Madeline always knew she was different; what she didn't know was why or how.  She thought differently than others.  She acted differently.  She looked different.  And she relished in it.  She was proud of being the trout swimming upstream.  Madeline did the things "normal" kids did in high school, but she didn't enjoy it as they did.  A storm brewed in the pit of her stomach.

One day, the drinking stopped.  The promiscuous relationships stopped.  The wallowing in depressing music stopped.  Madeline  knew she was changing.  Her nagging connection to all things dark began to consume her.  Former friends became distant stars that she could no longer reach and she didn't want to.  She was bound for a higher purpose.

A fateful interaction resulted in confirmation of Madeline's intuitions.

One evening, she physically bumped into a man in a store.  The name of the store, the name of the town, no longer mattered.  A flash surged through her.  She no longer was aware of the time, the day or her own form.  The instant that he touched her, she fell and convulsed on the floor.  He turned around and grinned a scantily toothed grin.  Madeline rose to an upright position and hovered off of the floor.  Her eyes glowed red and her hair stood aright from her scalp.  She raised a petrified arm with an extended digit and blazed fire from its tip.  The clerk was dead.

As the man she had bumped into stood before her, he said,"That's it, girl!  Show them who you are!  They will all know you and fear you now."  His smirk was emblazoned on her memory.  She knew him.  She had always known him.  He was the reason that she was different.  He was a wizard and her father.  She had never met him, nor had she wanted to.  Her mother never spoke of him and when Madeline asked about him, her mother said that the scum of the earth was not worth remembering.  Madeline wondered if her mother had ever known him at all.

The wizard took her stiffened arm and brought her back down to the floor.  "Come child, you have lots to learn."  Madeline resisted.  She had no intention of going with him.  She didn't need to learn anything.  Her newly found powers were all she needed.  With the speed of a gazelle, graceful and aloof, she vanquished the cocky troll.  She wasn't to be controlled.  She was to be honored.

Within two years, Madeline and strategically eliminated every opponent of which she had innately become aware.  While on a campaign to conquer the spirits of those she hated (and hated her), Jax confronted her.  He was long and wiry; nothing more than a spit in the ocean.  She would crush him at once.  She raised her petrified arm and shot her flame at him.  The flame was extinguished.  She panicked.  Two more attempts and failures to subjugate him resulted in a daunted Madeline.

"You will kill no more," Jax boomed.  He stood before her fearless.  Her mind feeble from the tirades she had been on for so long, she stared at him blankly.  "Put your arm down, Madeline.  Put it down and never raise it to defeat another again."  He paused.  She didn't budge.  "I am warning you, you will bring your own death."  She waited.  He couldn't quell her.  She was unstoppable.

Jax mumbled something that she didn't understand and raised his knife to her.  With an agile flick of his wrist, his blade slipped through her flesh.  Her head severed from her body.  Jax stood before the writhing body as it bled.  A stroke of an artist's brush and  Madeline was no longer bound to the evil that had she had been born to.  She had been freed.


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