hoy Cliffs via wikimedia commons