Post #PATraining Update

Credit: Alex Sims (Wikimedia Commons)

Well, the last day of the #PATraining has passed!  And WOOHOO!!  You did a great job!! 

Steve Hardin lost 3kg (that’s 6.6 pounds for us westerners!)  Right on target for healthy weightloss! 

Patti Larsen discovered what foods make her feel good and what doesn’t…and will be continuing on to weed out all the negative cravings. 

Zvezdana Rashkovich reported feeling great and really staying focused with the chart!  She is a busy woman and is out of touch right now...I hope to hound her and get her specifics soon!

Elley Franco became so fired up after finding out about our training yesterday that she decided to join us today! 

And as for me…I lost, but I have no idea how much (I don’t own a scale since fitness isn’t a number :) ).  However, I can say that my clothes are looser and I am feeling great.  The best part is my husband feels the change, too! :) 

Since this whole shebang was started to show just how much our productivity is affected by the foods we eat, I guess it is necessary to address that…:)

I began a magazine article that I had been putting off.  And I finished a story for a contest that now just needs editing.  Not much for me, but I am chalking it up to my VIP.  We have a guest here for 6 weeks and cooking two breakfasts, cleaning, cooking two lunches, cleaning, shuttling two people back and forth to two different schools at two different times of the day, then cooking supper, giving baths, etc. etc. etc. shifts my productivity away from writing and business inward to domestic affairs.  All-in-all, I am saner than I normally would have been because of the #PATraining!

Let me know in the comments what you managed to get done during your training, if you haven't already!

That being said…

Even though this should be a life change, it helps me to think of it in chunks.  I like to pretend I am really training for something important.  LOL  I will pick this challenge back up again when my VIP returns home and I can really amp up my writing gig.  I encourage all those that were with us before to return to said fun and I hope to see some new faces join us, as well!


I talk waaay too much…your turn!  What is the most difficult part of eating clean (whole, healthy) and working out 15 minutes every day for you?   

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Not only are you what you eat, but what you think and what you do is what you eat, too.  J