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An Irresistible Offer + Brogan's Owner's Path

Owner's Path | Chris BroganYou know I'm a Brogan fangirl. There's good reason for that: Every course he's ever created that I've taken has changed my game and helped me become a better hustler (full disclosure: hustler is defined as "one who lives to kick ass", not the Johnny Depp in "The Tourist" kind of hustler).

And so I want to give you reason to become a kick-ass hustler, too.

His Best Work to Date

Brogan has a new course out called "The Owner's Path" that will help you shift into that "kill it" mindset. The mindset you need to do what he's done: Lose 60 lbs, write two books in the time it normally took him to write one (he's a bestselling author, dude), plus achieve loads of milestones with his health. This is his most comprehensive work to date. And it's for dedicated Owners.

The Owner's Path is for the entrepreneur who's ready to:

  • Remove distractions so he can reach his goals
  • Communicate so that doors fling open for him
  • Develop clarity in what he needs to accomplish so he can get it done

So if you want mental toughness, you want to hit those target goals, but are struggling to make it happen, he's going to teach you what he's learned on his own Owner's Path.

The Owner's Path is NOT for: 

  • The business owner who is happy with mediocrity
  • Those who are satisfied with their level of success
  • Anyone not willing to put in the work to change their game

Double Your Success Factor

As if what Brogan is teaching isn't enough, I want to make it an even sweeter and irrefutable deal for you: For the first 5 people that purchase through this link, I"m going to give you $1300 worth of copy that will knock your customers socks off so they're so compelled, they'll have to buy what you sell!

What you get for your $997 Owner's Path with Chris Brogan: 

  • Your core mission revealed so you can stop operating in the blind
  • Frameworks to help you discipline yourself (let's face it, most of us would kick a WHOLE lot more ass, if were more disciplined)
  • Methods to get your ass in gear
  • You'll conquer a perception problem that's been holding you back
  • A crash course in confidence (trust me when I say Brogan knows how to teach you to be brave)
  • Open doors because you learned how to communicate with the people you serve, as well as your allies
  • How to serve your community better so you can grow it even bigger than Ashton Kutcher's (okay....I might be exaggerating just a wincy bit on that one...)
  • Action plans!!!!!! for executing your mission so you can finally have the success you've been working so hard for

What you'll get from your FREE $1300 of copy from me: 

  • 5 Pages of killer copy to help you keep the readers that land on your page (Home, About, Services, Start Here, plus another page of copy you need with the exception of a long-form sales page)
  • OR you can opt for the long-form sales page in lieu of the 5 pages of copy
  • A sexy social profile that make you irresistible in social media
  • Opt-in copy they won't be able to walk away from
  • 5 140's (headlines, tweets that get clicked, one-liners, etc) to lead them back to your site
  • A promo snippet of your choice to pimp those new products and services you want to sell out of
  • A blog post that you can pick apart and steal the format of so you can replicate the structure quickly and easily
  • An intro email to help you hook up with those peeps you're dying to do biz with
  • A private 30-minute coaching session to help you snowball your new copy efforts

Now, you're getting lessons, frameworks, and action plans from Brogan on how to kick ass and you're getting free ass-kicking copy from me for...let's do the math: $997 (can we call it $1K - I suck at math) plus $1300. Somebody help me...oh!

That's a $2300 value for $997!! 

That truly is an offer you can't refuse. Not if you're in it to win it.


Here's how to claim your $1300 worth of copy for FREE: 

Use this link to sign up for Brogan's Owner's Path course.

Forward me your receipt (tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com).

Then, we'll schedule a time to get to work on your nitty gritty (that's a process for your welcome I'll keep that until then).

That's it!! Don't forget: This is ONLY available to the first 5 people to use the above link to sign up!

You want to win. You're working so hard to make it happen. Now, you can focus your efforts on the steps that matter that will make that happen.

Have any questions? Email me tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com!

Kick LOADS of ass!

Tania Dakka




PS This is not an affiliate share and I have NOT been asked to do this. I'm doing it because I love you and I want you to succeed!

On Publishing, Moula, and Glossi to Sexify Your Biz

What We Know About BraveryWell, well, it’s been a while since we chatted last, eh? If you remember my little colorful calendar quilt, that’d be the reason why. But that’s no excuse. There are several courses I’m in the middle of right now that are teaching me you deserve more than what I’ve been giving you. So starting today, you're first, not third on my list of To-Do-NOWs. Cool? Whew! I feel better now that’s off my chest :p

So, let’s get busy talking about publishing:You gotta. That’s it.

No seriously, you have to suck up that I’m-going-to-throw-up-yesterday’s-tuna-pasta-if-I-hit-publish feeling and do it. I did. And it wasn’t pleasant. Of course I didn’t actually hurl, but I damn near felt like it.

But, once it’s done, it’s over and you’ll move on to the next piece, like the first one didn’t drain your life force – though, it felt like it.

So get over throwing up your lunch and do it. You can. You’ll survive. And you’ll live to tell another tale. (And of course, if you just cannot do it, there's always this :D .)

Speaking of Tales

The one I published last week was about Bravery (specifically titled: What We Know About Bravery: A Lesson Book from the Front Lines). We in the Brave New Year (I’m renaming it "Brave Now" cause, damn it, it ain’t January anymore, Dorothy), got together and told snippets of what we learned from being Brave. Let me tell you: Being Brave gives you a shot in the ass. It sets you on fire. You know, kind of like becoming a published author.

Being Brave has changed each one of our lives and put us in a place now that may have taken us years to get to on our own. We all owe a lot to Chris Brogan for helping us get to where we are. And that was the honor behind publishing this lesson book.

So, want to get stuff done? Get Brave and DO IT.

Because being Brave makes you cashola.

And Speaking of Moula

I’m giving some away. I’m testing out a new affiliate thingy to see if it actually works or not. ;) From now until July 10th, if you send someone here, they buy a Copy Critique and mention you sent them, I’ll send you 50% of their purchase. And to make the math easy, that's 50 smackers. [Tweet?]

You can even use this template to send emails to people you know who need help:

What’s UP??

I was thinking about you the other day when I saw this chick, Tania Dakka, doing Copy Critiques. She goes over your website’s words and helps you make them better so you book more clients and sell more stuff...and, dude, that means you’ll make more money! So, if you’re interested in making more moula, check her out. And don’t forget to tell her I sent you, K? (Uh, for clarity: I’ll get a little dough for sending you, but it won’t be as much as you’re going to make from making your words better!)

Cool? Let me know what you think!

Take care,

See how easy it is? So since this is only a test, if they buy before July 10th, you’re in the door, dude:)

And on Promos: Thanks, Glossi!

And if you’ve never heard of Glossi, it’s a digital mag. Pinterest for magazines, basically. You can follow people and be followed. You can indulge in whatever visual candy you can think of. There are millions of uses for Glossi’s. I LOVE THEM.

Glossi is an EXCELLENT way to sexify a promo. You know you love true glossies you hold in your hand, why not make a digital one for your biz? I use them for ads, my portfolio, and, well just because I feel like zoning into something megacreative and want to look at gorgeous pics while I do it. :D

So, I created this Glossi for this Copy Critique copy because I thought it deserved to be Glossified. I Glossified Chris Brogan recently, too. This turned out to be an ad, but it never started that way. I did it because I thought it was cool. But he told me to put my affiliate links in and violá! It became an ad. (Define heart: giving away money, just sayin', Brogan.)

Now, how can you use Glossi to sexify your biz for more customers and clients?

That’s it this week! Have an amazing one! And tell me what you’re going to do with Glossi to up the wattage on your biz in the comments below!

Have a super week! Tania

PS Grab your FREE Copy Thermometer to gauge and tweak the effectiveness of your site’s words by signing up for the list here. Lots of great feedback on this!

7 Career Boosting Resolutions You Can Stick With

7 Resolutions that You Can Stick With

2012 is upon us and it's time to push ourselves and our productive creativity forward with all the force of a catapult.  Your body, mind and soul are one and taking care of them is going to make this the best year yet because you are not going to try to change who you are all at are going to take it one step at the time.  Your productivity and creativity will be the proof in the pudding. 

1. Make a list of your most pressing limiting beliefs and focus on changing one each month.

Our limiting beliefs are the beliefs that keep us from grabbing the stars.  They are the cement shoes that prevent us from moving forward.  We have to let go of our limiting beliefs in order to make ourselves and the ones we love happy.  We also need them gone if we want to conquer Kilamanjaro. 

A limiting belief is something that we believe, but that isn’t necessarily true.  They are limits that we place on ourselves.  For example, maybe you think that you can’t be creative because you are just an accountant.  That is a limiting belief because our job doesn’t limit our creativity.  Our views of our lots are what put the blinders on us. 

Listen to your inner vocab and change the negative talk to positive…the trick is you have to believe it.  Look at your words objectively.  Yeah, you are addicted to cigarettes, but they are not your life force and you can break the habit.  You are not bound by them unless you want to be. 

List all the thinking that keeps you down and work, one month at a time…diligently…to change that limitation to an affirmation. 

You are creative.  You are wonderful.  You have gifts to share…share them.

2. Work on changing one nutritional habit a month.

Eating whole and clean requires effort.  It requires changing the way you see food.  It requires you to change the limiting belief that you don’t have time.  BUT, it CAN be done.  If you are a junk food junkie, like I was, then take January and make it a month for one day per week treats instead of every day.  To reach the top of Mount Everest, you have to climb one step at a time. 

Make one month a month to drink water.  Another could be no soda.  Another could be adding in the 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies your body and brain need. 

Choose one habit each month that will end you up at the end of the year being 100% healthier than you were when 2012 started. 

3. Work on adding 15 minutes of Motion to every day.

Movement was once a part of everyday life.  We had to hunt for food.  We had to haul it, clean it, cook it over an open pit.  Now, you drive to the window and it's tossed at you.  No movement.  No sacrifice.  No benefit…not even nutritionally.

Food was once scarce and exercise was unavoidable.  We have not yet adapted to the world that we have created in which exercise is scarce and food is unavoidable. 

This is your chance to adapt.  To learn to live and thrive.  To survive. 

Once day at a time.

4. Set yourself a new goal every day that will send you careening into your Three Words that Chris Brogan had you list.

Chris Brogan writes his Three Words each year.  You get to choose three words to associate with guiding you to set your goals of the new year that will put you one up on important areas of your life (personal, professional, and those people that are important in your life).  Love this idea. 

But, in order to get there, you need to revisit them often.  If you set goals for yourself, but don’t keep them within eyeshot, then you have done nothing but waste your time and your paper. 

Each day when you plan, make sure you are planning steps that will set you on course to achieving your goals and focus on your Three Words.

5. Add stretching to your morning or evening routine.

Stretching is as important as exercising, especially if you don’t move as much as you could.  Sitting at your desk limits your range of motion, wrecks your posture and keeps you stiff.  While stretching is up for debate in the athletic forum, it is a necessity for those of us glued to our chairs on a daily basis.

6. Make yourself and your work as important as you make everyone else.

Because you are so great, you put everyone else first.  But, your work suffers from it.  And if your work suffers from it, so do you because you are your work.  You love what you do.  And if you don’t, you should. 

If quitting your job isn’t an option (and for many it isn’t) that means that you have to make the most of what you have by setting time apart for you.  Time for you to do what you love.  This fills your emotional and soulful bucket.  When your bucket is full, your overflow will help fill the buckets of those around you. 

Make yourself as much of a priority as you make others.

7. Love who you are…no matter what is thrown at you.

You are wonderful.  You are loved by many.  Now love you, too.  If you already do, that is great…help someone else see how wonderful they are.  If you don’t, now is the time to start.  Until you love who you are and what you have to offer, your Productive Creativity will suffer for it and your efforts will be lost.  Don't lose you…love you.  I do. :)


Thanks soooo much for hanging with me on this looong post. I love getting to know you and what you need.  Feel free to leave me your thoughts in the comments.

And I would love to deliver the goods that I have been planning for 2012 straight to your inbox!  Click the little envelop and leave me your address.  I won’t spam you and you can leave me any time you like.  Oh, and I am on Twitter, Facebook and G+  …come hang out with me:)


Photo Credit: Rob Warde (Via Flickr)


Do It Now List

It has come to my attention that I procrastinate things that I have forethoughts about.  I put something on a list.  Look at it.  Fear the outcome, the time spent, or the unknown...whatever it is...I think about it.  As of now, I am erasing the "To Do List" and creating the "Do It Now List." With the DIN List, I will not allow myself to THINK.  Overthinking stops here.  It is useless and it doesn't help.  It allows the uncertain to be entertained.  It allows us to subconsciously decide to AVOID what it is that needs to be done. 

Yes, we HAVE to exercise.  It is not a choice.  If we lived in the time of the cavemen, we would work off our calories.  But, we don't.  We sit for a living.  We become slugs for a living.  

Just do it.  Thanks Nike.  They mean don't think about it.  Get it done. 

You want chicken tenders for lunch, but you NEED grilled chicken (thanks to Chris Brogan for bringing this to my attention :)).  Don't THINK. 

Just eat it. Thanks Weird Al.  :)  Anyway, food is overrated...we only need it to survive, not to enjoy.  Pleasure comes from experiences not taste.

Starting today, throw away your To Do List and consistently work on your Do It Now List and watch your productivity, your health, your accomplishments soar.  (Dang you, bald eagle.)


What is on your To Do List that you keep procrastinating?  What if you don't give it a second thought and put it on your Do It Now List?  Will you get it done? 

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011