Today is Strategy Day.  I am deeming it so as I feel the whirlwinds destroying civilization inside my brain.  They need quelling.  You didn't know you could quell tornadoes?  That's ok.  We should all learn something new everyday:).  But I digress...

Creatures of habit thrive on routines and schedules, yet some internal yearning fights them claiming that they extinguish the fire of life.  I say otherwise.  FLYLady taught me that we need routines in order to pull off the impetuous without wrecking the foundations of our lives.  When we run our businesses, our lives, and our homes based on routines, we free our creative badasses, to quote my inspiration and the woman whose writing makes me feel like a junior high geek all over again, Justine Musk, to be who they want without having to assess damages after the fact.

If I were to roll out of bed and sit in front of this beloved laptop until I finished writing, which is what I WANT to do...what I LONG to do, then there would be screaming banshees (not the music group) begging to be fed and cleaned.  I would be scrounging around at the end of the day trying to get laundry finished and folded and supper cooked. 

But, thankfully, I have, somewhat, learned that I have to set a schedule and I have to stick to it.  Which really bites because I stink at that part.  Yet, by pushing myself to stick to it, the monkeys that I live with get lessons, food, and clean clothes in the predictable time frame to which they are accustom and by which they flourish. 

Thus, we arrive at my point...yes, I did have just takes me awhile to set up the backstory. 

My strategy for running my *ahem* home (and I am not going to be a mommy blogger...I ADORE you guys and learn LOADS from you, but this is my escape and I need to keep my "jobs" separate for the sake of my sanity) is to plan and to stick to it.  It has taken me several years to learn that lesson. *blushing* It is time to apply said strategy to writing and blogging. 

Katie Ganshert discusses something that has been on my mind for quite a while (score one more for Abby Kerr's Collective Conscience idea :) ), she actually set up a schedule for her blog.  She wants to move away from blogging for writers toward blogging for readers.  I believe that I fall into the category of the latter already (save my industry ramblings which I can't stop from escaping the tips of my fingers). 

So, where do I go from here?  I have to find my edges.  My what???  Yes, my edges. 

I still haven't figured out what that means for the life of me, but it sounds good.  Well, it sounds right.  It feels right, but now I have to go discover what the feeling means.  Yes, Jedi Master, I am in need of some guidance on this.  (Isn't that what Yoda was?)  So with this in mind, I am off to discover my "edges" (thanks Justine and Abby again) and try to set up some sort of strategy for trapping you readers in my corner of the web.  mmmuuuuuuaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaa!  and keep you coming back like a caffeine addict searching for the next Mountain Dew.  (I REALLY need to stop drinking that's just unnatural.) 

Have a great day, guys!  And IF you are out there...reading, absorbing, shaking your head at my nonsense...I would love to hear from you!  I love to talk and it is so lonely in my head :D. 

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