Backwards Flash Fiction

Destruction of Fifth Realm - Backwards

Credit: Piucca io via Elfwood

Zilus and Ama mourned the loss of their love and the resulting lost lives when they realized that their union ended the Fifth Realm and the world as they knew it.

He berated as the Royal Guardsmen of Upper Realm took them into custody.  “You will pay now for what you have done!  Fifth Realm is now gone; along with your families and your peers! You have united in ways that are forbidden by the laws of nature!  You will pay for the thousands of deaths on your heads!”

The sorcerer creeping in the darkness found them lying in each other’s arms and recognized them. In the afterglow of bliss, the walls of Upper Realm began to crumble as its base, Fifth Realm disintegrated from beneath it.

They married and consummated their union.  Their dreams had come true. Zilus and Ama were together at last.  As they approached Upper Realm, they delved into the depths of the darkness.

Once he had freed himself, he released his lover and they escaped to Upper Realm.  Zilus’ military training had prepared him for such incarceration and how to escape, but no one had counted on the royal son to have been so astute a student.  The Royal Guardsmen were ordered to capture the two star-crossed lovers and retain them in cells at opposite ends of the court.  Zilus and Ama fought the powers that were in order to stay together despite the warnings of the elders of the clans.

Their royal blood knew how to get what they wanted.  That didn’t stop Zilus and Ama.  Their families, outraged at their audacity to flaunt their love, separated them.  They knew at that moment, they had a long, hard road ahead of them.

While they deliberated, Zilus noticed Ama’s crystal blue eyes and became entranced.  Ama had felt the same about Zilus’ broad, strong shoulders. They chose to pardon her citing unreliable sources and scant evidence.  They were asked to determine the fate of a woman who had been deemed guilty of lewd acts in a public place. During the War of Zinns, on the behalf of their families, Zilus and Ama had been thrown violently into a situation that demanded their immediate attention.

These two clans were never allowed to interbreed in order to keep the bloodlines clean and to prevent an intermingling of power, but there was another reason; a reason no one knew. It was the way of the families and it was law.  Though they had heard each other’s names and seen each other’s faces, they steered clear of any intersecting of pathways.

This tribe was the lead tribe of the worlds of Fifth Realm.  Both clans were members of the Soul Masters Tribe.  Ama had been born to the clan of Dims.  Zilus had been born to the clan of Sanus.  Zilus and Ama were lost souls meandering through Fifth Realm.

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