Get More Followers on Social Media (Without a Fiverr account!)

Marilyn | Tania DakkaYou’re at the mall, Chick comes up and says hi. Your mouth says hi, but your eyes and mind are somewhere else: They’re checking out the hottie red lipstick and black mini dress she’s wearing. Immediately, you begin either validating her or dismissing her as some tramp who should be sitting on the corner of 5th and Main. Don't tell me you didn't. ;) Her black dress and red lips caught your attention and made you want to talk more. Made you need to talk more. You wanted to find out why she dressed for cocktails just to go shopping for watches at a makeshift kiosk in the middle of the afternoon. You’re curious.

The red lips did their job. They got your attention. They piqued your curiosity because that’s what they were for.

Just like your social media profiles. They're there to pique the curiosity of the people you interact with.

If you’re hanging out on Twitter, you’ve got a 140 characters to be those red lips, but then, your bio has to be the black cocktail dress in the mall at 2pm in only 160 characters. Because if you’re out shopping in your sweats (which I know you would NEVER do anyway, right??), no one’s going to need to start a convo with you.

Get me?

Jazz things up a bit. Make them wonder about you. Make them say, “YES! I need more!” if you want them to follow you.

Sexify those bios and kickstart the relationships you’re trying to build online.

And, if you’re using social media right, it’s a very powerful tool for your biz. 96.8983% of the clients I work with came from social media. I’ve never attempted direct mail or advertising. They’ve all come from Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

Why? Because my social copy, my profiles, were their intros to me and what I do.


People who like to throw up exactly who they are and what they do for their social copy, thinking “I’ll be short and to the point” get hit or miss results. They might reel in a few new followers, but they don’t often snag the true fans. The ones that matter.

And if you’re not attracting that kind of follower, you’re wasting *gasp!!* time. And time is what?? You know it. ;)

Your social profile is your biz's magnet. Once they find you interesting (which they’ll only do if you hit that profile right), the next place they’ll go is where? Your home base. Your website. Your headquarters. Target acquired! ;)

But that’s a-whole-nother ball game we’ll talk about another time. Right now, you need and want as many people as possible huddling around you on social so you can bring them into your fold. And you’re only going to do that with social profiles that scream “AWESOME!”

Get More from Your Social Media Profile

Make your social profile about what they want/need. Lead off with a hint of what they are looking for, then add the sprinkles of uniqueness that is you. Because without the “extra”, you’re all biz and all B-O-R-I-N-G.

Get me?

Lesson this week: Do NOT ignore your social copy. It’s muy importante. As important as leathers to bikes or Chad Gray to HELLYEAH. And if you have a hard time tooting your horn, it’s okay. I love telling people how amazing you are. ;)

Now, your assignment (and you have no choice but to accept it!): Make a list of all your active social networks and visit each profile. Juice them up. Refresh them. Make them black cocktail dresses at the mall at 2pm.

When you’re done, come by and leave a link to your best one and let’s get to know each other!

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Bras, Right Hooks, and Taglines

Tania Dakka | Bras + Right Hooks + TaglinesLoads of convos I’m approached with revolve around taglines. People actually freak out over not having the right words up there in lights. Well, that’s not entirely a bad thing. I mean, you want to get those words right, but you don’t have to sweat bullets over them. Why? Because you can change them as often as you change your socks. Okay, I hope you’re changing your socks more often...that’s just gross.

But the point is, the words you use are not your biz name, they're the supporting bra for it. And if you’ve ever had on a good bra (guys, just go with me here) that moves ‘em up and heads ‘em out, then you know how well they work. But, throw on your grandma’s old-fashioned Playtex bra and you just don’t get that added attention.

Okay, weird bra analogy aside. Your tagline is one of the best ways to put your best and most powerful benefits out there – FAST.

And for you guys, you can think of them as your right hook. Land it well and visitors become your readers/subscribers/members, etc.

Important Little Words

While you shouldn’t need to breathe into a brown paper bag because you don’t know what to use for your tagline, you should try to nail something that’s going to tell your prospects exactly what you do and why they want, no, NEED to work with you.

Because if they land on your page and the tagline doesn’t resonate with them, what will they do? BOUNCE. Right. And we can’t have that because you’re awesome and working with you is going to change their lives. :)

So focus. Come up with a few variations and try them all for a while to see which ones work best for your biz.

How to Develop Your Powerful Tagline

That’s the fun part. I LOOOOVE playing with taglines. And the keys to good ones = articulate + fun.

Entice your visitors right away by taking the words that describe your biz and play with them until you get something super short and catchy, but clear. Then, you can juice it up by using power words to pull the readers in.

For example:

Badass’d Biz+Ink: Razor through your competition” tells my entrepreneurs they can kill their competition to become numero uno in their industry. And who doesn’t want to be number one? Short. Concise. Articulate. Boom.

Coca-Cola: Drink Coca-Cola” was Coke’s first tagline in 1886. It was straight forward and clear. You knew right away what you were supposed to do. This tagline wouldn’t cut it today, but they’re last one is far more poignant: “Enjoy the Coke side of life”. The implication is that Coke is different, and pleasurable. Pleasure’s good. :)

Networlding Publishing: Books and more that make the world better” is another tagline that’s concise and explains exactly who should consider publishing with this company. Fiction writers need not apply. Get me?

So now you have an idea of the importance of your tagline (but, keep calm. No sweating bullets!) and how to generate one that works for you! And if you’re on the email list, I’ll be sharing a few actionable tips that’ll help you write yours.

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Sell Without Selling (or Feeling Sleazy)

Badass'd Biz SellSelling sucks, doesn’t it? It feels yucky, right? And you’re sick of waking in pools of sweat from selling nightmares because you hate pitching yourself to people.

But, you’ve got to suck it up. There’s no way around it. Not if you want to stay in biz.

The good news is there’s a way to sell without feeling scummy – and it’s suuuuper easy. Well, once you get used to it, at least.

Steep Yourself in Knowledge

Know what you’re selling.

Not the product, but the emotions it represents. Once you understand how you or your service helps  your customers and how that makes users’ lives better, you can convey that without flinching.

Be clear on what your solution offers your prospects.

You're Selling Emotions

If you have a bamboo floor vase to sell, then understand  it’s much more than a vase. It’s a vessel. A vessel for calm and tranquility. A vessel for happiness. A vessel for luxury. And these are all really important factors to your IDEAL buyer.

Not to everyone, mind you.

Me? Put a bamboo vase on my floor and the futbol ball will splinter it in a matter of minutes. (What? Yes, we play futbol in the house. Doesn’t everyone?)

So, I’m not the one you’re selling to, and my emotions don’t matter.

Your Jane is your ideal buyer and she does. She wants a home that epitomizes luxe and she’s looking for your vase for the empty corner in her dining room. That void in her design that represents her incompleteness.

But, you have to know Jane to know that. You have to understand her wants, her desires, her deepest emotions. Because when you can connect with her, you don’t have to sell to her. But she’ll still buy anyway.

Because she’s not buying what you’re selling, as much as she’s buying the emotions that you well up in her when she reads about your vase or when she connects with you on a different level.

That’s the next step.  Convey your understanding of her emotions.

Help Her

You have the vase that's going to fill that void in her design. Now, you have to let her know how your vase is going to help her. And blasting her with push marketing via email isn’t helping her. Shouting how wonderful your products are isn’t helping her.

Answering her questions in social media is helpful. Asking her what design questions she has and answering them is helpful. Sending her email content that she needs to transform her home into her dream luxury retreat is helpful. Give Jane everything, all the answers she's looking for.

So, get to know Jane, over a Grand Latte or like this. Walk in her shoes. Learn what she likes and doesn’t like. Uncover what she believes in. Dig into her soul by reading what she reads, listening to what she listens to, etc. And you'll uncover how you can help her make her dreams come true.

Because when you help her, she’ll buy from you. You’ve invested in her and she’ll reciprocate that investment – that’s not my rule, that’s the Rule of Reciprocity.

And when you “sell” like this, you’ll attract buyers exactly like Jane and you'll minimize having to sell more than you need to.

What do you find hardest about selling your services to your customers? Let me know in the comments!

Have an amazing week!



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Automate Yourself & Your Biz and Run It Like a BOSS

Automate Your BusinessYesterday, Brogan (yeah, he’s reduced to his last name now...sorry, Dude) kicked my ass into gear. It was a painful kick because it’s the same kick my sweet hubby is CONSTANTLY giving me. My ass is a little sore, ya know? “Manage your time.” What??? I DOOOO. Gah! Well, I plan it. And I plan it well.

But I don’t execute it and my excuse is always because X came up or the babies needed Y. The keyword: excuse. And honestly, I’d have great plans in my head and on paper, but I sit down to the screen and get lost in the sea of crap I had open. OMG. The crap I had open.

Email. Google+. Facebook. Video lessons about web design. Hello?? Web design?? What? (It’s an intro course so I can know how to create buttons and crap. Who doesn’t need that??) :) I digress. SEE?? Sidetracked again.

So, wandering through all the shit open on my screen + production paralysis (you know, that fear that stops us from doing anything because we might not get it exactly right??) = zero done.

Small Business Habits

Then, it hit me. The gold we're learning in Mastering the Digital Channel needs to be in a binder where I can put my hands on them the same way that cubicle employees can put their own hands on their company's SOPs if they are ever inspected by some merciless agency.

So to figure out what other things should be in an SOP, I did what any respectful group owner does and asked my EntreFiends peeps: If you had an Standard Operating Procedure for your biz, what would be in it? I got very thoughtful answers like, “Clients first, Target Audience first too.....repeat!” From amazing Chicago photographer, Todd Nettelhorst.

Which is a great motto to operate on, but his (and the other answers) showed me no one knew what I meant by Standard Operating Procedure. It’s a term from corporate America that means a standardized way of getting shit done - you know, by the book.

And in places like the restaurant industry, it includes everything from the temps of the fridge to the smile on the hostesses faces. It’s a manual for the employees to know how to run the biz successfully.

So if corporate teaches employees how they want even these tiniest details done and succeeds at growing and moving forward, then why don’t we teach ourselves how we want to do things in our own businesses? You know, a handbook to keep us focused and on-track.

Welcome to the world, little Small Biz SOP. Never get lost in the Sea of To-Do again. With your SOP, you'll streamline your day-to-day operations so you get more done, book more clients, and never, ever stare at a blank screen again by focusing and creating habits around the things you have to do and leave out the things you don't.

So how do you come up with your biz's SOP?

Draw Up Your Biz’s SOP Today

First things first, you’ll need to block out a day to do this. Maybe two. When you sit down to get your SOP onto paper, you’ll have to list alllllll the things you do as a biz owner (marketing, education, helpworking, product creation, design, social media, blogging, email marketing, billing, accounting, meetings, etc.).

The, you're going to write out each task and what it entails. For example, marketing requires you’ll have to investigate ad options, generate ads, research, etc. So you’ll list the steps involved for each item in your SOP.

Now, set up a process for each activity so you’re always clear on what you need to do to and you never misstep. Once you’ve listed the activities and defined them, then comes the fun part: scheduling them.

How often are you (or should you be) blogging? Schedule it. Schedule the prewriting, writing, editing, and publishing on your calendar.

How often are you emailing? Schedule it. Same as with blogging: prewriting, writing, editing, and publishing.

When do you check email? Schedule it. (Don’t forget to set up a standard for this: DO it. Answer it. Delete it! And get out of email.)

When do you send invoices? Schedule it.

The whole point: Automate your biz. Take back your time. Kick ASS.

Now that you’ve gotten all of this done (or at least a version that you can adjust as you grow and learn what’s working and what’s not), USE it. Just like you would for a boss.

Because if you’re not running your biz like a BOSS, your biz is running you. Take control. NOW.

Losing is never an option.




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