Continuing the Bane

Credit: d.billy via Creative Commons

In the first Bane post, I introduced you to the concept that, due to our environment, we are the bane of our own existence.  Well, I am not finished yet. We are  just beginning to ascend Iceberg B-15.  I touched on the "why" that we get caught up in eating poor quality foods.  SO, let's dig into that a little deeper. 


How many of us use the excuse that "I don't have time to cook" in order to justify a trip to the drive thru or a call to the pizza delivery guy? How many times have you fed yourself, your family, your children this way for the sake of a few minutes? Is the damage that we do to their bodies (and our own) worth the time that it saved? You did not do yourself or your child any favors. What would have been helpful would have been to pack a couple a sandwiches (not luncheon meat!) before you left home. Or, better yet, packed some fresh veggies or nuts to nibble on .

Does it really matter?  Yes. It does. 

Let's talk about anatomy and physiology for a moment. Why do we eat? We eat to fuel our bodies, right? It follows that our bodies break down that food that we eat to use it make new cells, to repair old cells, to heal our tissues, and to give us energy. But what is IN that drive thru meal that you just fed yourself and your kids? Was it food? Have you LOOKED at those chicken nuggets that you ordered? Did you see anything that resembled a chicken that you would have cut and batter and OVEN-fried at home? No. It does not. And it doesn't because it isn't chicken. Well, it was originally chicken, but to make it last longer and make it taste good, chemicals and preservatives are added. Then, it is pushed through a nasty grinder to smash it all together. Your child just ate those nuggets and her tummy is breaking it down and assimilating those chemicals and preservatives into her core.  Looking a little pekid, are you? 

Think they were worth the few minutes that you saved now?  Not only is the drive thru NOT a healthy choice, it is a dangerous choice.

Let's look at what we could have done instead:  Planned ahead.

We could have planned ahead of time. I know, I know. You are working a full-time job and taking care of your home and family, too. I feel you. I understand. BUT, I contend that with one day to plan and one day to cook and prepare you can have healthful choices on hand and ready to eat, jut like the drive thru, but healthier. And cheaper (another post).

What can you do to  make change easier?

  • Make a list of all the processed foods that you buy.  See what is negotiable.  Again, I need the baker because I cannot make bread for the life of me...I'v tried.  But, I don't need chips. 
  • If you are buying prepackaged foods, make a list of the ones your family loves and find their WHOLESOME versions and practice those recipes. 
  • Find what fruits and veggies your family loves and keep them on hand.  Prepare a bag of goodies (fresh, wholesome ones) ahead of time, when you walk out the door, grab it.  Nuts travel VERY well.   

You have your assignment for the next few days.  This takes time to work on, but your health and the health of your family is worth it. Busy parents/people find a few minutes to turn off the TV and make your will be glad you did.


In summary, planning ahead and buying wholesome foods helps you be prepared when you are on the go. 

What are your thoughts on the drive thrus/fast food joints and the state of nutrition where you live?  What would you like to change in your home?  I love hearing from you.  Please leave your comments below...Oh, let me know how your assignment is going!


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