Sh*t Pricing Advice (and the fix)

When online consulting (coaching - I use this lightly because many out there are not at all coaches) services blew onto the scene, there were a few people pushing others to charge exorbitant prices because it gave the buyers an inflated sense of the seller’s credibility and authority...not because they got results first.

What’s happened since then is people woke up and found out the people who were charging thousands of dollars couldn’t get them the results they were paying for.

Now, the market is flooded, we have a shit political scene, and everyone is still trying to roll on the same dime. Guess what. It’s not going to work.

This is the place where you say, “OMG! My time is so valuable! I need at least $5000 for one hour!” (totally!), then whine because everybody sees you don’t have the social proof and refuse to pay you the money that you think everyone else is making.

OR you say, “Fuck it. My goal is to build a real business. So I’m going to use some ethics and make some real shit happen by charging what people will pay + a little more.”

Does that mean that you aren’t valuable? No. It means you’re smart and that your time is as valuable as they think it is. And if you are asking for that kind of investment, then you need to have social proof that you get results to back up the claims that you get them.

So how do you get to high ticket pricing?

You have gotten results for people and they tell everybody about them
Your product is in that much of a demand
You have a background or have been highly trained in the field of expertise your business is in

Social Proof Wins

Social proof is other people showing off your results for you. So, when someone asks for a referral and multiple people scream your name, you’re winning at the social proof game. You’re getting

  • When people refer you to their friends without prompting, you’re winning.  

  • When people write to you to say how amazing your work is, you’re winning.  

  • Social proof is the adult equivalent of Swatch watches. Once all your friends have one, you’re cool! So, grab those screen shots of Betty Jo bragging about how she’s made X since working with you and put them on your site.

    Give away some freebies to get people to give you testimonials. It’s the equivalent of free samples in the mail! And you know everybody loves those. 

  • Hold some contest and get people to talk about you - Dani Marie Turcotte did this and I love the fucking idea. She told her followers that if they would submit a video testimonial of working with her, they could win a prize. Genius.  

  • Sing praises of others. Because….then they’ll sing praises about you - it’s the law of reciprocity. It works.  

  • Reach out to influencers that you can offer value to and ask if they mind you doing that thing for them. Make it completely douchebag-free and 100% genuine wanting to help.

Growing your business means eating shit for a while. I don’t care who you are. It’s not magic and there’s no fucking formula, except product + customer base = sales. How you get to the numbers you want will be different for everybody.

If you need help growing, join Fire of the Diamond. We’re growing businesses every day.


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 ^^^ advice in action LOL ;)