Solving Content Problems (Google Hangout Style)

What do a web designer, a video expert, freelancers, a visionary, and an undecided have in common?? Nothing. Nothing except we all know we want to create content that helps push your business (and ours) forward. And the beauty of the Brave Group is that we have an expanded network of colleagues that we can share our struggles and frustrations with - to come up with answers to that content problem (among others!).

So when we were discussing in our Brave G+ group (because we rock over there), we decided seeing each other face-to-face would help us get to know each other and our goals better. Then, we can decide what kinds of content we need and go from there. Then, of course, we have the added benefit of Master Content Producer and all-round awesome, awesome dude Chris Brogan to help lead us in the right direction.

So, our Brave New Year group has transformed into The Brave (because it ain't New Year's) and we're STILL getting things done the Brave way. Love it!

Check out the video:

And if you like collaborative efforts like this, consider joining us over at the Brave (aff) - I know you won't be disappointed. You can't imagine what we're getting done over there! We're going to ROCK 2013:)